Wipro Employees Are Checking Your Facebook Photos, And Judging You – Think Twice Before Uploading Your Next Pic!

Think about the thousands of photos you have uploaded on Facebook. Now imagine a stranger sifting through your photos, labeling them, and trying to find out the reason you posted it online.

Another addition to the humongously long list of privacy invasions and data breaches by the social media giant.

What is Facebook up to now? Read on to know more!

Wipro Workers Accessing Pictures on FB

Statistics have revealed that around 350 million photos are uploaded to Facebook every day.

We all upload countless pictures on social media apps every day, and Facebook is one of the more popular ones. From a meal to our dogs, everything about our life is documented in photographs and uploaded on Facebook for our friends and family to see.

However, what we are blissfully unaware of is that a team of 260 odd contract workers is sitting in Hyderabad and sorting our pictures against five different categories or ‘dimensions’ as per Facebook. And this has been going on since as far back as 2014.

Employees of Wipro confirmed that they are the ones who are doing Facebook’s dirty work for the social media giant, as this task has been outsourced to Wipro. Some time down the line, Facebook confirmed many of the details of this affair.

Why This Sorting?

These five ‘dimensions’ include the subject of the picture, such as a pet, a family member or a selfie, the occasion, such as a normal day or a significant incident in life, and the intention of the uploader, such as trolling, sharing an update or anything else.

This is being done to determine the thought process of users globally, which will, in turn, help Facebook integrate new features and boost usage and ad revenue as well.

As per company officials, the Wipro work is among about 200 content labeling projects that Facebook has at any time, employing thousands of people globally. Of these labeling projects, many are intended to train the software to discover the posts that appear in the news feed.

Apparently, Facebook is working on developing artificial intelligence that will read between the lines of each photo posted, i.e., a sad photo or a happy one, etc.

Facebook’s Ignorance of Legal Issues

Facebook has conveniently turned a blind eye towards the legal issues since always and this time is no different.

The company has assured that the privacy of the pictures and posts of users is completely intact, however, Wipro employees have confirmed that they do come across a user name now and then when a screenshot pops up in the photos that are available for sorting.

Nipun Mathur, the director of product management for AI at Facebook said, “It’s a core part of what you need. I don’t see the need going away.”

With the legal issues and allegations stacking up on the table for Facebook, can it still afford one more sticky mess?

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