Maruti Alto 800 Transformed: It Will Now Have Airbags, Anti-Lock Breaking System & More!

Two variants of the best selling car of 2018, Maruti Alto have been upgraded with some new features, some of them are for the safety of passengers. Given the worsening condition of the traffic these days, especially in India, this is definitely a bonus for us drivers.

What are the safety updates that these cars have been endowed with? Read on to know all the details!

New Safety Features in Maruti Alto

The Maruti Alto 800 and the Maruti Alto K10 of the Maruti Alto range have both been updated with some new safety features. As per the new safety norms implemented in India, all four wheelers in India will have to be manufactured with an Anti Lock Braking System, which means, that the variants of Maruti Alto will also have the Anti Lock Braking System.

Additionally, the car’s variants will now come with an Electronic Brake Distribution, driver side airbags, speed alerts, and rear parking sensors. Also, there should be a seat belt reminder for both the passenger seat and driver seat. Starting from July 1, 2019, every Maruti Alto 800 and Maruti Alto K10 will have these features.

All these updates in the car are in compliance with the 145 safety norms set by the Automotive Industry Standard (AIS).

Will The Appearance of The Car Change?

Yes! The overall structure of the car is also expected to change, internally and externally. The external of the car will undergo some changes, as in the car will get a new design for the bumper and the front grille will be blacked out too. The car will also be fitted with differently designed headlamps and the foglamps’ design has been changed as well.

Regarding the interiors, there are some changes in the design of the interior of the car as well. The dashboard of the car will come in a dual tone now and the central console has also been designed differently. The infotainment system of the car will also go through some considerable changes. There will be a large dial in the center with standard infotainment which will include FM, Bluetooth, USB, and AUX-IN.

The Increase In The Price

All these changes in the car are bound to make an impact on the price of the car, which will definitely be hiked. As per reports, the Maruti Alto K10 will be priced at Rs. 27 thousand more than the original price after the car is updated with the newly introduced safety features.

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