Top Tech News Today: 100 Megapixel Camera On Lenovo Z6 Pro, New FB Tools For Election, AMP For Gmail & More!

The first 100 megapixel camera smartphone could be from Lenovo!

Top Tech news today
Top Tech news today

Lenovo has started to tease it’s 100 megapixel camera via Z6 Pro. The smartphone may launch soon with multiple cameras totalling to 100 megapixels.

Facebook has launched two new tools to grow user engagement during elections.

Facebook and Instagram has been on a mission to curb fake news and sources putting out such rumours. Galaxy Note 10 could be a buttonless smartphone as per a report.

Check out the top tech news from today.


Lenovo Z6 Pro Teaser Hints At 100 Megapixel Camera

Lenovo has started to tease it’s upcoming flagship device, Lenovo Z6 Pro. The company has been sharing images and teasers with a hashtag in the Chinese, which translates to ‘billion pixels’. The billion pixels tag means 100 megapixels. Recently Qualcomm added support of upto 192 megapixels for it’s chips. Lenovo Z6 Pro either may come with a single 100 megapixel sensor, or multiple camera sensors adding upto 100 megapixels or repeated frames captured at different shutter speeds.

Upcoming Features On WhatsApp: Dark Mode & Authentication

Facebook-owned WhatsApp will soon be adding a new dark mode feature with an added authentication mode. These features will soon be made available on its Android platform. The beta testing is already live, the features are expected to be available within a few weeks. Now soon you will be able to use fingerprint sensor to unlock your WhatsApp with support for Dark Mode.

Facebook To Use Tools To Boost Engagement During Elections

Facebook is working in collaboration with Election Commission to curb fake news in the country. Now, the social media site has launched two new tools to grow user engagement. There are two new features: Candidate Connect and Share You Voted. The first feature will help users learn about their candidates and the latter one will put out a post that confirms that they have voted.

Google Adds AMP For Gmail

Google has added AMP to Gmail to bring on interactive and dynamic features via emails for users. The addition of AMP to Gmail will now help the content to open up like a standard web page. So, you will not have to leave the email to browse. The AMP for Gmail will help users to access content within the Gmail app or platform. Also you can see similar web pages of hotel listings, fill out forms and more.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Will Not Come With Any Physical Button: Report

A new report is hints at Galaxy Note 10 being a buttonless smartphone. The tenth generation Galaxy Note smartphone is being tipped to be Samsung’s first smartphone without any physical buttons. Galaxy Note 10 may feature a “keyless” design without any Bixby key or power or even the volume rocker. Instead, it may come with touch-based alternatives.

Facebook & Instagram Ban Thousands Of Fake Pages, Accounts

Facebook and Instagram has been on a mission to curb fake news and sources putting out such rumours. The social media giant has now removed 2,632 pages, groups and accounts from Iran, Russia, Macedonia and Kosovo. Similarly, on Instagram the company has removed multiple accounts with illegal activities which mislead others.

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