Netflix Tests Rs 250/Month Mobile-Only Plans In India; Still India’s Most Expensive OTT Is Netflix

Netflix starts testing cheaper plans for India
Netflix starts testing cheaper plans for India

World’s largest on-demand entertainment platform: Netflix has started testing a new mobile-only subscription plan. This cheaper version of Netflix has been designed exclusively for India, after testing in Malaysia and some other countries.

But does this matter? Even with this cheaper version of their subscription plan, Netflix is India’s most expensive OTT.

Netflix’s Mobile-Only Plan: What You Need To Know?

As per reports which have been confirmed by Netflix, a cheaper version of their monthly subscription plan has been launched, which is right now being tested with some Indian users.

This plan will cost Rs 250/month, which is 50% less than the cheapest plan which Netflix offers right now: Rs 500/month.

With Rs 250/month plan, the user will be able to access Netflix only on one single mobile device, and the quality of videos will be purely SD. There is no option for HD in mobile only plan.

A Netflix spokesperson has confirmed this development, as he said, “We will be testing different options in select countries where members can watch Netflix on their mobile device for a lower price and subscribe in shorter increments of time. Not everyone will see these options and we may never roll out these specific plans beyond the tests”

We had speculated earlier that Netflix may soon introduce low-cost, mobile-only plans, as they had started testing such plan in Malaysia last year.

But, Netflix Is Still The Most Expensive OTT

Even with Rs 250 per month plan for mobile usage, Netflix is right now India’s most expensive OTT player, and this is something which Netflix will have to sort out. Very soon.

Hotstar, which is India’s #1 on-demand entertainment app (now owned by Disney), offers full-year access of their premium services for Rs 365, which is just Rs 1 per day.

On the contrary, Netflix’s cheapest plan: Rs 250 per month translates to Rs 3000 per year or Rs 8.2 per day. This is 8X more than Hotstar’s premium plan.

Amazon Prime, which competes against Netflix is available for Rs 1000 per year, which is Rs 2.7 per day. Netflix is 3X more expensive than Prime.

Zee5, another upcoming OTT in India is available for Rs 99/month or Rs 1188 per year, which translates to Rs 3.2 per day.

AltBalaji, which is the OTT from Ekta Kapoor’s Balaji Telefilms, offers 3-month access to premium content for Rs 100, which translates to Rs 1.09 per day.

Hence, Hotstar and AltBalaji are the cheapest options as of now, and Netflix is the most expensive OTT.

But, Will These Plans Work In India?

As we reported earlier, India’s new ecommerce policy has a loophole, which can ban Netflix, Amazon and other international OTTs from streaming their original content in India.

If these rules are imposed, then Netflix and others will have to aim for a new business model entirely.

We will keep you updated as more details come in.

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