Lok Sabha Elections 2019: Election Schedule & 5 Interesting Facts About Elections 2019

World's biggest democracy goes to vote, and the nation is charged up

Lok Sabha Election 2019 Schedule
Lok Sabha Election 2019 Schedule

As per the promise, Election Commission of India has announced the dates of Lok Sabha Elections 2019. The exact dates of the polling along with some new rules and regulations for the candidates have been announced yesterday.

As World’s biggest democracy enters the election phase in 2019, here are the 5 interesting facts about the elections along with full election schedule for your state:


Election Schedule For Lok Sabha Elections 2019

Election Commission has announced that 2019 Lok Sabha Elections will take place in 7 phases, starting from April 11th, and ending on May 19th.

Declaration of the winners will take place on May 23rd, when India’s next PM will be decided.

The phase-wise breakup of Elections 2019:

Phase 1: April 11

Phase 2: April 18

Phase 3: April 23

Phase 4: April 29

Phase 5: May 6

Phase 6: May 12

Phase 7: May 19

There are a total of 543 constituencies, for which voters will turn out, and exercise their democratic right.

State-wise schedule for Lok Sabha Elections 2019:

Lok Sabha Elections 2019 Schedule
Lok Sabha Elections 2019 Schedule

Source: Wikipedia

World’s Largest Democracy Goes For Vote: Total Voters

Chief Election Commissioner Sunil Arora announced that total of 900 million, or 90 crore voters have been listed, who can cast their votes in the Lok Sabha Elections 2019. Out of this, 1.5 crore are  voters.

Compared to last year, 84.3 million voters have increased, who are listed as voters. Total of 10 lakh booths will be established, pan-India for casting votes.

World’s Costliest Elections

Last General Elections were held in 2014, when $5 billion was spent by the Govt and Election Commission. In 2016, in the US Presidential elections, total of $6.5 billion was spent.

Although the exact expenses for 2019 Lok Sabha elections haven’t yet been revealed, but easily this will surpass all previous elections expenditure.

Candidates Will Need To Advertise Their Crimes

For the first time ever in India, Election Commission has stated that candidates with criminal records will need to advertise their crimes. Any candidate who as a criminal record will need to place advertisements in TV and newspapers, about their crimes, and that too, three times before the election starts.

The parties who are fielding criminals are also mandated to inform the Election Commission about their crimes.

More Transparency Related With Poll Ads

Both Facebook and Google, the world’s biggest digital platforms for advertisers have stated that they will keep all spendings related with Lok Sabha Elections 2019 transparent.

On Google, any candidate wishing to place ads will have to show a pre-certificate issued by the Election Commission of India, and will reveal which candidate spent how much during the poll campaign.

Facebook will verify every advertiser for election and will verify the claims made by them to stop fake campaigns.

EVMs Upgraded

Electronic Voting Machine or EVMs have been updated for the Lok Sabha Elections 2019. For the first time ever, the candidate’s photo along with the party symbol will be placed on the EVMs, thereby making it easier for the voter to identify the candidate, and make an informed decision.

Besides, Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) will be used in all EVMs, for the first time ever.

Stay tuned, as we continue to cover Lok Sabha Elections 2019, right here!

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