France Bans Smartphones For Children Below 15 Years: Does This Make Sense?

Is an absolute ban really necessary?

France bans smartphones in schools
France bans smartphones in schools

Of all the forms of addiction, the addiction to smartphones is probably the most common out there. Children, youngsters, adults, seniors everyone is neck deep into the technology that is so compelling. Seems like France has taken a step towards sweeping the addiction to cell phones by banning school children from bringing their cell phones to school.

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A Public Health Message by the French Government

France has imposed a new law that will ensure that children below 15 years of age will not be allowed to bring their cell phones to school. They won’t have any access to their cell phones until the end of the school day. The schools in France are at liberty to set the rule to students above 15 years of age as well. However, the rule will be different for students with disabilities.

This rule will be extended to tablets and smartwatches as well. The French Government has termed this move as a “public health message to families.”

Also, this ban on cell phones has been implemented previously, only now it has been imposed on mealtimes and breaks as well.

French President’s Assurances

French President Emmanuel Macron assured the public about this law in his election campaign last year which is why this rule has been passed.

Jean-Michel Blanquer, the French education minister said, “It’s good that children are not too often, or even at all, in front of a screen before the age of seven.” He believes this law would affect France’s 12 million school children, improve the behavior and performance of the pupils.

He also said, “Being open to technologies of the future doesn’t mean we have to accept all their uses.”

As per reports, this law will be implemented across secondary and junior schools throughout the country after August 5, which is when the schools reopen after the summer holidays.

A Ban on Technology: Good or Bad?

Technology has its own pros and cons and those too, in equal numbers. There have been a lot of incidents in the recent past that show how smartphones have affected the public, both in a positive or negative manner. While on one hand there is Google coming up with new platforms to advance the learning processes of children, on the other hand, there is France banning cell phones for the advancement of children.

It is easy to get wrapped up in the alluring world of internet and smartphones, but is banning cell phones completely a wise decision? Share your thoughts with us right here in the comments section!

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