Password Being Compromised? This Google Chrome Extension Will Alert You About Your Password!

Personal data and information is being hacked left, right and front.

Google Introduces Password Checkup Extension For Chrome
Google Introduces Password Checkup Extension For Chrome

Technology has advanced beyond imagination, yet nothing is safe from anyone. Hackings and data breaches are common incidents and it is getting harder day by day to keep personal information safe and private. Google has come up with a cool solution for this – Password Checkup Extension for Chrome.

Passwords are the easiest to hack and the most common form of data breach. Google has introduced this new innovative way of alerting people if their password has been hacked.

Password Checkup Extension for Chrome

This new extension is for Chrome browser, and it will alert the users if their password has been stolen, or hacked in a data breach. Additionally, it will help users re-secure their accounts.

This extension will be of size 1.18 MB and will also be available in 54 languages – inclusive of Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati and many others.

How does it work?

Password Checkup needs to be installed in your system as long as Chrome does not come with it being inbuilt in the browser. It will help you re-secure your account if it has been affected by a data breach.

Once you sign in with your username and password, be it in any site, the extension will explore its database of more than 4 billion credentials that have been previously been a part of any data breach. If in case a match is found, the user will be notified immediately and will also be asked to change their credentials right away.

It also asks the users to change their credentials if in case they have been using the same credentials for other social sites as well.

Google’s Official Statement

As per reports, Google’s new extension is designed in a way that it does not reveal users’ crucial information, such as passwords, accounts or even device to the company. It will prevent hackers with malicious intent to break into your accounts and hinder the functionality so as to intrude.

The look and functionality of the extension will soon begin to improve and will probably be incorporated into the next version of Google’s Chrome browser. This will help users automatically secure their accounts and personal information in an easier way.

Google’s statement reads, “We do report anonymous information about the number of look-ups that surface an unsafe credential, whether an alert leads to a password change and the domain involved for improving site coverage.”

Do you want to download this extension? Here you go!

What do you think of Google’s new extension? Will it help secure our information? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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