Death By PUBG: Teenager Commits Suicide Over Expensive Phone To Play PUBG

This tragic incident forces us to think deeper: Who is responsible here?

PUBG causes mental breakdown
PUBG causes a mental breakdown

PUBG, Players Unknown BattleGround has probably been the cause of the highest amount of controversies till now. And here’s another addition to the list: a teenager in Mumbai chose to commit suicide when his family refused to buy him a smartphone that he wanted especially to play PUBG.


The Tragedy of Nadeem Sheikh

Nadeem Sheikh, an eighteen-year-old teenager, committed suicide after an argument with his family over his demand for a new phone. A resident of Nehru Nagar Kurla, Sheikh wanted a smartphone especially for playing PUBG. He wanted a specific high-end smartphone that cost Rs. 37,000, whereas his family could afford a Rs. 20,000 phone only.

Sheikh demanded the whole sum from his elder brother who refused to give a penny beyond Rs. 20,000. But Sheikh was insistent and demanded that his brother give him the whole amount. This gave rise to a verbal spat leading the teenager to take a rope and hang himself from the ceiling fan in the house’s kitchen.

As per reports, a case of accidental death has been registered by the police and further investigation is in process.

Previously a fitness trainer from Jammu lost his mental balance from playing excessive PUBG and had to be admitted to a hospital.

PUBG and Controversies

Previously, PUBG has given rise to a lot of controversies already and has been banned in Gujarat too. Gujarat has become the first state to initiate the ban and a request to ban this game all over India has already been sent.

On the other hand, a recent study has shown that playing collaborative video games can boost the work productivity of employees.

PM Modi’s Wise Words

This one video game has attracted negative responses from all over the world and its notoriety has reached the prime minister, Narendra Modi as well. Recently, in the second annual ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha,’ a concerned mother asked the prime minister about the constantly growing addiction of kids to video games. He responded by commenting, ‘Yeh PUBG wala hain kya?’

He further said that this game is a problem and a solution as well. If children are encouraged to stay away from tech, that will probably be a regress. He gave out a well-balanced response that if not used in moderation, technology is obviously harmful.

Our Opinions

Smartphones have become a fad, a trend, a sign of their status in youngsters of today.

Video games are a medium of recreation, and it is crucial that they are viewed in this light only! Why are life and death decisions dependent on video games? They have become a mode of escapism, a route to escape the real world and enter a world of fantasy.

Nadeem’s death is a lesson to all the PUBG players out there: Don’t give in to peer pressure and addiction, India still needs her young workforce!

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