Tata Sky Offers 400 Packs Of Channels; Removes Long-Term, Annual Packs Under New Cable TV Rules

TRAI had scolded Tata Sky for not announcing the new packs

Tata Sky new packs announced
Tata Sky new packs announced

India’s largest DTH operator: Tata Sky has finally revealed the new packs for choosing channels, under the new Cable TV regulations.

This came after TRAI scolded Tata Sky for not announcing the new packs, despite repeated alerts and warnings.

Tactically speaking, this is can be regarded as a good move, as only a week is not remaining for implementing the new Cable TV rules, and now, Tata Sky customers will have to choose the new packs, within this deadline.

Tata Sky: We Are Offering 400 Packs For Different Segments

While announcing the new packs, and explaining why Tata Sky was so late in announcing the new packs, Tata Sky CEO Harit Nagpal revealed that they are offering 400 packs for different audience segments, across different niches.

He said, “The law of the land is always complied with, and we are ready to assist our customers with the migration. There may have been difference of opinion, but that does not mean we would be non- complaint.”

Tata Sky New Packs: An Overview

All new Tata Sky packs can be accessed via packselection.tatasky.com, where their customers need to login first.

The UI and functionality of this portal is clean, and helpful for the users to choose their favorite channels, via the different packs.

There are three ways this can be done: a) Customers choose their own channels, based on à la carte mode, that is choose their individual pay channels, which will become part of the 100-channel base pack.

Tata Sky's new packs announced
Tata Sky’s new packs announced

Choose the packs offered by Tata Sky, as they have offered more than 400 packs.

Choose the packs offered by the broadcasters.

Tata Sky Removes All Long-Term, Annual Plans

However, one negative news is coming out regarding Tata Sky’s new packs: All annual and long term plans have been canceled.

In the last few months, Tata Sky had been promoting their annual, long term plans to their customers.

Several of them assumed that if they choose such long term plans, they will be rescued from TRAI’s new Cable TV regime, as the old plans will be in force.

But now, as Tata Sky has removed the annual plans, these customers are in a fix.

Tata Sky has assured all they the money will be deposited back in their respective accounts.

In a statement, Tata Sky said, “TRAI’s latest Tariff Order mandates a new tariff structure to which all subscribers need to migrate. For users currently subscribed to a long duration pack, Tata Sky will migrate you to a monthly pack of your choice on / after 1st February 2019 and credit the applicable balance in your Tata Sky account as soon as you are switched to monthly packs,”

Now, the customers who have chosen the annual, long term packs will have to continue to use Tata Sky, until their money is exhausted under the new plans.

Now, earlier, Tata Sky used to offer almost all channels for Rs 500-600, but now, this arrangement won’t work. Hence, this decision to cancel all annual, long term packs by Tata Sky makes sense for the company.

It would be interesting to observe how customers react now.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in.

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