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Top 25 Business Schools In India Of 2015 [Updated List]

[2015 Update]

We did the top 25 business schools in India around 5 years back. It is time to update the list with latest rankings so that readers would get to know the most updated list. You can also compared who the rankings have changed over the years. Bookmark this page as we will keep on updating this page every year for benefit of our readers.

Top Business B-Schools in India

Top Business B-Schools in India

Most Updated Top B-School Rankings in India

Rank 1) Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA)

Indian Institute of Management Ahemedabad has consistently been ranked as the number one management school in the country year after year in the last several years. In its latest ranking, The Economist has ranked IIMA at 56 among the top 100 international B-schools in the world that offer full time MBA. The Financial Times (FT) has ranked the two-year post graduate programme in management (PGP) of IIMA in the top ten programmes in the category of Masters Programmes in Management that do not require work experience as pre-requisite for admission. FT reported that this was the first time that any Indian B-school was not only included in the survey but also achieved such high ranking.

The Financial Times has also ranked the one-year post graduate programme in management for executives (PGPX) among the top MBA programmes globally. The two post graduate programme in management with specialization in agri-sector (PGP-ABM) is ranked at number one among comparable programmes globally by Eduniversal.

Rank 2) Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (IIMC)

The Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (IIMC) was established as the first national institute for Post-Graduate studies and Research in Management by the Government of India in November 1961 in collaboration with Alfred P. Sloan School of Management (MIT), the Government of West Bengal, The Ford Foundation and Indian industry.

Over the years, IIMC has grown into a mature institution with global reputation, imparting high quality management education. It has been playing a pioneering role in professionalising Indian management through its Post Graduate and Doctoral level programs, Executive Training Programs, Research and Consulting Activities.

Rank 3) XLRI Xavier Institute of Management, Jamshedpur

XLRI – Xavier School of Management is a leading management school based in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India. Established in 1949 as the Xavier Labor Relations Institute, XLRI is acknowledged as India’s oldest business management school. The Jesuit managed school’s main programs include a full-time 2-year post graduate program in Business Management, Personnel Management & Industrial Relations (re-christened as Human Resources Management in 2011) and Global MBA, 15 months full-time General Management program (PGDM-GM), doctoral fellow programs (FPM) and many executive education programs.

Rank 4) Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), Delhi

Faculty of Management Studies (Commonly known as FMS Delhi), established in 1954 under the aegis of the University of Delhi, offers management education to the professional managers as part-time and full-time MBA programmes. It is one of the oldest business schools in India which started offering a Full Time MBA programme.

FMS is known for its academic programmes, training programmes, research and consultancy, but its primary aim is long-term academic programme leading to a Degree Certification.

Currently, FMS conducts the following long-term programmes:

  • MBA (Full Time)
  • MBA(Executive)
  • MBA(Executive)Health Care Administration
  • Doctoral Programmes
  • Bachelor of Management Studies

In addition to all these programmes, FMS also regularly conducts Management Development Programmes.

Rank 5) Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode (IIMK)

The Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode is one of the 13 Indian Institutes of Management set up by the Government of India. The Institute, founded in 1996 in collaboration with the State Government ofKerala, was the 5th IIM to be established.

IIMK offers following academic programs:

  • Post Graduate Programme in Management
  • Fellow Programme in Management
  • Executive Post Graduate Programme
  • Social Development Initiatives
  • International Exchange

Rank 6) Indian Institute of Management Indore (IIMI)

The Indian Institute of Management Indore (often abbreviated as IIM-I) is an autonomous public business school located in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Instituted in 1996, IIM Indore is the sixth addition to the prestigious Indian Institute of Management (IIM) family of management schools.

IIMI offers following academic programs:

  • Integrated Programme in Management (IPM)
  • Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP)
  • Executive Post-Graduate Programme in Management (EPGP)
  • Post Graduate Programme in Management for Executives (PGPMX)
  • Fellow Programme in Management (FPM)

Rank 7) S. P. Jain Institute of Management & Research (SPJIMR), Mumbai

S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR) is a constituent of the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan and is recognised as one of the premier business schools of India. The Institute grew rapidly in eminence from one of the three B-schools in Mumbai in 1981 to one of the top ten B-schools in the country by 1994-1995.

S.P. Jain offers following academic programs:

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Management
  • Post Graduate Programme in Management
  • Executive Management Programme
  • Family Managed Business programme


Rank 8) Management Development Institute (MDI), Gurgaon

Management Development Institute (MDI) is one of the premier business schools in India. It was established in 1973 and is located in Gurgaon, a commercial hub near the Indian capital of New Delhi. Its second campus has come up near Murshidabad, West Bengal.

MDI offers following academic programs:

  • Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGPM)
  • Post Graduate Programme – Human Resource Management (PGP-HRM)
  • Post Graduate Programme in International Management (PGPIM)
  • National Management Programme (NMP)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Public Policy and Management
  • Fellow Programme in Management
  • Executive Fellow Programme in Management
  • Part Time Post Graduate Programme in Management (PT-PGPM)

Rank 9) Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT), New Delhi

The Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT) is an autonomous public business school established in 1963 by the Government of India to help professionalize the country’s foreign trade management and increase exports.

Its flagship program is the Master of Business Administration inInternational Business (MBA-IB). It is the only institute among the top-10 business schools of India that offers this program.

Apart from the MBA(IB) Course, IIFT provides various Management Development Programs, Executive Programs and Certificate Programs catering to the requirements of aspiring International Business executives and mid-career professionals alike.

Rank 10) International Management Institute (IMI), New Delhi

International Management Institute, New Delhi, popularly known as IMI New Delhi is a Private Business School located in New Delhi, India. Established in the year 1981, IMI New Delhi was India’s first corporate sponsored business school.

IMI offers following academic programs:

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Management – Human Resources (PGDHRM)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Management – Banking and Financial Services (PGDM – B&FS)
  • Executive Post Graduate Diploma in Management (EXPGDM)
  • Fellow Program in Management (FPM)

Rank 11) Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS), Mumbai

Rank 12) National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE), Mumbai

Rank 13) Institute of Management Technology (IMT), Ghaziabad

Rank 14) Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies (JBIMS), Mumbai

Rank 15) Department of Management Studies, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IITD)

Rank 16) Xavier Institute of Management Bhubaneswar (XIMB)

Rank 17) Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM), Pune

Rank 18) Vinod Gupta School of Management (VGSoM), Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (IIT-KGP)

Rank 19) T. A. Pai Management Institute (TAPMI), Manipal

Rank 20) Shailesh J. Mehta School of Management (SJSSoM), Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB)



You can find below the rankings from year 2007-2008. The list above clearly shows how the rankings have changed and how some Business School rankings are going down, while the others are climbing up the charts.

Earlier written in 2007

Indian Business Schools (B-Schools) such as the IIM’s (Indian Institute of Management) at Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, XLRI are world famous for the quality of students it churns out year on year. IIMs have historically the highest number of students who become enterpreneurs in their professional life. The demand for these B-School students has consistently grown over a period of last few years.

Here is a list that I thought would be beneficial to the readers who are interested in B-Schools in India. I am also planning to put together a list of Top Engineering colleges too. I have searched the Internet and have not found a comprehensive list of. India has atleast got 100 good engineering colleges. Look out for that list in near future on this blog.

These are the schools that are generally regarded as the top B-Schools in India: (The list given below is in no particular order)

Here is the list of Top business management schools in India [5 Years back]

1.Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM A)

Regarded to be the best of the best business schools in India, IIM Ahmedabad offers four programmes in Management.

The PGP – Post Graduate Program (equivalent to MBA), the FPM – Fellowship Program in Management(equivalent to Ph.D), the FDP – Faculty Development Program for Management teachers and Trainers and the MDP – Management Development Program – a refresher for middle and top level managers.

2. Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta (IIM C)

The oldest of the IIMs, established in Kolkatta, IIM Calcutta is amongst the top three B schools in India.

The institute offers three full time programs. The PGDM – Post Graduate Program in Management (equivalent to MBA), the FPM – Fellowship Program in Management, the PGDCM – Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Aided Management.

The institute also offer part time PGDBM – Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management for managers with relevant work experience. In addition, MDP – Management Development Programs are held in regular intervals for middle and top level managers.

3. Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIM B)

IIM Bangalore offers two year full time PGP – Post Graduate Program in Management (equivalent to MBA) and a FPM – Fellowship Program in Management. Both these programs require the candidate to take CAT. The institute also offers part time non residential PGSM – Post Graduate Program in Software Enterprise Management.

There is a separate entrance test for this program. This business school is ranked amongst the top three business schools in the country.

4. Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow (IIM L)

IIM Lucknow offers a two year full time residential PGP – Post Graduate Program in Management and a four year FPM program.Both these programs require a candidate to take CAT.

The institute also has an interesting student exchange program where students of this B-School go to premier B-Schools the world over and do part of their education. Students and faculty from these internationally reputed B-Schools in turn visit IIM Lucknow. It is ranked amongst the top five B-Schools in India.

5. XLRI – Xavier Labour Research Institute, Jamshedpur

Xavier Labour Research Institute, popularly known as XLRI was established in 1949 at Jamshedpur.

The institute offers two courses at the post graduation level in management – a post graduate diploma in Business administration and a post graduate diploma in Personnel Management and Industrial Relations (PMIR). Online version of the brochure is also available.

6. ISB – Indian School of Business, Hyderabad

Indian School of Business, Hyderabad is emerging as a preferred choice for MBA aspirants who want to pack in the program into a one year course.

As it gradually builds up its permanent faculty base, the ISB has created a unique and sustainable visiting faculty model with some of the world’s leading academicians from Wharton, Kellogg, Harvard, Stanford, Chicago, Duke and Texas among others. The school offers a one year Post Graduate Program in Management.

7. FMS – Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi

FMS is amongst the top 10 B-Schools in the country and probably one of the two attached to a university amongst the top ten. The full time program of FMS started in 1967.

Generally the demand for students is very high where most of the times students being placed within a day or two.

8. Indian Institute of Management, Indore (IIM I)

The Indian Institute of Management, Indore (IIMI) is the latest addition to the IIM community. IIMI has a two-year post graduate programme emphasizing on Experiential learning, IT orientation, and Social Sensitivity.

IIM-I offers the following programs viz., (a) The Post Graduate Programme (PGP), a two year programme (b) Management Development Programme. These are held throughout the year. (c) Faculty Development Programme (FDP) is designed to assist in the development of teachers, researchers, and trainers for management education and (d) Executive Post-Graduate Programme (Exe-PGP) a 18-months programme, designed for working executives.

9. Indian Institute of Management, Calicut (IIM K – Kozhikode)

Established in 1996, The Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode, IIMK is the fifth Indian Institute of Management.

Its academic programmes encompass a range of long term full time diploma programmes such as the Post Graduate Programme in Management, and a number of short duration executive education programmes. The institute also offers an “Interactive Distance Learning Programme”

10. Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai (JBIMS)

The Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, (JBIMS) was established by the University of Bombay in 1965 in collaboration with the Graduate School of Business, Stanford University with the objective of pioneering and furthering post – graduate management education in India. JBIMS has been ranked in Asia’s Top 25 business schools by Asia Inc.

11. S. P. Jain Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai (SPJIMR)

The Institute’s PGDM programme amongst the best in the country offers the following specialisation in the second year (fourth and fifth trimester).

Finance Management, Marketing Management, Information Management and Manufacturing & Operations Management. Core subjects normally focus on the basic aspects relating to a particular area of specialisation. In addition, each participant can take courses from another specialization as a ‘Minor Specialization’.

12. Shailesh J. Mehta School of Management, IIT Mumbai (Bombay)

The school commenced its operations in 1995 and has been awarding a full time two year masters degree, a doctoral program in management and Executive Education programs in management.

One unique feature of the program is that apart from the regular courses on Finance, Accounting, Operations and HR, SJM SOM prepares for technology management with core courses like Technology Policy, R&D Management and Managing technology transfer. To secure an admission, you need to take JMET, the Joint Management Entrance Test.

13. Management Development Institute, Gurgaon (MDI)

Amongst the top management institutes in India, MDI offers a two year Post Graduate Program in Management.The curriculum is spread over six terms of about three months each.

The core curriculum is spread over four terms with the bulk of it covered in the first three terms. MDI has student exchange arrangements with Aarus School of Business, Denmark, CBPA, USA; Copenhagen Business School, Denmark; EDHEC, France; ESCP-EAP and Sciences Po, France; Leipzig Graduate School of Management, Germany; McGill University, Canada; Norwegian School of Management, Norway; Queensland University of Technology, Bangkok; Solvay Business School, Belgium; Universita Carlo Cattaneo (LIUC), Itlay and Warsaw School of Economics, Poland.

14. Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai (NMIMS)

NMIMS offers a two-year full-time programme, spread over six trimesters and leading to the degree in Master of Business Administration. Number of seats: 240.

Students are admitted to the programme if they meet the required standards of the two stage selection process – Stage I: A written admission test; Stage II: Candidates who qualify at stage 1 will be required to appear for the second stage of selection process like the Group Discussion and Personal Interview.

15. Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar (XIM B)

XIM Bhuvaneswar, offers the following courses: Post Graduate Programme in Management, Executive Post Graduate Programme in Management, Post Graduate Programme in Rural Management and Fellow Programme Management. The PGP in Management is the flagship programme of the Institute.

The courses impart a generalist perspective, in addition to training the students in technical and functional business skills such as accounting, finance, marketing and production.

16. Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune (SIBM)

SIBM, Pune offers a Master’s Degree in Business Administration – MBA Dual Specialization. Specializations include Marketing, Finance, Human Resource, Manufacturing, and Materials & Logistics Management. A total of 120 students shall be selected for this course.

17. Symbiosis Center for Management & Human Resources Development, Pune (SCMHRD)

Please click on above link to visit the Business School site to get more information

18. Institute of Management & Technology, Ghaziabad (IMT)

Please click on above link to visit the Business School site to get more information

19. International Management Institute, Delhi (IMI)

Please click on above link to visit the Business School site to get more information

20. Bharathidasan Institute of Management, Trichy (BIM)

Please click on above link to visit the Business School site to get more information

21. Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad (MICA)

Please click on above link to visit the Business School site to get more information

22. Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Delhi (IIFT)

Please click on above link to visit the Business School site to get more information

23. T. A. Pai Management Institute, Manipal (TAPMI)

Please click on above link to visit the Business School site to get more information

24. Loyola Institute of Business Administration, Chennai (LIBA)

Please click on above link to visit the Business School site to get more information

25. Institute of Management Development Research, Pune (IMDR)

Please click on above link to visit the Business School site to get more information

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  65. "IIT Guwahati – Techniche. the annual techno-management fest: The deadlines for Events of Management Module in Techniche'11 have been extended. The new deadlines are. 1. Product Launch – 5th Aug. 2. BrainChild (B-Plan Event with Rs. 50 Lakh incubation) – 5th Aug. 3. Stratagem -10th Aug. 4. Blue Chips – 20th Aug, and can be registered on the spot. 5. VSM – The online stock market Simulation, can be played right now. For more information, visit the website. http://www.techniche.org/techn iche11/competitions/management.html Or the Module Managers : Shruti Soni 07896173026 management@techniche.com ****************************** *** Total Prize money for the 5 events : Rs. 5 Lakhs Incubation Amount for B-Plan : Rs. 50 Lakhs ****************************** *** Also do not forget to check out the mind blowing Lecture Series at Techniche." http://www.techniche.org/t http://www.techniche.org

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  67. Onkar Singh Chundawat


  68. Times Business school is contributing greatly in shaping up the career of individuals.

  69. Executivembainindia India

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  70. For MBA in Power Management one can check out Universiton of Petroleum & Energy Studies…http://www.upes.ac.in/

  71. shyam

  72. Executivembainindia India

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  78. best b schools in india.

  79. hiiii…. tell me what is the good college in mba… i completed my graduation 49.30% marks… my category is journal.. so plz tell me best colleges in mba i have many call for iipm … it is good collehes in mba…

  80. Indore Indira Business School all india rank & india top b-school….

  81. i wanna pursue distance learning mba,pls suggest me one of the best institute….i really very confused…will a degree from sikkim manipal university be valuable..

  82. hello, i am very confused should i go for bba in iipm or bca in ims plz tell me soon and help me out email to me to my email id

  83. Arrey bhaiya yeh ranking mein lochhe hain ! Either it is very old or it is created by a naive person. IIFT at 22 r u insane? And IIT D, IIT Kgp, IIT K nowhere in the picture ! and IMT so up? u gotta be kidding me !!

  84. any person please tell me some thing about top20 college….

  85. i completed B.And got 540composite score in aima .i am getting confused to join which best B school in Delhi and offer 100% placement

  86. I am searching a good college for doing mba(regular) in India , so give me full infomation about top colleges and its placements.

  87. This is my final year of B.Com and wanted to MBA . Which institutes are bset in delhi ? Pls suggest and advise. anup Pradhan

  88. Hello sir i was completed B.E frpm rajasthan university with E.C.E BRANCH in 2009 aug. i want to do mba full time course , but i offered only RS. 400000 for that so plz, inform me for same. MAT SCORE;- 68.18

  89. hello Sir, I am Doing Graduation Final Year along with GNIIT from NIIT, Can U sugess me what to do after this, what is more benifisial for me that i can start my Carrier. I am very thankful to you….

  90. Funny rankings. Why do people come out with rankings when they do not have the minutest of idea about B-schools. Dont put all the private big”brands” like Symbi, IMT, IMI, BIM etc. ahead of a reputed institute like IIFT. Aspirants, please be careful with fudged “moolah” ranking

  91. soumya ranjan mohanty

    dear sir , i am a student of bsc itm of ravenshaw .i want to know about 20 top most colleges for mba in hr . so plz inform me about this .what r the selection procedures and how is their records in accademy and campus . what should i study for it ? waiting for your reply soumya

  92. Hi, Presently i am working as a software engineer. i want to know the best business school in india(if possible near hyderabad- AP).So that my job cant be distrubed. Please let me know the details. Cheers, Fatih

  93. hi… i need help…i want to get information abt IMT,ghaziabad…whether it is good or not..and cmp. visited tht campus… max wht pkg i an get..and they consider cat or mat score…

  94. sir give me the info of top 20 distance mba institute…

  95. thakyou

  96. Hey people I need some urgent advice..i appeared 4 cat last year n wasn’t able 2 get a good percentile..not sure of this year too..i am thinking of not wasting this year and joining a private institute in Bangalore. Please can someone suggest some good private colleges in Bangalore for management which do not require CAT or MAT scores .Can you guys pleases help me decide what to do??

  97. ur frnd is absoluetly right dat d number is inc day by day… bt dat dsnt mean dat u shud nt go fr it… coz if the no. of MBA students is rising thn it means evn d competition is rising… employers always prefer an MBA over a graduate… ya aftr sum work experience u cn go fr it if u dnt wana do it now…. bt in dis competitive world being just a graduate takes u nowhr..!! thnks

  98. nilanjan mukherjee

    can anyone tell me….whether doing m.b.a from the top 25 colleges…if i get myself into it….would be beneficial for the future. whether i will be getting atleast a sober salary in job fields or nt.. am quite confused whether i should do m.b.a or not as my frends r suggesting me not to do as the number of m.b.a s rising day by day.. so plz give me sum suggestions regarding this.

  99. Hey I just completed my BBA and am located in Bangalore right now. My score is not all that great but decent. When is the last date of application for MVJ and what is the selection eligibility?

  100. Can you tell something more about this college??isnt this an engeeniering college??

  101. I know a few people studying there….it’s a very good college as the placements are too good.. There are 150 companies visiting the campus every year..

  102. Hey! I’m a B com graduate, and have been an average student.I have got admission in MVJ . I also have calls from M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Management,AIMS too. I’ve got +ive feed back about MVJ from my friends.And after surfing in the net i think i should go for it. Fees is also not as much as others.Please advise me as to what should i do? Thanks

  103. deepika chauhan

    hi my graduate degree is nt indian recognized.. can u plz suggest me sum good MBA colleges in india whr i can apply as most of the colleges ask for indian recognised degree..!!


  105. Hi…., I completed my B.Tech 4m A.P…and now i wanna do my distance m.B.A 4m periyar university….so,plz if any1 is having any idea about da univ plz gve me da information……

  106. Hi….. i wanna do mba on donation base so which 5 colleges will better for me for better placemenet…bye tk cr

  107. Binu Thankachan

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii m Binu n a have completed btech civil engg n m thinking 2 do MBA from some of d best b- school in south but d programme should be related 2 my field , plseeeee give me information about i.e choice of MBA related 2 my field. waiting for ur reply.

  108. Binu Thankachan

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii m Binu n a have completed btech civil engg n m thinking 2 do MBA from some of d best b- school but d programme should be related 2 my field , plseeeee give me information about i.e choice of MBA related 2 my field. waiting for ur reply.

  109. ashish dwivedi

    hiiiiiiiiii i am ashish,i am complet B.com and can i do in mba please give me advice which collage best for mba teaching and i m complet computer hard ware & networking in m.p. and i am also reading m.p.,which m.p. lavel collage in best of mba

  110. MBA in Gujarat, India

    I have put the website’s name on my name so that you can get it easily.. In that you will get all your information..

  111. hi, this is amit mishra,a sscience graduate, I WANT TO DO MBA,Pls give me some information about top goverment mba college.

  112. hey Trakin that’s what i really want …. that’s really useful and appreciable ….. i have no words m speechless……. thanx again.. m pursuing BCA nd m interested in pursuing MBA in future so d imformation provide by u help me a lot ,m very greatful to u for doing this favour to me…….. bt i need some more help wud u plz suggest me d best subject in MBA …..i want to become a great enterpreneur so plz suggest me m very greatful to u for doing this favour to me………….,,,,,,,,,, BHAWANI

  113. Management Institute

    thank you this is great info.

  114. hello sir, i wish to know about the exams to be taken for admission to f.m.s. , delhi university.

  115. MBA Colleges in Gujarat

    The above information that you have shared regarding the top twenty five business schools in India is amazing. We are also providing a general list of all the MBA Colleges in Gujarat at gujaratmba dot com. thanks once again for the great info.

  116. The information which you have shared here regarding the MBA colleges that is amazing and its been much important . United world, a B-School of global stature in South East Asia formed by a group of economist, academicians and top executives spread across the world in MNC’s, has been developed as India’s first research based B-School focused on “Open Economy”. Each of our campuses at Unitedworld is managed by senior and globally networked academicians.

  117. Jitendra paradiya

    thanks for supporting us

  118. sir, i have completed my btech 3rd year and am intrested in mba after 4th year .so i kindly request you to suggest me how to prepare and d syllabus for scoring in xams?and wat are d xams to be written ? please thanking you

  119. sir, please tell me the top 10 bscools in banglore,hyderabad and pune.

  120. please tell me the top business school in bhopal to get admission.

  121. sir i got an admission in BITS MESRA (MBA) but BITS MESRA i snot there in top 20 colleges can u please suggest me to join or not

  122. sir, iam into my btech 3rd yr(cse) can i know with how much marks & rank i can get selected for mba in isb(hyderabad)

  123. my self vinod and i doing BBA from KUK haryana i want to know about the best B school of india this is my last year send me some details about IIM and how to get addmission in IIM.are they provide prospectus

  124. I am engineer with 5 yrs experienc ein a reputed software co. I need to know relative Ranking of IMT, Nagpur, FMS (Fore) and Welingkar, Mumbai. Please help. Thanks. R K Singh

  125. hi i am V.ArunKumar i got selected for ISBR banglore campus for MBA program 2010 i want to know about the college how the college and other details please send the reply and mail to vankadavatharunkumar@gmail.com

  126. sir, i have been selected for isbr bangalore, which they call it as one of the top b schools in india. i just want to know that is it worth taking their admission, i have completed mechanical engg & planning to do mba. sir, i secure 22.56 in cat & 40.08 in xat.

  127. hello sir recently i completed BBA from sikkim manipal university in 2010, and my teacher is suggesting me to get experience first and after that u do MBA, im very confuse plz sugest me wat could i do?

  128. my brother has got 92-parsantile in CAT-2010 which college may be get replay plz. AND in MAT-2010 has got 99.80% mark he also selected Alliance Bangalore. by high fee we could not take admission. *** which college we should be apply through CAT/MAT based on my mark***

  129. Tank u so much..Its really worth..But I wanna knw if doin MBA in a B-school is worth over doin it in an Engg college..pls help me out in dis….

  130. Hello Sir, can you please tell about the PES Institute in Bangalore.Is it a good college for pursuing MBA? It is associated with IUP and will be given certificate from IUP. Is it true?

  131. respected sir,i am student of BBA last year & i want to take admitions in top b school for MBA.i also take mba entrance exam like,CAT,MAT,&ALSO XAT,please inform me as soon as possible.

  132. Im from Bangladesh and passed my HSC this year with GPA 4.90/5.00(70% in English). Now i would like to enroll in a good institution for BBM/BBA in India. Can anyone help me to find me a institute which begins as soon as possible. preferably Jan,feb, march april… thanks….. bishwamc@gmail.com


  134. Hi, i have completed my PGDM FROM symbiosis pune(Distance Learning),what would be the best option programme for me in careers to growth, currently i am working with leading telecom as Assitant Manager

  135. Hi Sir, I am commerce graduate professional in Mumbai and want to do an MBA from a good institute or management college in Mumbai. The problem is my graduation percentage are not good, actually, I am a repeater in TYBcom, but I have cleared it. My age is 32 yrs, Please help & advice me on: 1. Which institute I should select for doing an MBA? (Institute should be in Top 20 in Mumbai, with reasonable fees, whose certificates should hold better value in job market and should give good placements support) 2. Is it okay to do an MBA at 32 yrs stage of life? Please reply me genuinely on my email ID vijay.devkule@yahoo.com Thanks a lot in advance!

  136. sir, i want to join for mba in indian institute of planning and management(delhi). i want more details about this b-school. how to join? and how much fee collect by institute?


    thanks this is the best list still so far i have seen . but i need some information about full time mba…………….

  138. any one tell me about top 20 colleges of mba hr

  139. hi to all pls suggest me best institute fr doing mba from correspondence in which i dont hv to attend any weekend classes pls reply soon

  140. Please give your feed back about ICFAI University’s 360* MBA Programme. Thanks

  141. Could Author spare some time to look into the comments? What is the criteria taken to decide ranking in MBA Programs? Who is deciding the ranking of MBA Programs ? What is the source of knowledge for this ranking ? Hey author ! could you give some what comparison chart based upon the criteria used to decide ranking. As this article give emphasis on the TOP 25 .. But No Particular ranking given Why? Any way try to include other B School. Don’t forget to give the % of recruitment by the B Schools. Where B School Provided the placement. I am not asking about students who had shifted to real market after poor salary package offered . Anyway contact information hidden intentionally.I will update myself.(Bookmarked) — Cheers Someone

  142. deepak kumar singh


  143. Hello sir/mam, i want to pursue correspondence BBA . please guide me. if possible, i would like to have study centre aswell in delhi.Also are there any institutes which are covering BBA + MBA jointly. Thanks Mohit

  144. Sir/Mam I am pursuing BBA IT from Symbiosis Pune. I want to know if I am eligible for taking the JMET exam or not? Does my graduation in BBA with Information Technology count as graduation in IT or I need to be Be or Btech degree holder necessarily? I also had Maths and Statistics in my course. Kindly reply asap…. Thanking You Aditi Lohana

  145. Hi everyone, I am Pradeep Chopra,a student of WLC Business School,Delhi.I think this is a much better Business School compared to other Business School in India.and to top that till now it has achieved 60% placements even in this current scenario.its placements are better than compared to another Business School. Admissions are open for Business Economics with specialization in Marketing, Finance and Human Resources you can find more information at their website WLC Business School

  146. The Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning and Wealth Management is a reputed program, the curriculum of which has been designed keeping in view the requirements that adequately prepares students for Internationally recognized Certifications such as Associate financial planner (AFP) & Certified Financial planner (CFP)CM offered by Financial Planning Standards Board India (FPSBI) & various other industry recognized certifications like NCFM Certifications by National Stock Exchange(NSE). The program is rated among the top finance courses in India & offers new-age career options (Times of India & Mail Today, 2008). The program is a brilliant amalgamation of relevant academics and intensive applications focus that the industry needs. Built on a broadbased MBA pattern, it is a rigorous learning experience to create a solid base of knowledge and acquire globally recognized designations. The program is recognized by leading recruiters in the financial services sector for excellence in the fields of Finance, Marketing and Management.

  147. thanks for providing this information for all the MBA aspirants.

  148. Hiii Iam Shakunthala Iwant a information about ISbr at bangolore campus is it good for management please send me the detailed information about this business school

  149. hey well i would like to know which are the top 10 b schools for persuing mba in retail mangement. i am currently preparing for cat’09. please let me know the scores required to get into these schools as well. thanking u

  150. nitika singhal

    sir can u inform me of all b schools form date in my email id wen they all are out and about last date also my is id is nsgl27@yahoo.co.in

  151. Himanshu Tyagi

    NITIE Mumbai, VGSOM IIT kharagpur, Sydenham Inst. Of Mgmt (SIMSREE) Mumbai and DMS IIT Delhi will definitely make the cut.

  152. Pramod Kumar Pandey

    I am working in the field of Finance and Accounts since last 32 ye ars.could you suggest me the best intitute for MBA(Executive Program) pandeypramod93@yahoo.com

  153. Pramod Kumar Pandey

    I am a finance and Accounts executive having 32 years relevent experience in the field of Fin and accounts.I am seeking admission from a reputed institute of india.Presently I am working with a world bank assisted proect at Bageshwar(Uttarakhand).Could you suggest me which institute will be viable me to do MBA Executive program for one year. pramodpandey93@gmail.com

  154. wud wish to do MBA via distance edu..which is the best inst offering this course.i need a valid MBA degree after finishing the course.am based in manipal,karnataka.wud prefer a study centre though not compulsory.shortlisted IGNOU and SYMBIOSIS..heard symbiosis doesnt offer MBA but some PGDBA..PL suggest.

    • symbi offers distance learning course in pgbm n wid my view itz d bst corrspondnc jz go 4 it.u cn vst ny axis bnk brch 4 itz form wich cost rs.900(inc prspcts).n fees for 2 yrs is rs.25000 payable by dd.


  156. I would like to know on what basis did u rank IIFT at no.22 on ur list.

  157. Can tell me how is somayie collge for mba

  158. i want to know about top 50 mba colleges in india

  159. iam a student completed my b.tech want to do mba in nice business schools ……pl send details about my question to my emai:ravi999teja@gmail.com

  160. Gaurav Shrivastava

    Does letter of recommendation required for doing distance learning MBA in India? Can you please tell me which universities are asking this? Regards, Gaurav.


    hello sir , This is sheriff from tamil nadu….I ve selected for dhruva college in hyderabad…I ve some some clarification…The college is offering PGDM not MBA..Is is safe to do a PGDM degree?…Can u give details and reputation of this college….They have given 3 days time to join…Can i join in this college?…Please suggest some idea…It will be very helpful in taking right decision. Thank you.

  162. sir i complete my btech in 2009 i want prepare for cat how much time is necessary for that to prepare plz suggest ,me

  163. hiii trackin….first of all thanks a lot for giving best list for MBA’s schools.We are getting lot of info.through this. I am studying in final year B.Com.I am looking for Best MBA college for further studies.Please suggest me best MBA college as I do not have any work experience.So how can I apply for further?

  164. Hi its mahesh doing final year BTECH in andhrapradesh .i am very much intrested in doing MBA .SO can any one tell me details of top 50 B-SCHOOLS in our country and also the fees details .and some colleges are providing the part time jobs so please give the information ragarding that colleges.

    • ravi kant goyal

      i am b-tech from bikaner rajasthan but my english leguage is poor.i got 98%tile in MAT so i want admission in mba college please advice me which mba colleges is good for admission.

  165. vipul vajpayee

    sir, i am looking for top 25 mba college in uttar pradesh, if u can get that plz post me in my id….

  166. I have seen alot of advertisements about IIPM. I am currently Studying B com In SBMJC Bangalore and want to pursue my MBA. Is IIPM a good institute? And how would you rank Alliance Business Academy? PES institute of management? Amity In Bangalore?


  168. hi if r u want to any informaton about MBA it is the best site. hope all problems r solved at this site thanks.

  169. Great job.Thanks a lot sir. I want to do my mba in any of the top20 colleges of the world abrode .kindly suggest me the details( such as Quaficatoin, Entrance tests ,fees and scholarships) for which I shall be ever greatfull to you.

  170. Bibhash Bhaduri

    My niece has passed out her graduation and wishes to study management from any of the top 25 B schools. She is a mediocre student and hails from a lower middle class family. Please advise her best options. Thanks

  171. hello sir this in fact is a wonderful and a very helpful list. sir i am a graduate with 3.14 cgpa. i have not aqttempted gmat yet( as i am a foreign student) and i dont want to loose my year. so what options do i have to pursue my futher studsies in india.

  172. I have been selected for Rai business school bhopal for the mba program for july 2009 batch. It is Affiliated to EIILM university, Sikkim. therefore i want to know if it is a good school or not. Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s urgent

  173. The six IIMs (Indian Institute of Management) are the most aspired . I am planning to do my mba from tapmi manipal( its realy a fantastic B-school) bye

  174. thnx fr useful info….

  175. Do online MBAs provide with full time degree certifictes ? Any examples of such MBA schools?

  176. I am thinking about pursuing my MBA from IIPM but i have heard some bad reviews about the institute in Mumbai which over promises and under delivers.

  177. id like to know something . Is IIPM really the 9 th best b school in India or is it just an Advertisement . id really appreciate it if someone could help me out here as im seriously thinking of trying out IIPm and would therefore really like to know if it is a good school or no. Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!! yours sincerely nik

  178. hey, I am planning to do my mba from IBMR(Institute of business management and research)gurgaon.so i am really confused about this colleges.if any of a people have a have heard any negative or positive points about it do let me know. thanks people

  179. Discussion Point

    The six IIMs (Indian Institute of Management) are the most aspired for and reputed institutes in India, and so are the courses offered by another dozen or so leading schools. All of them have an excellent track record in offering high quality education, and students from these institutes get the pick of corporate and management jobs directly from campus.

  180. hey dudes i am planing to do my mba from iipm(indian institute of planing and management) pune.so i am really confused about the college . if any of u people have a have heard any negative or positive points about it do let me know thanx people

  181. hello, can u please tell me what are the subject you have to study and what test you have to qualify to get admission in IIPM institute

  182. sir i got 547 composite score will iget a seat in any good college thourgh gd performance in hyderbad or in bhubhaneswar if s then send me the list of college in which i can only afford arround 4 laks only or should i go 4 mat may one again

  183. hi , this is bobby.i have done b.com graduation from andhra university.what is the process to get admission into good b-schools.plz let me know the details & plz inform the list of b-schools to my e-mail.

  184. Hello , i am a graduate in engineerig final year,i was intreasted in doing mba full time course, can u mention me the list of top 30 b-schools offering courses by admiting students through mangement quota ?? Thanks.

  185. I have been selected by International School of Business and Research, Electronic City- Bangalore,for their two year MBA program. I would like to know if the College is good and where it stands in terms of placement and faculty. I have to decide a.s.a.p so I would really appreciate it if I got your help soon.

  186. WITH DEFERENCE, my name is vipin narang n m doin bsc biotechnology from dehradun, i am very tensed about my career and i am willing to do MBA from a gud college, i got 40% in cat. plz help me how to get a gud college n recommend me some top private colleges. do reply me soon!!!!!!

  187. How good is the Alliance Business Academy? Any ideas please. Thanks Rajan

  188. I got selected for 2 years MBA with ICFAI Hyderabad. Could you please tell me where Icfai stands in terms of faculty, administration and placement? I’ve to decided asap so your help is badly required. Thanks.

  189. I am planning to go for 3 yrs flagship MBA (PG Diploma) program in one of these institute through distance education. When I did little research, found both of them good. Indian Institute of Finance, Delhi (PGDBF-Post graduate diploma in business finance) OR Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad (Post graduate program in Management – Finance) Now question is where to join? I alrady hold Master degree from Indian Institute of Technology. Waiting for expert comments.

  190. Could you please tell me the list of BEST B-schools which are providing operation management in specialization? I want to do my MBA in Operation Management, so pls help me. Mihir Yadav

  191. Sir, PLZ tell me is that good to do corresponding mba from sikkim manipal university with Job & what is the scope after getting the degree in H.R. & RETAIL..

  192. Hello guys, Its really useful information for all the MBA aspirants. Anybody can tell me the top B-schools in mumbai and pune for MBA Marketing in terms of quality of study, knowledge and placement. U can mail me on sumeet_eng@yahoo.co.in. Thanks for ur generous help. Sumeet Bhattacharjee

  193. Hi Team Currently I m working in Maersk Global Service as Officor I m having total work exp. of 12mths and i m intrested in further studies with my job. I reside in Mumbai. So pls suggest me Top 5 Management Institutes from which i can do PGDBA i.e correspondence MBA and also which Institute provides Placements at the end of the course. Will B waiting for your reply. Mobile : 9773285165 Thanks

  194. hello there, i am confused.i hv done my hotel management ,and then i thought to do mba from an esteeme insitute..i hv gt 73% in MAT which was held in may2008…,,then i tried for CAT,XAT,SNAP, and IBSAT….the trio cat, snap and xat did’nt got clear but ibsat got cleared…but the thing s fee structure of the colleges under IBSAT….i m searching for a good college in delhiwith a good repo….and if it should be under AICTE,then it will be very good for me……. thank you,,,,,,,,,waiting for the positive repy…

  195. Hi,I have given snap this year probably will be through Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies(Pune). I want to ask about the institute whether it is worth to take admission or should i reappear

  196. hi, ur list is really useful for all those who want to know about top MBA schools in India… but i’m afraid yu have not included prime institutions like Welingkar, Mumbai, K.J. somaiya, Mumbai, and IFMR chennai.

  197. kanika bhardwaj

    hi i have got a gd/pi call from alliance business school(bangalore) and ICFAI. Due to some reasons i will only be able to attend only one of these. Could you please suggest me the better option out of the two?

  198. hi i m a fresher. i have a job but i am not sure abt joining.i have given snap and nmat and i might get a cllg frm snap.what do u suggest should i go for any cllgs or shd go fr job and try after a job experiance.

  199. Hello Sir, i have just done my graduation,and my graduation percentage is less than 40. But i want to do mba from a average b-school also it should be approved by aicte.Please help me sir.I can’t make a choice. thank u.

  200. i have done b.tech in ece & presently working as a site engg in a telecom company…since i dont have good percentage of marks in 12th & in my graduation so i want to pursue after 1 or 2 yrs experience. also which type of trade i should choose for my future growth & which type of companies will take me by seeing my experince bcoz i will be from telecom field so will other sectors company consider my experince please give me some idea…waiting for ur reply

  201. Do u have any idea how is MBA in IMT dubai and ISB&M-pune?????? can u provide me some info abt them


  203. I am a final year student pursuing B.tech(regular). I’ll be appearing for Cat n other exams…Could you pls tell me the various certification courses in finance,marketing or management dat could be a value addition and also add to my resume.

  204. i am a stubent of pharmacy and interested in doing mba from HR what are list of top 50 colleges with an avg placement of rs 5 lacs p.a.

  205. Kindly send me a list of the best institutes offering distant learning programmes on MBA for top executives in the corporate. Thanking you. VK Rao.

  206. Thank you so much for providing a comprehensive list of top 25 Management Institutes. I worked for Govt of India(CISF,MHA) for 13 years after clearing Civil Services Examination and after resignation, I joined a corporate house as President. I wish to do MBA through distant learning or one year regular programme for top executives from a good institute but I don’t have time to prepare and write CAT/GMAT or any other similar entrance test. Will you kindly help me with the details of such institutes who offer courses suiting my requirements. Thank you very much. Vijay.

  207. now iam a final year bcom student.i hav got 91% for the mat exam.i need a list of top bschools in banglore,hydrabad,punne$kerala

  208. Hello, Indeed a great list of TOP B-Schools in India. This proved very helpful to me as i got all the links to these institutions at one place or else it would be a tiring work for me to find for every one. Thanks once again.

  209. Hi, Im appearing for MAT/AIMA. I ve done B.E., i want to know which are top institute accept MAT score.Institute must ve good placement.Also plz suggest conversion rate of MAT score to CET score.

  210. Hello, I am an Engg. student adn am to appear for CAT 2008. I have not been scoring too well in the mock CATs and am curious to know what percentile (approx) would/could be considered sufficient enough for admission into IMI and FMS.

  211. Hi, Actually i am an project engineer working in Reliance for past 8 months and having an experience of project for 2 years. I wanted to do complete my part time MBA in opeartions and specialize in projects. Can u plz suggest me top business schools in Mumbai.

  212. I don’t have 50% in Graduation.Tell me the name of Some good B-Schools which comes under the MAT.

  213. Hi, myself neelesh meena i have done my bca in distance learning and currently i am doing job in banking sector now i want to do mba in distance learning,can you help me that which college is best for me for mba.also i have an experience 3 years of sales of financial products like home loan, loan against property and equity loan.now i need your help plz do guide me. With regards neelesh meena

  214. The list of top MBA Colleges is impressive. I congratulate the respective colleges for getting in there. However, what the education industry as well as corporates should realize is that do the colleges actually deliver the value or is it more of brand hype. Is the quality of content, mode of delivery, etc. taken into account while deciding these positions? Newer and more student-friendly courses are now available in lesser known MBA institutes, and user-friendly management education is being imparted by portals like http://www.easygyan.com , a portal that promotes correspondence courses in management. Lets not be biased by size in the game of David Vs Goliath.

  215. Samrat Mukherjee

    hi, i have got 48.5% in my graduation[B.Com(Hons.in Accounting and Finance)]under Calcutta University and 85.23percentile in MAT with 654.5 as composite score.i am also doing Cost and Management Accounting.can you suggest me which MBA institution or university will be best as well as cheap, i want to do a dual course so which alternative will be the best for me Marketing and Finance or Marketing and H.R.

  216. hi, the list is excellent…i wanted to know ranking for top institutes offerin hospital mnagement.. thanx

  217. I am doing part time MBA in International Business from ICFAI, Mumbai. I am working for 1 reputed MNC. Pls tell me how much is the worth of degree from ICFAI? Where ICFAI stands, as far as Part time MBA is concern ???

  218. i have got 53% in my gaduation and 93.85 percentile in MAT with score of 699.5. i don’t have enough money to spent on my education. can you suggest me whos the best (cheap and best) university or institute to do MBA in finance. and also want to know how i can get education loan, which bank will provide this.

  219. I have done BSC-IT and MBA from PTU but because of distance eduation i am not getting good job please suggest me which course i should done so that i can get good job

  220. hi i hav got 49.4% in my graduation . am i eligible for cat or any institute which takes cat score for there selection process plz reply

  221. Sir, I am a working  engineer with 14 yrs experiance. I want to do my MBA by part time/ distant education mode. I am based at Mysore. Please tell me the prospects of doing my MBA from ICFAI. What is their position in ranking of B schools, placements and acceptance by industry. Please guide me soon since the last date for joining the course is 25th Sept. Love, Sudheer

  222. hi very thanks 4 providing so useful information 4 all d mba asprnts, i am doing my bcom from distance learning,due 2 which i cant appear in snaps exam,so will it creaye much more problem in my placements or any thing related with mba,n plz provide me list of all the reputed colleges which i am not elligble in,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, SUNNY DINKAR 09006193831 SUNNY_DINKAR@YAHOO.CO.IN/SUNNY_DINKAR2007@REDIFFMAIL.COM

  223.   Hello,i m currently in third year Engineering – Electronics & Telecommunication From Mumbai University. I wanted to know the institues offering courses related to Telecomm Management for me after the completion of my B.E. It would be very kind of you if you could mail me the procedure for admission  . Hope to receive a reply from you very soon.


    i have experience of more than 4 year in marketing and want do mba from good b-school in distence learning mode presently i am living in delhi please healp me very soon

  225. hi , iwant to know some of d best B School that takes mat score, please tell me about their courses, and their fees respectively plz reply…….. thank you.

  226. i am engg student stdyin in 7th semester…as i am preparing for mine future courses like in MBA ….just i waana knw which field will be best in mine MBA and wat is possible eligibility and criteria for tat particular field….                      could u list me out some good , reputed business school or college…for mine management corse….

  227. Respected sir,             I’m a fresh MBA graduate with Finance and HR specialisations. I would like to concentrate more on finance….but I dont know, which are the job posts, for which I can apply………I also would like to know more about scope of various jobs relating to finance and financial services…..                             Thanking you….. 

  228. I ve completed my MBA ( Marketing) from B-grade Institute. I would like to do dual specialization from MBA (IT). kindly provide me the best business school who provide dual specializatiom. Regards, Harshvardhan

  229. thank u.ur information is useful .I’m doing BBA final.i wish to do marketing. so i need information related to the schools which r specialised in marketing.

  230. Hello everybody,                                   I have 70% in the field of IT engg in my graduation.Iam also preparing for MBA. But, iam surprised by taking a look at FMS entrance papers, it may be traditional but till now not a single question has been asked in all kinds of MBA entrance exams, based on calculus in the aptitude section. So this FMS question pattern seems to be taking some extra labour time than CAT in order to get admission. I can be reached at  ablituking2@gmail.com  Can anyone help me……plz                                                                                                                                            Best wishes,                                                                                                                                                    LITU                                                                                                                                                                     

  231. I am a software engineer with 1 year exprience in bangalore and i want do MBA during week end . which are the best collages that offer this program. please kindly post me a mail regarding this and my mail id is bnaveenn@gmail.com

  232. praveen jujaray

    Hello ,           i am a graduate in engineerig final year,i was intreasted in doing mba full time course, can u mention me the list of top 30 b-schools offering courses by admiting students through mangement quota

  233. i m computer graduate(bca).i wnt to know about those colleges that provides mba in information technology.plz list out some names of good institutes.plz reply as soon as possible.thanks.

  234. Your post makes one think! Great article. Thanks for allowing me to comment!

  235. Hello everybody,                                 Iam getting surprise by taking a look at FMS questions!!! There are few questions based on derivatives in aptitude part. But since now no a single question had been asked regarding calculus in MBA entrance exams, but in this entrance sth lies different. Plz help me…….                           

  236. m scince graduate 4m St.Xavirrs college.I want to know those mba institutes that suits my science…plz help me Thanks

  237. I an interested in doing distance learning MBA form any top B school.I have 1.6 years of experience.What is the procedure to take the admission in executive MBA distance learning course or any course which will add value to my resume. would appreciate if you can help on this.



  239. Dude, how do u do make a comparison between IIM/XLRI et. al. and ISB. Your list puts ISB behind many of those IIMs etc., but note that Financial Times puts ISB in their top 20 list, whereas your coveted IIMs/XLRI etc. don’t even make to top 50. Dude, the focus is different. Your IIMs/XLRI etc. mostly evaluate your number crunching skills, and basic smartness. But the focus of ISB and other such schools is different. So whats the scale that you are judging them on?

  240. Harishkumar.HJ

    Hello Team, Im working for an Ad Agency in Bangalore. Its a very good information, if you could send me the list of Management colleges which are all offering Retail Management Course, that would be great.

  241. Hello I am a working executive and would like to pursue MBA through week-day or week-end mode.  Institute of Management and Technology (IMT) Ghaziabad has advertised for 3 year Post Graduate Programme in Management (week-end mode), Pondicherry University has advertised for MBA (week-day mode), ICFAI Bangalore has also advertised for Executive MBA through week-end mode.  Which among these Institutions is best to pursue MBA or PGP, or are there any other Institutions, which you think is best to pursue.  Further, how is Post Graduate Programme in Management good or equal to an MBA. An early reply in this regard will be most appreciated. Thanks………Bernard

  242. sir i would like know that icmt{indraprastha college of managment and tecnology} is one of best b-school in north india.sir pls reply me

  243. Hi everybody, I am Kishore, firstly I thank you all for helping students to shape their careers. I am a Btech graduate from Computer Science & engineering stream passed out in 2007 with second class marks. Presently, I am working as a Technical support executive in a BPO and I am much interested to pursue management studies. I kindly request you to please help me in choosing a right course according to my graduation subject and also a good institute(preferably in Banglore,Hyd etc.,) to pursue post graduation. Thanks in advance.

  244. Dear Sir, I am a MBBS graduate with a PGDMCH from IGNOU and  M Phil in Health Systems and Hospital Management. I am interested to pursue an off campus Phd Programme in Delhi. Could you please inform me about any such programme where i could get admission without any entrance exam etc.? Kindly e-mail. Thanks.

  245. i want to know whether there is any course in b schools for bureaucrats .


    dear sir, i really thankful to u because long time away i want to know about the b-schools rank but can,t success to know there position in right way today i am very happy to know about the top 25 b-school now i get addmission in top college in india and abord.

  247. Hi sir gud morning i have go through the list of top 25 b schools ,its very helpful for us.I have done my B.Tech.so kindly suggest me which institute wud b a gud option 4 me ?? may i get admit in IMT ghaziabad? and tell me abt the different courses like HR,FINANCE etc & hw to admit n fee also ………..

    • Hi sir gud morning i have go through the list of top 25 b schools ,its very helpful for us.I m persuing B.sc.final year from punjab university so kindly suggest me which institute wud b a gud option 4 me ?? tell me abt the different courses like HR,FINANCE etc & hw to admit n fee also ………..

  248. hai good morning, thank for the informnati0n regarding the top management schools in india,,but still i desire to do mba from sysbosis university, so would you plesse kindly furnish the details to get the addmission into that and moreover i am a working person with the gorvernment sector so would you  please arrange the information so that  i can join for parttime mba and which should also cost me less. thanks,,,

  249. thanx for such kind of information it’ll help a lot to know about business schools…m currently pursuing my B-tech(final yr) will u plz tell me abt d mgmt quota of symbiosis pune???? complete detail of fee structure n how to applied for???

  250. i m divya working as faculty in amity business school. it is very good that you are helping students so that they can get the best knowledge to shape their career.

  251. Hi, Thnx 4 the list. I have completed my B.E. last year.. want to mba through management quota as I have not appeared for any exam.. please help me which college will i get…it will b helpful if i will get list along with the fee structure… the gud b schools one please

  252. Could you Please tell me the list of BEST B-schools offering Distance learning MBA Programs. Thanks

  253. rahul kaushik

    sir, i want to do MBA along with my job . i have completed my B.TECH last year and sice then working as engg. in Reliance infocomm . please suggest me from where should i do ? that will benefit me in near future

  254. Hi Friends, I am a govt. employee working in DRDO. I want to do a full time MBA, but I secured very less percentage in my graduation and Post graduation. Can anybody help me out to find a gud business school which dont ask for graduation percentile and is there any B’school which asks for post graduate degree. Plz give me detail if anybody have information about this. I will be highly obliged.

  255. Dear friends, I have completed my degree Bachelor of Business Management(BBM), thru distance learning programme of Bharathiar University, Coimbatore. Now I would like to take MBA in a regular college(full-time). I’ve secured 60% marks for BBM. Plz send me the details regarding, at which college do I get an opportunity to study the MBA(Full-time)in any where in India. The college should also possess good placement cell. e-mail:hardythecandidate@rediffmail.com

  256. Dear friends, I have completed my degree Bachelor of Business Management(BBM), thru distance learning programme of Bharathiar University, Coimbatore. Now I would like to take MBA in a regular college(full-time). I’ve secured 60% marks for BBM. Plz send me the details regarding, at which college do I get an opportunity to study the MBA(Full-time)in any where in India. The college should also possess good placement cell.

  257. how do u all rate ISBR, Bangalore?

  258. hi, i m a student of B.Tech(electronics and communication), final year.can i get list of top 5 institutes offering mba in telecom management. and whats the scope of telecom management? how do u rate ICTM,pune for telecom management? plz give information as soon as possible.. thanks.

  259. I am an engineering graduate in Electronics with 2 years of work Experience. I am interested in persuing education in MBA i.e. for Executive MBA. I found one institute suits my requirement i.e. Indian Institute of Commerce & Trade which providesEMBA with 3 years of Work Experience. Want to know more about this institute. Is this institute is well recognised? I heard that it is not NAAC certified or by UEC. Kindly help me out in taking decision about this university? Thanks inadvance.

  260. Hi, My name is kiran. Presently i am working as a software engineer. i want to know the best business school in india(if possible near hyderabad- AP).So that my job cant be distrubed. Please let me know the details. Cheers, Kiran

  261. Paramita Deb Barma

    Hi. I am presently pursuing my mba from a reputred institute.I would like to say that the infomation was very good and the most correct one as even i faced difficulty in finding out the correct list of top B-school.

  262. Hi MBA Aspirants Everyone of us wants to do MBA.. just bocause of the fact it can help us to get sky rocketing salary package … but no one thinks why an organisation ll give lacs of rupees to us , we have to give an earning of crore to organisation only then it ll pay us lacs and for this we must be very choosy regarding our mba institute , as mba is a finishing education not only education program its an skill enhancing program.. so please join dat institute which ll inculcate all necessory skills in u dat ll help u to grow in future not only in just getting a good salary package after completion of course. Animesh Ahuja Animesh Ahuja

  263. hi, This is Akhilesh, gratuate in BSc(PMS)frm Gharwal University with GNIIT from NIIT Dehradun, and right now working in NIIT saharanpur from last 11 months as a faculty and prior i was working in Call Center for 6 months,now I want to do MBA in IT from one of the best college,specially desire for Symbiosis, plz tell me some better opinion for it, thanking you..

  264. hi my self preeti .and presently i m pursuing with my bba pragramme. the following listings of b-schoolis very good and very helpful for taking information .sir after my graduation i want to do mba course.kindly suggst me which programme is best like -marketing or finance.specially for girls. sir i m not from the maths background.but my accountig sub. is good.so pls help me from which coll. i take admission or hw could i prepare myself. i m planning to taking admission in fms or xlri. pls suggest me thankyou.

  265. bhoopendra singh

    good evening sir,i am a student of final semester btech and want to pursuing MBA from a good institute/university. please tell me about the date of filling application form or resistration.please tell me soon. i am in waiting.

  266. thanks a lot for giving this much information related to mba but any one can say me the name of good university where somebudy can take admission if he have missed his entrance exam. plz inform me on my mail deepak20_mishra@yahoo.co.in

  267. sir my name is ashish agarwal. i am second year student i make a mba. please full detal m.b.a. in the very good course m.b.a. in the good school i am 2nd year science(bio.)student.please full detal.




  270. Hi, i am amit the B-school listings was very helpful for me, but will you please guide me that what are the things that will be helpful to me for the preperation for CAT.



  272. I am pursuing my PhD in Physics (age 28) as a full time govt scholar (in Calcutta). Since after this I do not want to become a lecturer or faculty, after considering everything I want to shift to banking. I am ready to do an online MBA (banking or related) from a good institution where the course duration has to be limited to 1+1/2 yrs. How do I make the best out of my age and background?

  273. I m a B.Com. Graduate and want to do MBA course Please sugest a mba college because i m belonging from allahabad

  274. I am searching a good college for doing mba(regular) in India , so give me full infomation about top colleges and its placements.

  275. Hi, This list is probabaly the right one, but i would like to get a list of the top 25 insititues in India which offer M.B.A or PGDBM through correspondance studies. Could you send me a list to karthik.subramanium@keane.com

  276. i would lik to do mba in distance, can anyone suggest good instution.

  277. I havent heard in last many years of someone leaving IIFT New Delhi to join SCMHRD or SIBM ..i wonder how can u put IIFT at 22nd position wneh there are surveys putting it in top 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  278. Hi Can you please help me to find 3 months short term management course in chennai?

  279. can symbiosis centre for it is most repoted instiude in india

  280. my score in CAT is 88% which coll. i get easily

  281. Hi All, First of all, Wish U All a Very Happy and a prosperous New Year!!!! Iam working for the last 1.6 years in an IT firm at Hyderabad. I want to pursue my MBA through distance learning from any good recognised Institue like SIBM(pune), SP Jain etc. Can u please temme the selection criteria. Also i heard there would no entrance test for MBA admission through correspondence in such institutes, If so can you please clarify on the same… Thanks in advance Mridula

  282. Ashid Ahammed