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Advertisement India: Online classifieds for offline world


In this web2.0 age we are increasingly getting used to online classified sites, however, even in today's world, offline newspaper classifieds have more than 90% of the market share. Online ads do not generate even fraction of a response comparatively.

Here is an example, I was looking for a office for my startup here in Pune. I did post online classified ad in no less than 5 different portals. The only site that gave me couple of responses was Kijiji. Other than that, I did not receive a single response.

For lack of options, I decided to give a newspaper classified ad for my rental office requirement. Although finding the nearest place that accepts newspaper classified was a big pain, I did finally manage to get my ad published in a well circulated daily in Pune.

It sure was worth it. On the day ad appeared, I had no less than 25 responses and more options to choose from, than I needed. Essentially, three hundred rupees spent on newspaper classified was well worth it.

Today, I came across a very useful site, which could have saved me the time and effort of running around to get my classified ad published.

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