Canada Bans All Direct Flight From India Till This Date: How To Reach Canada From India?

Canada Bans All Direct Flight From India Till This Date: How To Reach Canada From India?
Canada Bans All Direct Flight From India Till This Date: How To Reach Canada From India?

The government of Canada has now extended the prohibition on direct flights from India to Canada. Initially, the ban was set to July 21, but now it has been extended by another 30 days, i.e., August 21.

The ban on flights from India to Canada has been extended for the fourth time now. 

Canadian Government Extends Ban On Direct Flights To Canada From India

The Canadian government had imposed the ban first on April 22, 2021, when the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic emerged. Additionally, the country has also been concerned over the Delta variant. 

The requirements related to third-country pre-departure Covid-19 tests for travellers to Canada from India via an indirect route have been extended. 

As per reports, if you are a passenger from India connecting at a different point of departure for Canada, you will be required to produce a mandatory pre-departure negative RT-PCR test before resuming your journey to the Canadian destination.

As per a release issued by Health Canada, the extension of the ban was “based on public health advice”.

Canada’s Announcement To Lift Travel Restrictions?

However, recently, Canada has announced multiple measures for relaxing travel restrictions to the country. Canada had stated that it will open its borders “to any fully vaccinated travellers who have completed the full course of vaccination with a government of Canada-accepted vaccine at least 14 days prior to entering Canada and who meet specific entry requirements”.

The government of Canada has stated that fully vaccinated American citizens and permanent residents will be allowed to enter the country for non-essential travel on August 9. However, this would be on the condition that they have completed their vaccinations at least 14 days before they arrive in Canada.

The vaccinations authorized by the Canadian government for emergency use Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca (Covishield), and Johnson & Johnson.

As per reports, travelers that are fully vaccinated will not require a post-arrival test from August 9. However, those that are fully vaccinated, unvaccinated or vaccinated with jabs not recognised by Canadian health authorities, will continue to be tested.

Also, from August 9, the mandatory three-day quarantine requirement while waiting for test results has also been discarded by the Canadian government. While vaccinated travlers will be exempted from the requirement of quarantine, others will have to follow a quarantine plan.

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