Warning For Govt Employees: Your Pension, Gratuity Can Be Cancelled If This Happens



Dec 09, 2022

The government, after giving DA and bonus to central employees, is now considering giving arrears of 18 months.

However, a major rule has been changed by the government.

Warning For Govt Employees: Your Pension, Gratuity Can Be Cancelled If This Happens

A strict warning to the employees and if the employees ignore it, then they will have to be deprived of pension and gratuity after their retirement. That is, the negligence of the employees can put them in huge losses.

As per the new rules, if an employee is negligent in work, instructions have been given to stop his pension and gratuity after retirement. This order will remain applicable to central employees, but going forward states can also implement it.

The Central Government Notification

In the recently issued notification, the Central Civil Services (Pension) Rules 2021’s Rule 8 of the CCS (Pension) Rules 2021 has been changed. New provisions have been added which says that if the central employee commits any serious crime or negligence during his service, If found guilty, his gratuity and pension will be stopped after retirement.

Notably, the information about the changed rules has been sent by the Center to all the concerned authorities.

Not just this, but it is being intimated that action will be taken if the information about the guilty employees is received, action should be taken to stop their pension and gratuity. 

This shows that this time around, the government is stern about the dereliction and negligence of duty.

That is, the government is strict about this rule this time.

The Details of the Action

Such presidents who have been involved in the appointing authority of retired employees have been empowered to withhold gratuity or pension.

– Such secretaries who are associated with the concerned ministry or department under which the retiring employee has been appointed, have also been given the right to withhold pension and gratuity.

If an employee has retired from the Audit and Accounts Department, then the CAG has been empowered to withhold pension and gratuity after the retirement of the guilty employees.

Speaking of how the action will be taken, then according to the issued rule, if any departmental or judicial action was taken against these employees during the job, then it will be necessary to inform the concerned authorities.

If an employee is re-appointed after retirement, then the same rules will apply to him as well.

If an employee has taken the payment of pension and gratuity after retirement and is found guilty, then the full or partial amount of pension or gratuity can be recovered from him. It will be assessed on the basis of loss caused to the department.

If the authority wants, the pension or gratuity of the employee can be stopped permanently or for some time.

According to this rule, in such a situation any authority will have to take suggestions from the Union Public Service Commission before giving a final order. It also provides that in any case where pension is withheld or withdrawn, the minimum amount shall not be less than Rs.9000 per month, which is already prescribed under Rule 44.

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