[Exclusive Interview] This Real Estate Startup Is Empowering Developers To Complete Projects On Time: Find Out How?

Mohul Ghosh

Mohul Ghosh

Feb 27, 2023

Recently, we interacted with Mr. Navin Dhanuka, MD & CEO, ArisUnitern RE Solutions, which is a first of its kind venture to provide end to end operational solutions to Real Estate Developers that helps them complete projects on time.

[Exclusive Interview] This Real Estate Startup Is Empowering Developers To Complete Projects On Time: Find Out How?

Here are the interview highlights:

1. Take us through ArisUnitern and a brief on the company

ArisUnitern, originally known as Unitern Advisors, was founded in 2020. The company engaged in comprehensive real estate counseling. In line with the recent strategic alliance with ArisInfra Solutions Pvt Ltd,  Unitern Advisors is now known as ArisUnitern since August 2022. ArisUnitern is the name of the consultancy arm of the online construction supply marketplace ArisInfra. The company oversees the entire value chain of a developer by actively participating in the developer’s life cycle. This also ensures that the right credit call is made to significant clients of ArisInfra.

2. How does Arisunitern stand out from the rest? Please share the USP.

Mr. Navin Dhanuka, MD & CEO, ArisUnitern RE Solutions

ArisUnitern works side by side with real estate company promoters as both an implementer and an advisor. The business identifies the risk or issue, assesses potential solutions, and, in collaboration with stakeholders, develops an executable solution. When it comes to real estate difficulties, the team acts as a team of doctors, offering complete solutions that include entrance strategy, market analysis, financial requirements (working capital/land-related payments), sales, marketing, and CRM solutions, as well as construction materials on credit (which no other supplier or player is currently doing)

3. Explain the work ArisUnitern does? 

The goal of ArisUnitern is to assist developers in finishing their projects. The company will be able to offer distinctive operational solutions to developers because of its considerable operational and financial expertise. What makes this solution unique is that ArisUnitern really puts it into practise. The answers it offers might have to do with money, carrying out liquidity events, establishing JDs and JVs, or renegotiating with landowners, JV partners, and financial institutions.

The company’s solutions center on maximizing working capital management and emphasizing sales, which are the least expensive source of funding. It relies on “Intensive Selling” by the partners to generate the necessary cash flows, enabling speedy construction and accelerated loan payback. ArisUnitern is a one-stop shop that offers the solution to problems, capital, a variety of construction materials, and the capability to sell to unlock value.

ArisUnitern aims to simplify Real Estate solutions by offering its expertise not only in Real Estate consulting but also reengineering the way money, material and management are used in Real Estate. Out team has the firsthand experience leading Real Estate development across asset classes over the past 15 years including a proven track record of the entire life cycle of investment, asset management, and exits of over $2 Billion. ArisUnitern aims to participate in the entire value chain of the Real Estate Business.

4. How has the pandemic affected the real estate industry in India? Has there been any significant impact on ArisUnitern’s foray into work?

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a mixed impact on the real estate industry in India. While residential sales were initially affected due to a slowdown in demand and logistical challenges, the market has since rebounded in some areas due to lower interest rates and changing preferences towards owning a home. However, the commercial real estate sector has been hit harder, with a decrease in demand for office spaces and delays in construction projects. Overall, the pandemic has highlighted the need for real estate developers to adapt to changing consumer behaviour and invest in technology to stay competitive.

The pandemic has had an impact on all industries and so has real estate been affected. The overall effect has been positive as we saw many new trends shaping the industry, many more purchases in real estate, and bigger players coming in, thus helping us as an organization to grow. 

5. How do you see the real estate industry evolving in the next five years? 

Over the next five years, the real estate industry is expected to undergo significant changes, driven by technology, changing consumer preferences, and macroeconomic factors. One of the most significant changes will be the increasing adoption of digital technologies for property search, transactions, and management. This will allow real estate developers and agents to provide more personalized and efficient services to clients. There will also be a shift towards sustainable and green buildings, driven by environmental concerns and cost savings.

As people seek more flexible and affordable options, there will be greater use of co-living and co-working spaces. This will lead to the development of more mixed-use properties that combine residential, commercial, and retail spaces. Additionally, there will be rising demand for affordable and mid-segment housing, which will require real estate developers to focus on cost optimization and more efficient construction methods.

Overall, the real estate industry is likely to become more customer-centric and technology-driven, with a focus on sustainability and affordability.

6. What are the real estate trends to look forward to in 2023 in India?

In 2023, the Indian real estate market is expected to continue its recovery from the effects of the pandemic. The residential sector is likely to see an increase in demand for affordable and mid-range housing, driven by millennials and first-time buyers. Co-living spaces and co-working spaces are also expected to gain popularity. The commercial sector is expected to see growth in the office and warehousing segments due to the rise of e-commerce and the increasing trend towards remote work. Sustainability is also likely to be a key factor in the industry, with a focus on green buildings and eco-friendly practices. Overall, the Indian real estate market is expected to be dynamic and adaptive to the changing needs of consumers.

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