4000 Tourist Vehicles Banned From Entering Uttarakhand Because Of These Reasons!

People are fed up because of the restrictions caused by the pandemic. They have been forced to stay indoors for more than a year now. And as time passes people are losing out their patience and like strictly enclosed hostel students, they are trying to sneak out, at any opportunity they can grab.

4000 tourist vehicles destined to Nainital and Mussoorie were stopped

Recently India witnessed the second wave of the pandemic. We suffered massively at its hand, because of our own ignorance and reluctance to acknowledge the continual hovering threat of the coronavirus. As life in the country is getting back on its track, the authorities seem in no mood to let go of things easily this time around. 

To keep things in control and avoid the reoccurrence of past mistakes, the government is trying to avoid overcrowding of public places. Hence, last weekend, almost 4000 cars filled with tourists were stopped on the way to Nainital and Mussoorie by Uttarakhand Police. To avoid overcrowding at tourist spots Uttarakhand police have set up additional checkpoints and barricades on the roads leading to famous tourists spots in the state.

A Clear Message from officials

Speaking to ANI, Uttarakhand Police Head Quarters spoke person, DIG Nilesh Anand Bharane said, “A clear message has been sent to the tourists that if they are coming to Uttarakhand, RT-PCR test, registration, and prior hotel booking are mandatory for everyone”.

He also mentioned that to avoid overcrowding at a particular place people should think about options other than Nainital and Mussoorie. He said, there are various other tourists places in the state and tourists should explore them as well.

He added that tourists visiting the state without registration, RT-PCR test, and hotel booking will not be allowed to enter the state.

At present, there are 1094 active covid cases in the state and the officials are in no mood to let that number swell again.

You always wanted to try something new right? Now, might be a good time to explore the unexplored (Where crowd and Covid threat both are less).

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