Jio 5G Launching On June 24 With 1Gbps Speed? This Is What We Know So Far…

The actual rollout could take months since the DoT has not yet allotted 5G spectrums to telecom operators.

5G in India is on the horizon as Jio is expected to make related announcements on June 24th during its Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has already greenlit Airtel, Reliance Jio, VI, and MTNL to test out 5G networks in India. 

Jio Prepares For 5G Launch

Out of the 4, Jio is expected to be the first telco to roll out 5G commercially.

It has already reportedly tested 5G equipment and has installed the relevant infrastructure. 

During the AGM, Jio will likely reveal key 5G features and its competitively priced 5G smartphones.

But the actual rollout could take months since the DoT has not yet allotted 5G spectrums to telecom operators. 

It could take place by year-end, thereby extending the time period within which 5G could be commercially launched throughout the country to possibly early 2022.

Building Its Own Network Infra

Jio has partnered with Qualcomm to build its own 5G network infrastructure and virtualized Radio Access Network (RAN) instead of depending on Ericsson, Nokia, and Samsung.

Virtualized RAN enables a company’s 5G software to operate on conventional off-the-shelf servers as opposed to requiring exclusively-built dedicated servers.

This technology accelerates the process of rolling out 5G network.

Is 1 GBPS Speed Achievable?

A Qualcomm-published report last year said that Jio managed to reach 1 GBPS speed through 5G during trials. 

However, it’s unlikely that this is the speed consumers will actually get since the trials were conducted in controlled lab conditions, not accounting for real-world conditions.

Another reason the speed could be much less than 1 GBPS is that the infrastructural layout of the country comprises densely packed population and buildings. 

This affects the rate of penetration of the network and the travel distance of 5G radio waves, all of which serve to reduce data speed. 

But this should not be taken as official confirmation since that will happen only at the AGM on June 24.

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