Xiaomi Rolls Out 499th Update In MIUI Based On Users’ Complaints: These Issues Resolved!

Xiaomi Rolls Out 499th Update In MIUI Based On Users' Complaints: These Issues Resolved!
Xiaomi Rolls Out 499th Update In MIUI Based On Users’ Complaints: These Issues Resolved!

Though the Smartphone giant Xiaomi is commended for its system updates, but it has been observed globally that the company gives more attention to China and hence the users want it to make significant changes to its approach in the development of MIUI global version.

Global Users Of Xiaomi Feel Neglected

Numerous bugs and errors are the first mountain that the organization must climb. Also, watered-down firmware functionality is received by the global users. The silver lining is that the company went on to acknowledge that there were indeed problems with MIUI but fixing them will take time.

Going a step further, Xiaomi published a survey where it asked users to state their complaints. This survey was active and open for two days (June 2 – June 4). This comes amid, the inability of companies to gauge the needs of its global users.

The 499th development version update notice was released by MIUI in order to solve some of users’ worries. Many bugs like crashes, UI issues, and unlocking problems shall be fixed in this version. The new version of the system will be pushed to Xiaomi and Redmi phones in the near future.

Many Xiaomi phones are plagued with strong acceleration and crashing and the new update works on the same and fixes it. Also, during intense gaming there are issues of consistent restarting which are fixed by this update. There is also a black screen issue which takes time to clear out.

In addition to this issue, the abnormal unlocking animation effects are also fixed by the update. For Redmi K30i 5G, it fixes the bug that allows the phone to occasionally freeze when opening/closing applications. 

MIUI fingerprint unlocking has multiple issues

While some phones hang and others fail to detect fingerprints as far as fingerprint unlocking is concerned. In addition, after unlocking the device with a fingerprint, the system automatically switches to the lock screen from a black screen. In addition, some users don’t see that for the device to lock or unlock the touch screen will remain black. This update fixes these bugs.

Third-party apps are sometimes the view of the animation errors and the vibration/touch the fingerprint sensor, and is sometimes referred to as a substitute. There are probably, a lot of the problems with the fingerprint scanner of Xiaomi smartphones. However, this update fixes most of them.

An application is to be submitted to the Mi Community App if an user wants to join the MIUI development version. The caveat is that users must answer a few questions correctly and post answering them correctly, they can get the MIUI development version push. Officials said that the 499th week of the MIUI development version will be released in mid-June.

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