Airtel, Jio Price Increased For Data, Voice: How To Save Upto Rs 600 Before July 3?

Mohul Ghosh

Mohul Ghosh

Jun 30, 2024

Reliance Jio and Airtel, two of India’s leading telecom providers, are set to increase their tariffs starting July 3, 2024. Prepaid users have a limited window to act fast and avoid these hikes. This blog will guide you through the steps to lock in current rates and provide strategies for postpaid users to manage rising costs.

Airtel, Jio Price Increased For Data, Voice: How To Save Upto Rs 600 Before July 3?

Prepaid Users: Act Now to Avoid Tariff Hikes

Lock in Current Rates

Prepaid users have the advantage of avoiding the tariff hikes by recharging their accounts before July 3. Any recharges done before this deadline will remain at the current rates, even if the plans are later discontinued or their prices increased. This offers a unique opportunity for significant savings, particularly for those opting for long-term plans.

Long-term Savings

For instance, users who opt for annual data packs could save as much as Rs 600. Current recharge plans are available in monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly terms. By assessing your typical monthly data consumption, you can choose a plan that suits your needs while locking in the lower rates.

Example of Price Increases

Jio’s tariff hikes will range from 12-25%, while Airtel’s increases will be between 11-21%. For example, Jio’s popular Rs 239 monthly plan, which includes 1.5GB of daily data, will rise to Rs 299, reflecting a 25% increase. Prepaid users who recharge now can avoid such steep increases.

Postpaid Users: Strategies to Manage Costs

Review and Adjust Plans

Postpaid users typically pay at the end of their billing cycle, which means they cannot avoid the immediate impact of the tariff hikes. However, they can manage costs by reviewing their data usage and considering switching to a lower plan for the next billing cycle. This proactive approach can help mitigate the impact of the increased tariffs.

Data Usage Management

Postpaid users should carefully monitor their data consumption. By understanding their actual data needs, they can adjust their plans accordingly. For instance, if your current plan offers more data than you typically use, downgrading to a lower data plan could result in significant savings.


With the impending tariff hikes by Jio and Airtel, prepaid users should act quickly to recharge before July 3 to lock in current rates and achieve long-term savings. Postpaid users, while unable to avoid the immediate hikes, can manage their costs by reviewing and adjusting their data plans. By taking these steps, users can better navigate the rising costs and continue to enjoy their telecom services without a significant financial burden.


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