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Startup Line Missing

Startup Line MIssing-TrakIN600x600

Untimely Uncertainty


Impound ’em all!

Impound Startups 600X600-001

An Old Startup

An Old Startup

Miss Coverage


An Idea too uncommon?

An Idea too uncommon?

Socialization with Neighbours

Socialization with Neighbours

New Year Resolution

New Year Resolutions

Diversification is for everyone


Hyper Ideation


Ideal Space


Piggy Bank Funding


The Serial Entrepreneur

The Serial Entrepreneur

Startup Aggression


(Too) Early acquisition?


Self Promotion

Self Promotion

WiFi Startup


Startup Funding Options


“Super” misfit


Mobile startup – thin phone with thin value

Trak Toons 600-049


Trak Toons 600-048

Startup Idea Generation

Trak Toons 600-046

Startup Restaurant

Trak Toons 600-043

Cab Travel

Trak Toons 600-042


Trak Toons 600-040

Promotion For Dummies

Promotion for Dummies

How Can You Fire Me?

How Can You Fire Me?

Startup Downsizing

Trak Toons 600-032

Garage Startup

Trak Toons 600-029

Leave Policy

Trak Toons 600-027

Startup Outsourcing

Trak Toons 600-025

Startup Failure

Trak Toons 600-021

Startups in Stock Market

Trak Toons 600-19

The Network Diagram

Trak Toons 600-18

Internet in the Skies

Internet On Plane

Network Congestion

Trak Toons 600-15

Who’s your client?

Trak Toons 600-14

Section 66A

Trak Toons 600-13

New Startup Generation

Trak Toons 600-11

Big Data

Trak Toons 600-10

High Budget 2015 Expectations

Trak Toons 600-9

Budget 2015

Trak Toons 600-8



Trak Toons 600-7


Today’s Employees

Trak Toons 600-6


Language of Today’s Generation

Today's Language


Free Electricity, Water in Delhi

Free Electricity & Water in Delhi


VC Funding in India

Trak Toons 600-3



Crowdfunding Toon




  1. Sandeep says

    Awesome !!!!!!

  2. Rachel Gupta says

    Loved your toons, they are satirical and at the same time innovative too

    1. amber says


  3. Gagan Kumar says

    Thanks for the toons. :) these toons are giving fun and knowledge at the same time. . . _/\_

    1. amber says


  4. Divya says

    hahaha super funny but true.. only startup peoples can understand better.

    1. amber says


  5. nitin says

    ha ha , Super Coool

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  7. Dhruvdutt Jadhav says

    Good section. Please update daily and add more toons ^_^

  8. muffadar says

    Cartoon section brings smile to my face every time i see them.

  9. idris says

    hahaha.. VC funding.. now thats the only thing thats left. like this new toon section..

  10. Anand says

    Cool…..keep it up!

  11. kiran says

    Introduction if toon section is cool…toon’s are also great…hope to see more

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