20% Infosys Employees Resigned In Last 30 Days; 45,000 Freshers To Be Hired Urgently

Its workforce is 2.67 lakh strong of which 39.1% are female.

Infosys has increased its fresher hiring target to 45,000 for the year.

The figure, which was 35,000 earlier, has been increased by 10,000 on the back of a profitable quarter.

Quarterly Results

The net profit during this period stood at Rs 5,421 crore, a jump from Rs 4,854 crore the previous fiscal year.

At the end of the quarter, its workforce is 2.67 lakh strong of which 39.1% are female.

This comes at a time where there is rising demand for its services and also a spike in its attrition.

While its revenue growth guidance rose to 16.5-17.5% from 14-16% earlier, its attrition for the quarter grew to 20.1% from 13.9% in the previous quarter.

Catching Up Supply To Demand

The spike in attrition can be attributed to the burgeoning demand for digital talent as IT workers seek greener pastures.

Infosys has been trying to fill the supply-demand gap through aggressive hiring, reskilling and increased use of subcontractors.

Alongside accelerating its graduate hiring program, it is also working to increase its appeal to future employees.

It is taking measures such as health and wellness initiatives, reskilling programs, appropriate compensation interventions and enhanced career growth opportunities.

Return To Offices Imminent

It is also preparing to guide its workers to a new hybrid work model.

Roughly 98.5% of its employees in India still work from home.

Offices opened in July on a voluntary basis, but employees will be asked to come back in a formal manner from this month onwards.

Infosys COO UB Pravin Rao says that it has “equipped employees with the resources they need to be productive, cyber-secure, stay connected, and maintain a work-life balance”.

He added that the company’s talent strategy also “factors in expanded hiring pools that include new communities and work locations”.

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