Indian Railways Will Celebrate Your Birthday In Moving Train WIth Cake & Lucky Draw!

There is a reason economists are in favor of partial privatization of Indian Railways. Allowing private players to operate on Indian tracks will bring in more competition and it will lead to more consumer benefit. One such experiment of privatization is Tejas Express, India’s first semi-high speed, fully air-conditioned Railway. Even though the physical infrastructure of the train – locomotives, coaches, loco pilots, guards, and security personnel – remains in the Indian Railways’ hands, the services provided, such as ticketing and refunds, parcels, catering, and housekeeping, are contracted to a private player.

And it looks like passengers of Railways have started to experience the difference in service offered by private organizations.

Now celebrate your birthday on the moving train!

Tejas Express has come up with a special offer for railway passengers. Now not only your family members and friends will celebrate your birthday, but even Railways will also celebrate it with a cake if you are traveling by Tejas Express on that day. IRCTC has given information about this offer of Tejas Express on its official Twitter handle.

Even if the ticket is booked by someone else, due to which IRCTC does not have the information about your birthday, the passenger can give the information to the Tejas Express staff at the station. This is necessary as the cake is to be arranged in advance only.

Lucky Draw Scheme

Tejas Express has also announced a Lucky draw scheme for fellow passengers.  Every day, 13 passengers are getting surprised after receiving special gifts from Tejas Express.

When the scheme first started on August 27, the lucky draw winners were surprised to get the gift. Gifts are being distributed every day to 10 passengers traveling in chair car and 3 passengers traveling in executive class. This Lucky Draw scheme will continue till September 6.

The gift is being given on the basis of the PNR (Passenger Name Record) number of the passengers of Tejas Express running between Lucknow and New Delhi.

Among the tickets purchased online, the IT team of IRCTC will select 13 people in the lucky draw, after which those people will be given a gift by the Railways.

So, yeah, privatization is adding value to the passenger experience. And that is what really matters in the capitalistic world that we live in, isn’t it?

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