After e-Bike, Ola Will Now Launch Electric Car! This Is What CEO Said..

After e-Bike, Ola Will Now Launch Electric Car! This Is What CEO Said..
After e-Bike, Ola Will Now Launch Electric Car! This Is What CEO Said..

Ola Electric has already made its debut in the electric vehicle market with the new S1 and S1. 

But now, the Indian company is going for the big move of entering into the electric four-wheeler market as well. 

Ola Ventures In Electric Car Space 

The same is hinted by the Ola co-founder and CEO Bhavish Agarwal, saying that they may venture into the electric car space too.

Further adding that they can get into the electric vehicle project by 2023.

According to Bhavish Agarwal, all the two-wheelers sold in India will be electric in the coming years. 

So, the manufacturers need to make investments to leverage the ecosystem and turn India into an Electric Vehicle hub in the future.

Although he has not given details on its future plans to enter the electric four-wheeler market. 

But, one should know that Ola already operates a fleet of electric cars in India.

Launch of S1

 So far, Ola has already started operating electric vehicles in various cities in India.

The electric vehicle maker has also made hubs to charge its fleet vehicles at the same time.

On the occasion of independence day, Ola Electric launched its first electric scooter on 15th August – the S1 at a price of Rs 99,999. 

As planned, Ola will start the deliveries of the scooters from October.

The prices will depend on the states as the on-road price can be lower as per the state subsidiaries.

Ola Electric Charging Network

Ola plans to make the world’s largest two-wheeler charging network in India. 

It is going to be the widest and densest electric two-wheeler charging network in the world known as Ola Hypercharger Network, according to Ola. 

Under this network, Ola plans to add more than 1 lakh charging points across 400 cities in India. 

In future, Ola may as well utilise the very same charging network to promote its vehicles.

As of today, one of the biggest challenges on the road to success for electric vehicles is the charging infrastructure in the country. 

So far, the players like Tata Power have started installing high-capacity chargers across many cities in India.

However, there is still a large portion of the area that does not have any electric vehicle chargers.

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