Reliance Will Launch RT-PCR Test Kits, Covid19 Medicines To Fight Pandemic

Reliance Will Launch RT-PCR Test Kits, Covid19 Medicines To Fight Pandemic
Reliance Will Launch RT-PCR Test Kits, Covid19 Medicines To Fight Pandemic

As per the newest reports coming in, Reliance Industries Ltd. is now working on a new drug for the COVID-19 virus. These reports also state that the company is working on cheaper testing kits as well.

Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Retail Ltd has been ranked as the second fastest-growing retailer in the world in 2021

Read on to find out all the details about Reliance Industries’ plans!

Reliance Industries Ltd. To Launch RT-PCR Test Kits, Covid-19 Medicines

As per an annual report by the company, Reliance Industries Ltd. is exploring the use of a tapeworm drug, Niclosamide, which will work as a cure for the COVID-19. The diagnostic kits, R-Green and R-Green Pro have already been approved by the apex medical research body of India. 

Additionally, a process has been designed as well to make sanitizers at one-fifth the market cost. 

The company’s efforts have been announced just as the nation fights with the second and more severe wave of the Chinese virus. As much as 28.44 million people have been infected with the disease till now and more than 337,900 people have succumbed to the illness. 

Reliance To Deal With Ventilator Shortages

The Mukesh Ambani led company is also trying to address ventilator shortages across Indian hospitals. For this, the company is employing 3D technology and a special snorkeling mask as well.

As per reports, the company is designing medical grade oxygen generators that will come with five to seven liter capacity per minute. 

With the incessant rise in coronavirus infections, Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industries Ltd has installed and set up required equipment and processes in its Jamnagar oil refineries to produce medical-grade oxygen, to meet the growing oxygen demand in the country.

RIL’s Jamnagar refineries in Gujarat was initially producing 100 tonnes of medical-grade oxygen but has now increased its production to 700 tonnes a day.

The company supplies the produced oxygen to critically hit Covid states like Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Madhya Pradesh and is known to aid over 70,000 serious patients every day.

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