Covid Positive PNB Employee Denied Leaves; Reaches Branch With Oxygen Cylinder

The Punjab National Bank's (PNB) said that this was a pressure tactic adopted by Kumar!
The Punjab National Bank’s (PNB) said that this was a pressure tactic adopted by Kumar!

According to Hindustan Times’ sister newspaper Livehindustan, a Punjab National Bank’s (PNB) bank employee recovering from coronavirus illness (Covid-19) turned up at his office in Jharkhand with oxygen support, claiming he was denied leave by superiors.

Arvind Kumar works as a manager at one of the branches of Punjab National Bank’s (PNB) in Bokaro.


 Why Did Punjab National Bank Denied Leave To A Covid Positive Employee?

A Pressure Tactic- May Be or May Be not?

According to Livehindustan, the PNB refuted Kumar’s charges and claimed that he created a drama to damage the bank’s image. It voted the bank to say that Kumar is facing a probe over his NPA loan accounts.

According to Livehindustan, Kumar was seen approaching his branch office leaning on his wife and lugging the oxygen cylinder into the premises with him in a video that has gone popular on social media.

The incident occurred on Tuesday at PNB’s Sector 4 branch. Kumar’s family members allegedly recorded the incident and shared it on social media, according to the bank.

Arvind’s Side Of The Story 

According to Livehindustan, he was observed walking to his senior’s cabin and getting into an argument with him. Kumar is heard stating on the video, according to Livehindustan.

Kumar’s family members claimed he resigned after his leave request was denied, according to Livehindustan.”The doctors have said that it will take three months for me to be fully recovered because the infection has spread to my lungs. Why am I being harassed?”

According to Livehindustan, they also stated that the bank threatened to deduct his pay, forcing him to come to work in this state. After a verbal altercation on Tuesday, Kumar was sent home.

Punjab National Bank Spill The Beans

The Punjab National Bank’s (PNB) said that this was a pressure tactic adopted by Kumar. He has done this to drop charges against him and also stop recovery proceedings of his NPA loan accounts.

PNB also mentioned that the said employee remained absent from work for two years without authorization.

The bank clarified that no employee who contracts Covid-19 is denied leave in his interest as well as others.

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