Krafton Confirms Battlegrounds Mobile India Launch Date? Here’s What The Developers Has To Say

Krafton, the makers responded to a number of queries including Battlegrounds Mobile India release date. The developers said they are still in the process of finalizing the PUBG Mobile India launch date and will soon confirm on their official website and social networks. As of now, no official Battlegrounds Mobile India launch date has been confirmed. Battlegrounds Mobile India pre-registrations are now live, you can do it on Play Store for additional benefits and extra rewards.

Krafton Confirms Battlegrounds Mobile India Launch Date? Here’s What The Developers Has To Say

Battlegrounds Mobile India launch date is expected in June, will be available by next month in India. ‘PUBG Mobile India’ has been officially renamed Battlegrounds Mobile India now. 

PUBG Mobile India will henceforth be called ‘Battlegrounds Mobile India’ in the future, as previously leaked by Gemwire, found in the source code of the official website of PUBG Mobile India. 

PUBG Lite in India has been pulled back, and currently only PUBG PC can be played in India legally. PUBG Mobile India launch date is being expected to be confirmed in a few days, banned by the Indian government back in September 2020.

The company recently uploaded an official teaser on YouTube. The India-specific PUBG game will be hitting the country very soon, as the latest development hints at an imminent PUBG Mobile India launch date. The official YouTube channel has teased the launch, but now the video has been made private.

A recent update by PUBG Corporation also will not allow Indian players to play PUBG in India with the Korean and Japanese versions.

This also is an indication that India will get it’s own PUBG game by June or maybe in a few weeks.

PUBG Mobile has several region-specific variants, PUBG Mobile Korea counties to be the most popular alternative for the global version, specially India. But the developers announced something surprising regarding the availability of the Korena version of the game in other countries. PUBG Kr in India can only be played till June 30.

The game’s accessibility will now only be restricted to only the two countries legally: Korea and Japan. The restrictions will not let Indian players play the Korean version of the game anymore.

The parent organisation, PUBG Corporation has already putt up an Indian subsidiary and will launch a game in line with the Indian culture. PUBG Mobile India release could happen sometime in the next two months. Recently the corporation in India also posted a new job listing on LinkedIn for the India subsidiary, an Investment and Strategy Analyst who will be responsible for mergers and acquisitions in the country.

PUBG also posted another job posting on LinkedIn, a Product Manager in the country. As of now PUBG has six job listings listed under PUBG Corporation, hinting at relaunch of PUBG Mobile India.

Recently the makers Krafton Inc said that they are in talks with Indian government and awaiting their approvals for PUBG Mobile India relaunch, and with the renaming, the launch seems imminent now. Krafton communications representative said that they are awaiting for Indian government’s consideration and decision.

Since the ban, Krafton has been very hopeful about PUBG’s comeback in India and working hard to release the Indian version of PUBG Mobile in the country. PUBG Mobile India was teased back in November during Diwali, but it has been repeatedly delayed due to issues with the Indian government.

Banned amid the border tensions with China, the government is yet to grant permission to Krafton to release PUBG Mobile India in the country. 

The company head made it pretty clear that they very much care about Indian market and are working hard to make it happen. There’s no official PUBG Mobile India release date available as of now. Krafton recently said that their latest PUBG: New State will release only after PUBG Mobile India launches in the country. Henceforth be called Battlegrounds Mobile India, PUBG: New State India launch can now be reaffirmed.

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