Why Kids Should Participate in Olympiad Exams?



Dec 08, 2023

This is a Guest Blog by Mr. Nitin Godawat, Managing Director, CREST Olympiads

There are millions of students across the Globe participating in Olympiad Exams conducted by different organizations like CREST Olympiads, Science Olympiad Foundation, Singapore International Mastery Contest Centre, Unicus Olympiads, etc. Some of you may be wondering why students should take these Olympiads seriously and participate in these exams. Here are some reasons why kids should participate in Olympiad Exams:

Why Kids Should Participate in Olympiad Exams?

Benefits during School

1. Become a Super Thinker

Olympiads aren’t about boring stuff; they’re about thinking in fun ways! They help test how well you understand things and how good you are at solving cool problems. It’s like solving puzzles and getting better at it!

2. Ace School Like a Champ

When you participate in Olympiad Exams, you don’t just learn for the exam; you learn for everything! You become super smart in your regular school exams too. That means you can do better in class and be ahead of your friends.

3. Show Off Your Skills Everywhere

Guess what? Olympiads let you shine not just in your school but in future exams as well! You can compete with smart kids from all over – it’s like being in a big, worldwide race where you show your super skills to everyone!

4. Start Early, Be Super Ready

Participating in Olympiad Exams is like starting training for a big game super early! You learn how to handle exams that need thinking, and that makes you super ready for harder competitive exams in the future.

5. Super Skills for Life

By doing Olympiad problems, you become a super problem-solver! You feel super motivated and super confident when you solve tricky problems. That’s like having a superpower in real life!

6. Opening Doors for Studies

The score in these Olympiad Exams are useful for university applications. They can help you get into great colleges outside of India and even help when you want to study more after graduation.

Preparing for Olympiad Exams is like going on a super adventure where you learn tons and show the world how awesome you are. It’s not just about winning; it’s about becoming a super thinker who’s ready to take on anything in life!

I hope this simplifies the reasons why diving into Olympiads can be an exciting and beneficial journey for kids!

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