NE Railways Proposes Separate Coach For Pets: All Passengers Can Be Allowed To Travel With Pets!

Radhika Kajarekar

Radhika Kajarekar

Jan 22, 2023

Your beloved pets will now be able to join you when you go on railway journeys! 

NE Railways Proposes Separate Coach For Pets: All Passengers Can Be Allowed To Travel With Pets!

The north eastern railway authorities has now given the green signal for separate spaces for pet dogs.

Read on to find out all the details about how to take your favourite family member along with you on a journey!

North Eastern Railways Approve Pets To Travel With Owners

An idea for separate spaces for passengers’ pets dogs has reportedly received approval from North Eastern Railway (NER) officials, as confirmed by latest reports.

A passenger’s dog cage will be added to the power cars of trains, according to NER Chief Public Relations Officer Pankaj Kumar Singh.

In addition to that, pets will be watched over by guards during the trip, but their owners will need to provide food and other provisions for the animals, the official said.

Despite the fact that pet travel was previously permitted for passengers in fully air-conditioned coaches who reserved the entire compartment, the new facility is anticipated to make pet travel more affordable.

Officials claim that the North Eastern Railway (NER) workshop has started construction on a space like this for dogs.

According to the CPRO, the service would be offered as needed.

Indian Railways Will Earn Rs 250 Crore By Monetizing WiFi Services 

The Railways intends to monetise its public Wi-Fi network at 6,108 railway stations across India and records more than 1.1 million unique users per day.

RailTel, a Mini Ratna Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) under the Ministry of Railways, is one of the largest independent telecom infrastructure providers in India.

While it has offered free public Wi-Fi networks, it aims to reach all states, cities, towns, and districts in India, totaling more than 6108 railway stations.

Another objective of station Wi-Fi plans is to enhance WiFi users’ online practicality. A 5-year contract has been reached for this project between RailTel and a group overseen by 3i Infotech.

Over Rs 250 crore in potential combined revenue is thought to exist. Potential earnings from the Wi-Fi Monetization Project are projected to exceed Rs 1000 crore. Since more than 1.1 million unique users access its public Wi-Fi network daily, it is also getting closer.


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