Meta-Verse Classrooms of Tomorrow: How AR & VR Applications are Changing Education



Sep 19, 2023

This is a Guest Blog by Ms. Shruti Verma, CEO & Co-Founder Spherion Solution Pvt. Ltd

The incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) into augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) apps provides a promising outlook on the future of education, wherein each student can access a tailored, empowered, and transforming learning experience.”

Meta-Verse Classrooms of Tomorrow: How AR & VR Applications are Changing Education

In our swiftly transforming digital landscape, the metaverse is emerging as the next frontier, poised to become as widespread as TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, now known as Meta. As this immersive digital world develops, it presents a tremendous opportunity to revolutionize education. 

To ensure that education takes advantage of the metaverse’s potential, however, we must adapt and innovate alongside these emergent technologies. When education lags behind digital advancements, educators run the risk of technology defining what constitutes educational opportunity. 

As the infrastructure of the metaverse is still being constructed, researchers, educators, policymakers, and digital designers have a unique opportunity to influence the future of education.

Ms. Shruti Verma, CEO & Co-Founder Spherion Solution Pvt. Ltd

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are two transformative technologies already altering the educational landscape. These technologies offer new methods for students to enhance the quality of their educational experiences while acquiring essential 21st-century skills.

  1. Immersive Learning Experience

AR and MR excel at making learning more immersive and engaging. Educators are able to construct simulations that mimic real-world scenarios, providing students with opportunities for hands-on learning. 

They can simulate animal dissections, allowing students to investigate the complexities of biology without using live specimens. Students can tour historical sites and natural wonders from the comfort of their classrooms through the use of virtual field trips.

  1. Adaptive & Collaborative Learning

One of the most notable advantages of AR and VR in education is their capacity to provide personalized and adaptable learning experiences. These technologies empower educators to tailor learning objectives to the particular requirements and interests of each student. 

Moreover, they can facilitate collaborative and interpersonal education, a crucial component of 21st century learning. By constructing simulated classrooms and online communities, students are able to connect, share ideas, and collaborate on projects, fostering social and emotional development and fostering a sense of belonging and community.

  1. AI-Powered AR & VR

The incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) has substantially increased the potential of AR and VR in education. Applications powered by artificial intelligence can tailor the classroom experience to each student’s learning style, tempo, and abilities. 

This individualized approach permits students to learn at their own pace and in ways that optimize their learning experience, leading to greater receptivity, retention, and overall enjoyment of education.

  1. Enhanced Educational Content

AR and VR make compelling educational content more accessible, allowing educators to create visually captivating simulations and models. These technologies save time and resources while providing high-quality educational resources that are poised to further revolutionize education. 

They benefit students of all ages and abilities by enhancing the “4 C’s” of 21st-century learning: cognitive reasoning, communication, collaboration, and creativity.

  1. Gamification & AR/VR

Gamification, the application of game mechanics to non-game contexts, is a powerful instrument to make learning more engaging and motivating. AR and VR can be incorporated seamlessly into gamification strategies. 

For effectively completing tasks or answering questions, students can earn points or certificates, fostering a competitive spirit.


“In the metaverse, education transcends boundaries, and imagination knows no limits. AR and VR can infact prove to be the bridge between what is and what could be.”

AR and VR are poised to transform education by providing comprehensive, collaborative, adaptable, and engaging learning experiences. Including India, governments are investing in these technologies. 

Continued research expands their educational applications. As AR and VR technology develops, they will play a greater role in shaping the future of education. The ever-changing metaverse offers tremendous potential for transformative education. These innovative technologies engage students and prepare them for the challenges of the twenty-first century. 

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