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Online insurance in India? That’s right. Business and commerce in India is no longer limited to the traditional means of agents and shops. The e-Commerce industry in India has grown to almost Rs. 47,000 crore in 2011! The computer savvy population in India is now looking to the internet to find better options for their insurance needs. Find out why and how you can buy online insurance in India.

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Why should you buy online insurance in India

  • Looking for the best insurance policy online can be much easier than running around town talking to 10 different agents, don’t you think? You can read, compare and receive instant quotes for insurance from almost all the leading insurance providers in India without moving a step from your home.
  • Because distribution costs for any product sold on the internet is cheaper than being sold from a shop, buying online insurance too, becomes cheaper.
  • Many insurance providers also believe that if the customer is literate and has made a choice based on proper research, he/she must be taking well informed decisions in life. This brings companies to the assumption that the life of the person who takes well informed decisions is at less risk, hence lower premiums. This is what the CEO of Aviva claims, according to a quote given to the Economic Times
  • Another benefit of buying online insurance in India is that you are no longer subject to the wrath of an insurance agent who wants to sell you an insurance policy which gives him/her the best commission. When you buy online insurance in India, the decision is entirely yours, based on the recommendation of facts and figures rather than that of a pushy sales agent.

Tips to note before buying online insurance in India

So, you’ve decided to be wise and are looking to buy online insurance in India, are you? Well, here are a few things you may want to keep a sharp eye out for.

  • Check, double check and triple check that all the information that you fill in is accurate.
  • Make sure that you fill in all the required fields and disclose existing medical conditions or major past illnesses. Whether intentional or not, don’t forget to fill out such details because omitting these sensitive details may result in complications when you make claims in the future.
  • Like any other online or offline purchase, look out for fine print and hidden costs or fees. Be a smart shopper!

How to buy online insurance in India

There are many online insurance companies and websites which carry different insurance products. Here are some of the popular websites in India that offer insurance packages.

  • Max Bupa
  • eIndiaInsurance
  • ICICI Prudential
  • Aviva

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  1. Sachin says

    I recently bought Aviva i-Life online term plan. It’s a good term plan….

  2. Payal Shah says

    Yes I quite agree with you online insurance is preferable as considered to buying it from the agent because usually the premiums are quite lesser when opted online as there is no third party involved. Companies like Royal Sundaram even provide discounts which lower the premium even more. In the end the procedures are simple, quick and convenient.

  3. Private Health says

    With rising costs it’s certain health insurance will be out of reach for a huge population here.

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