Next Level Of Cheating In Exam: Bluetooth Powered Slippers Found In This State

One of the accused is a suspended sub-inspector.

Three Rajasthan Eligibility Examination for Teachers (REET) candidates were arrested as they were found wearing slippers with bluetooth devices.

The arrest took place before the exam on Sunday.


Internet And SMS Suspended

One of the accused is a suspended sub-inspector.

Security measures have been tightened at the exam held across the state.

Among those measures are suspension of mobile Internet services and bulk SMS/MMS services in many districts including Jaipur and Ajmer.

Those Arrested

Two other persons who facilitated the cheating have also been apprehended.

They were gang members who provided the candidates with the slippers each costing Rs 6 lakh.

The gang leader identified as Tulsaram Kaler is absconding.

All five were picked up from the Naya bus stand in Gangashahar area before the exam began.

Modus Operandi

Mobile SIM cards, bluetooth devices and other equipment were recovered from their possession.

The slippers were fitted with a small battery and a SIM card.

A scarcely-visible tiny Bluetooth-enabled device was fitted in the candidate’s ear which helped them listen to answers.

Reportedly 25 people were sold these slippers and it was available all over the state.

Anti-Cheating Measures

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot had said in a meeting on Thursday (September 23) that government employees caught cheating would be dismissed from service.

This included those indulging in paper leak or copying.

The authorities would also be on the lookout for dummy candidates taking the exam and copying in recruitment examinations.


Warnings were also issued against any private school personnel or persons associated with the school.

If they were caught indulging in fraudulent activities, the recognition of that school would be terminated permanently.

Outside Face Masks Not Allowed

Examination centres have been directed to install CCTV cameras and ban mobile phones inside.

Another vigilant measure is the issuance of a new face mask upon entering the centre.

This is in order to prevent the concealment of Bluetooth devices in the mask.

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