Battlegrounds Mobile India Data Sent To China Server: BGMI To Be Banned Now?

Battlegrounds Mobile India data from Android phones is being sent to Chinese servers. IGN India reported that BGMI user data is being sent and received from China Mobile Communications servers in Beijing and Tencent-run Proxima Beta in Hong Kong by the Battlegrounds Mobile India APK. The data is also sent to Microsoft Azure servers located in the US, Mumbai, and Moscow (Russia).

Battlegrounds Mobile India Data Sent To China Server: BGMI To Be Banned Now?

The publication was able to reproduce the reports by installing a data packet sniffer app.

The results revealed that the Chinese servers are receiving user data from India from their Android devices. The data was also found to be received by China Mobile Communications Corporation, a Chinese state-owned company with the server located in Beijing.

Krafton has already said that the Indian version of PUBG Mobile will take care of all the necessary formalities and no data will go outside of the country. All the user data will be saved up here in the servers in the country, and everything will be processed from within itself. 

Krafton did say that terms of service clearly mentions that the personal information of players will be stored and processed on Indian servers based along with Singapore. The T&C also states BGMI may “transfer your data to other countries” to meet “legal requirements”, a way the company found to do the same.

Krafton, the makers, opened Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) early access for everyone. While the game hasn’t been officially launched, but you can download and play Battlegrounds Mobile India (only for Android). As this is an early access version, you have to sign up as a beta tester to play the new PUBG Mobile in India.

Battlegrounds Mobile India release date was earlier tipped to happen on June 18, but only it has been made available as an early access version.

Unlike making BGMI available to limited users only, the game can be downloaded by anybody. All they need to do is sign up as a beta tester, and you can play the latest rebranded PUBG Mobile India. Battlegrounds Mobile India official launch date hasn’t been confirmed yet, but it’s expected in a few days now.

According to the statements made by the developers, the latest battle royale game for now will be available in Early Access, and the testers can try it out to report the bugs and issues. The official Battlegrounds Mobile India launch date will be confirmed once the final version is ready without any bugs. The company will fix the issues, and release the full game once ready.

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