Battlegrounds Mobile India Launch Banned? PUBG Mobile India Launch Cancelled? What You Need To Know

PUBG Mobile India again banned? As Krafton is preparing to make a comeback with Battlegrounds Mobile India, former and current parliamentarians in India have called for a blanket ban on the upcoming game. Former Union Minister and current Arunachal Pradesh MLA Ninong Ering wrote a letter to Prime Minister Modi, for Battlegrounds Mobile India ban. Ering said Krafton India is employing workers from Tencent, the Chinese technology firm.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Launch Banned? PUBG Mobile India Launch Cancelled? What You Need To Know

It’s the main reason why PUBG Mobile was banned in India last year, the Chinese connection, Tencent, the gaming major.

He also pointed out that the terms and conditions of the Google Play Store listing of Battlegrounds Mobile India mentions PUBG Mobile. The developers are yet to confirm the Battleground Mobile India release date and very recently opened up the pre-registration link on Google Play Store.

There have been news about Battlegrounds Mobile India iOS version to be available soon as well, but now a new barrier stands in the way. Multiple fake Battlegrounds Mobile India games have also appeared on Play Store before the launch.

Recently Krafton, the makers responded to a number of queries including Battlegrounds Mobile India release date. The developers said they are still in the process of finalizing the PUBG Mobile India launch date and will soon confirm on their official website and social networks. Now with a new hurdle, if the government listens to the appeal, the launch may see a big delay again.

As of now, no official Battlegrounds Mobile India launch date has been confirmed. Battlegrounds Mobile India pre-registrations are still live, you can do it on Play Store for additional benefits and extra rewards. Battlegrounds Mobile India launch date is expected in June, will be available by next in India. ‘PUBG Mobile India’ has been officially renamed Battlegrounds Mobile India now. PUBG Mobile India will henceforth be called ‘Battlegrounds Mobile India’ in the future. 

PUBG Lite in India has been pulled back, and currently only PUBG PC can be played in India legally. PUBG Mobile India launch date is being expected to be confirmed in a few days, banned by the Indian government back in September 2020. A recent update by PUBG Corporation also will not allow Indian players to play PUBG in India with the Korean and Japanese versions. 

PUBG Mobile has several region-specific variants, PUBG Mobile Korea countries to be the most popular alternative for the global version, specially India. But the developers announced something surprising regarding the availability of the Korena version of the game in other countries. PUBG Kr in India can only be played till June 30, so the Battlegrounds Mobile India launch may happen around the same time.

But with the fresh appeal to the PMO, the Battlegrounds Mobile India launch date could be postponed until the company fixes the errors and if there’s actually a Chinese connection, the government may intermittently ban PUBG Mobile for India. As of now, there’s no official PUBG Mobile India release date available as of now. Krafton recently said that their latest PUBG: New State will release only after PUBG Mobile India launches in the country. We need to wait for any further update.

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