[Exclusive Interview] This Mat & Carpet Manufacturer Recorded Rs 135 Crore Revenues | Have Sold 6 Crore+ Products

Mohul Ghosh

Mohul Ghosh

Nov 17, 2023

Recently, we interacted with Mr. Nishith Gupta, Managing Director of Sapana Carpet-Mats – a Make in India manufacturer of carpets and mats, with a 50% share in branded plastic mat labels.

[Exclusive Interview] This Mat & Carpet Manufacturer Recorded Rs 135 Crore Revenues | Have Sold 6 Crore+ Products

Here are the interview highlights:

Sapana Carpet-mats has been close to four decades. Tell us about the journey from then to now. 

Sapana Carpet-Mats is a prominent name in the Indian market for carpets, mats, and related products, commanding an impressive 50% to 55% market share among branded plastic mat labels. Established in 1984 by Mr. V B Gupta, a qualified botanist turned entrepreneur, the company was born from a desire to provide aesthetically pleasing and affordable home décor options for the Indian masses.

Mr. Gupta established a manufacturing plant in Aurangabad to produce affordable plastic mats, recognizing the unique characteristics of Indian homes and spending patterns. He imported technology from Japan for this purpose.

The company’s inaugural ad campaign, featuring a memorable TV advertisement showcasing a magician flying on a mat, still resonates with Sapana’s customers. Over the years, the brand has experienced robust market growth, attributed to the superior quality and aesthetics of Sapana Mats. The product range has expanded to include carpets, doormats, and bathmats, aligning with diverse customer lifestyles and home décor preferences.

Under the leadership of Mr. Nishith Gupta, who assumed the role of Managing Director in 1996, Sapana continues to thrive. Noteworthy accolades include the Top Mat Exporter award for 15 consecutive years. Recent efforts focus on catering to the well-travelled domestic audience, incorporating global fashion styles into their product offerings.

Operating through an omnichannel distribution model with over 30,000 retail stores nationwide, Sapana has established strategic partnerships with organized retail entities like Army Canteens, D’Mart, and Reliance Retail. The company maintains a robust online presence through its website and popular platforms like Amazon and Pepperfry.

With a dedicated workforce of 150 individuals and 600 engaged in manufacturing, Sapana emphasizes an employee-centric approach, resulting in low attrition of people and an average tenure exceeding ten years. As a 100% family-owned business, Sapana achieved a registered revenue of approximately 135 crores in 2022, cementing its position in the market.

Has the brand seen an evolution in terms of demand for mats and chatais from then to now? 

Sapana Carpet-Mats has evolved from focusing on affordable plastic mats to a diverse range of products, including carpets, kitchen runners, bathroom mats, door mats, and rugs. Recognizing the need for economical yet aesthetically pleasing options in Indian homes, the brand adapted to changing consumer preferences. Incorporating global fashion styles and an omnichannel distribution model, with retail partnerships and a robust online presence, reflects a strategic response to evolving market dynamics. Sapana’s emphasis on quality and design has fuelled growing demand for higher-end products. In summary, the brand has adeptly adjusted its offerings and distribution strategies, aligning with shifts in consumer tastes and ensuring accessibility across various market segments.

How often does the brand launch a new collection? 

The brand consistently releases new collections every quarter. This is driven by the dynamic nature of changing consumer preferences, ensuring the availability of fresh designs and styles to meet evolving market demands every three months.

What is the brand’s design process? 

The brand has a set of designers with more than ten years of industry experience. They study the Indian and international markets and understand the trends that are evolving constantly. Based on the upcoming trends and market feedback, they plan designs for Indian customers regularly. 

Is the brand available globally? If yes, how is the domestic market different from the international market?

We export to international markets and receive great responses from UAE, Europe, and American markets. We are available online through our platforms for international clients and via their large format stores. 

Are there any big plans coming from the brand in the near future?

The brand is gearing up for a significant development in the future—a state-of-the-art showroom is in the works. This exclusive showroom is currently under construction and promises to be a substantial milestone for the brand. The anticipation surrounding this project suggests a significant move that aligns with the brand’s commitment to offering its customers a unique and enhanced experience.

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