[Exclusive Interview] This Made In India Audio Manufacturer Is Disrupting The Industry With Out Of The Box Ideas

Mohul Ghosh

Mohul Ghosh

Feb 23, 2023

Recently we intracted with Mr. Lalit Arora, Co-founder of VingaJoy, one of the leading audio manufacturers from India, who providing surprisingly immersive acoustic experience for the home or on the go.

[Exclusive Interview] This Made In India Audio Manufacturer Is Disrupting The Industry With Out Of The Box Ideas

Here are the interview highlights:

Question 1. Pls take us through the journey of the brand. What was the idea behind introducing it?

Answer.  The journey of VingaJoy started from a wholesale outlet in Lajpat Rai Market selling earphones for Walkmens, it graduated to peripherals business in 2000. In order to expand and meet the consumers’ everyday growing demand for gadgets with new features, we had to switch over to rigorous R&D and come out with new products in 2009, and inaugurated an exclusive showroom at Karol Bagh in 2011. Having seen a gap in the market, we ventured into our own manufacturing unit for screen guards in 2012. From there having inspired, we never looked back and initiated setting up factories for power banks, data cables and chargers.

Having been launched in the year 2004, VingaJoy has made significant progress. During the research and development of consumer electronics, it was discovered that Indian consumers needed high-quality, innovative products at an affordable price, hence we came out with VingaJoy to cater to their needs.

Question 2.  Tell us about your retail and marketing strategy?


  • Influencer marketing. (Jacqueline Fernandez)

Using influencer marketing to influence people was not an afterthought for VingaJoy. In order to increase brand value and promote our products, we teamed up with Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez.

  • Digital and Social Media Marketing

Due to today’s internet-based world, UBON has mastered the art of digital marketing, which involves offering regular product updates and offers via creative google and Facebook advertisement.

Additionally, we focus on mobile and email marketing in addition to Facebook and Google ads.

  • Offline Marketing (distributors pan India and retailers)

In order to promote our brand offline, we work with distributors and retailers across the country.

Question 3. Omnichannel strategy?


  • Customer-Centric Products

The process of driving profit and gaining a competitive advantage by providing positive customer experiences both before and after the sale.

  • Regular innovative products

As a company, VingaJoy strives to provide regular updates and innovative products in order to improve productivity, brand recognition, and brand value.

  • Increased control over brand messaging and consumer engagement

For better customer service and support, VingaJoy focused on establishing direct relationships with consumers

Question 4. What is the USP of the brand that helps it stand apart from the competitors?


  • Quality products at an affordable rate
  • Offers and discounts 
  • Customer Support 

Question 5. How are you marrying technology with the brand?

Answer.   All of VingaJoy’s products are mechanized and made from the most advanced technology with the best materials available in the market making our products stand out among the rest. The company introduced the “Hum Safar W-300” a smartwatch that integrates an advanced health sensor for monitoring health and tracking fitness levels and enhances the customer experience. That is not all we introduce products that are powered by technology and automation such as wireless neckbands; wireless portable speakers; pen drives, trimmers, chargers, power banks, etc.

Question 6. Categories you are present in current and any plans to foray into any new category?

Answer.  When it comes to products offering, VingaJoy has gone beyond headphones – to power banks & smartwatches and all of these categories became the leading products in the growth of the company. As a consumer electronics company, VingaJoy embraces regular innovations and integration of new technology, we do not want to limit ourselves to just one or two categories. As a market leader, VingaJoy has always been the first to introduce new products such as smartwatches and power banks

Question 7. How has the brand been growing year on year?

Answer.  VingaJoy has been relentlessly pursuing the objective of offering products that cater to tech-savvy consumers on the go. From generating revenue to introducing new and innovative products, VingaJoy has been doing well. Having finally recovered from financial disturbance due to the dreaded pandemic situation that taught us how to handle difficult situations, we are competing with the market while offering highly advanced products to remain competitive in the industry.

Question 8.  Revenue expectations for this fiscal?

Answer.  We are expecting around 10 to 12% growth in the year 2023.

Question 9.  International presence?

Answer.  Apart from India, we are currently targeting other Asian countries.

Question 10. Future/ expansion plans?

Answer.  In order to strengthen our current position, we plan to increase the number of distributors.

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