50% Of All iPhones Will Be Made In India By 2027: India Will Become World's Biggest iPhone Manufacturer

Sheetal Bhalerao

Sheetal Bhalerao

Jan 19, 2023

Apple is most likely to shift 25 percent of its iPhone production to India by 2025, reportedly.

50% Of All iPhones Will Be Made In India By 2027: India Will Become World's Biggest iPhone Manufacturer

Rise in iPhone Production In India 

As per this new report, the iPhone production in India could get a rise to 50 percent by 2027.

India could produce one in two of the world’s iPhones by 2027 as compared to the current percentage which stands at less than 5 percent, as per a latest  forecast by Luke Lin.

Here Luke Lin is an analyst at the research unit of Taiwan’s DigiTimes newspaper, in the South China Morning Post.

It appears that this  forecast is more aggressive than JPMorgan’s earlier prediction that India would assemble 25 percent of total Apple iPhones worldwide by 2025.

Rapid Surge in iPhone Deliveries India

Besides this, the report also suggests that this is in line with the rapid surge in India’s share of iPhone deliveries. 

In terms of numbers, India’s iPhone shipments doubled from April to December 2022, compared to the same period in 2021. 

There are also rumors that Apple will begin simultaneous production for the iPhone 15 series in China and India.

Why Would This Happen?

This has to do with China’s zero-tolerance approach to Covid-19 disrupted production of Apple products.

This is about the incident that happened particularly with the iPhone, when Foxconn’s biggest assembly plant was shut due to a Covid-19 outbreak last November in Zhengzhou. 

This has affected Apple’s business as afterworld,  Apple had to issue a rare warning that shipments would be delayed just ahead of the holiday season.

This event has spurred the need for the  diversification of supply chains with a shift from China to India and Vietnam. 

In the case of Vietnam, the country’s share of making Apple’s MacBooks and AirPods is also expected to rise as contractors. 

But, one can’t deny that China continues to remain a key market for Apple with strong sales growth.

And why not, as Apple has reported 36 percent growth in the third quarter of 2022 in China.

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