Indian Startup Funding and Investment Chart [March 2017]

The following table gives you details of all the Indian startup funding deals happened in month of March 2017.

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March 2017

Sr. No. Date (dd/mm/yyyy) Startup Name Industry/ Vertical Sub-Vertical City / Location Investors’ Name Invest-ment
Amount (in USD)
1 01/03/2017 Ola Consumer Internet App based cab aggregator Bangalore SoftBank Group Corp Private Equity 330,000,000
2 01/03/2017 Belong Consumer Internet Online Jon Portal Bangalore Sequoia Capital India Private Equity 10,000,000
3 01/03/2017 Seenit Consumer Internet AI based Fashion Search Portal Kolkata Calcutta Angels Network (CAN), Augment Ventures Seed Funding N/A
4 01/03/2017 Paalak ECommerce Fresh Produce Selling portal New Delhi Vishwadeep Bajaj, Harsh Kundra, Nandkumar Rane, LN Buddharaju, Anupam Tyagi Seed Funding N/A
5 02/03/2017 Celes Care Consumer Internet Women Healthcare & Information portal Hyderabad Ventureast, Endiya Partners, Eight Roads Ventures, F-Prime Capital Partners Private Equity 1,500,000
6 02/03/2017 Karomi Technology Packaging Artwork Management software Chennai Ideaspring Capital Seed Funding 500,000
7 02/03/2017 Red Carpet Consumer Internet Micro Lending platform Gurgaon Lightspeed Venture Partners Private Equity 2,500,000
8 02/03/2017 Kreate Konnect Technology End-to-End Seller e-commerce solutions Provider Vadodara Langoor Seed Funding N/A
9 02/03/2017 CreditMantri Consumer Internet Online Credit score & lending platform Chennai Quona Capital Private Equity 7,600,000
10 03/03/2017 Lets Endorse Consumer Internet Online Ecosystem of social innovators Bangalore Chandigarh Angels Network, Social Alpha and other unnamed angel investors Seed Funding N/A
11 03/03/2017 Tydy Technology Employee Onboarding and Engagement platform Bangalore Bhupen Shah, Jayesh Parekh, Sanjay Sathe Seed Funding 275,000
12 03/03/2017 Nactus Consumer Internet Professional Tutors discovery & booking mobile app Jaipur Sandeep Aggarwal, Gautam Chhaochharia, R Balachandar Seed Funding N/A
13 03/03/2017 Oho Shop Technology eCommerce Mobile App Builder Ahmedabad Bennett, Coleman and Company Ltd Private Equity 6,700,000
14 03/03/2017 Emojifi Consumer Internet Mobile App for live emoji Hyderabad Undisclosed angel investors Seed Funding N/A
15 03/03/2017 Paytm Marketplace ECommerce ECommerce Marketplace Bangalore Alibaba Private Equity 200,000,000
16 04/03/2017 iGenetics Healthcare Health Diagnostic Solutions Mumbai CDC Group Plc Private Equity 19,500,000
17 06/03/2017 Juno Clinic Consumer Internet Online Counseling Platform Mumbai Atul Nishar Seed Funding 1,200,000
18 06/03/2017 Summerlabel Consumer Internet Fashion and Lifestyle discovery platform Gurgaon Aneesh Seth, Tushar Mittal Seed Funding 150,000
19 06/03/2017 PickMe Consumer Internet Gadget Insurance & Repair Services platform Mumbai SIDBI Venture Capital Fund Private Equity 1,790,000
20 07/03/2017 Agrostar Technology Direct-to-Farmer Mobile-Based Retail platform Pune Accel Partners Private Equity 10,000,000
21 07/03/2017 Zapr Technology DSP, TV Analytics & Cross-Platform advertising Bangalore Star India Pvt Ltd Private Equity 10,000,000
22 07/03/2017 Data Resolve Technology Cyber Security Solutions Noida IDFC Parampara Early Stage Opportunities Fund Private Equity 1,000,000
23 07/03/2017 Book Servicing Consumer Internet Online Vehicle Services Booking platform New Delhi National Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board Seed Funding 30,000
24 07/03/2017 Blowhorn Consumer Internet Intra-City Logistics provider Bangalore IDG Ventures India, Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, Draper Associates, Unitus Seed Fund Private Equity 3,650,000
25 08/03/2017 Rivigo Logistics Technology Enabled Logistics Company Gurgaon Private Sector Banks (Debt Funding) Private Equity 15,000,000
26 08/03/2017 PipeCandy Technology Intelligent Sales Prospecting Platform Chennai IDG ventures, Axilor Ventures, Emergent Ventures, Indian Angel Network Seed Funding 1,100,000
27 08/03/2017 Supr Daily Consumer Internet Subscription based Home Delivery Platform Mumbai Y Combinator Seed Funding 120,000
28 08/03/2017 Parentune Consumer Internet Online Community for Parents Gurgaon Kae Capital, SEGNEL Ventures Private Equity N/A
29 09/03/2017 AppBrowzer Consumer Internet Instant Mobile Apps Store Bangalore Deepak Gurnani Seed Funding 500,000
30 09/03/2017 MagicBricks Consumer Internet Online Real Estate Portal Mumbai Times Internet Ltd Private Equity 4,500,000
31 10/03/2017 PeeBuddy Healthcare Female Hygiene product manufacturer New Delhi Indian Angel Network Seed Funding 443,000
32 10/03/2017 iOrderFresh ECommerce Online fresh fruits and grocery store New Delhi Singapore Angel Network Seed Funding N/A
33 10/03/2017 Lavelle Networks Technology SDN Solutions Bangalore Ideaspring Capital Seed Funding 600,000
34 10/03/2017 PropertyShare Consumer Internet Fractional Proerty Ownership & Rental platform Bangalore Asuka, Pravega Ventures, BEENEXT Seed Funding N/A
35 14/03/2017 MyDermacy Consumer Internet Online Dermatology consultation platform New Delhi Cyber Carrier Private Equity N/A
36 15/03/2017 LatestOne eCommerce Tech Accessories e-tailer Hyderabad Florintree, Mathew Cyriac, Chidambaram Palaniappan, Bharat Sheth Private Equity 3,350,000
37 15/03/2017 Frapperz Consumer Internet On-demand home services provider Kolkata Undisclosed Investor Seed Funding 100,000
38 16/03/2017 mPaani Consumer Internet Loyalty rewards app Mumbai IDG Ventures, Blume Ventures, Saha Fund, Private Equity 1,350,000
39 16/03/2017 ShilpMIS Technology Virtual Reality platform Surat Puneet Gupta, Nimitt Desai & Others Seed Funding N/A
40 16/03/2017 POPxo Consumer Internet Digital Media publication for women New Delhi GREE Ventures, Kalaari Capital and IDG Ventures India, Summit Media, Atul Goel, and Gurpreet Singh Private Equity 3,100,000
41 16/03/2017 Fitso Consumer Internet Fitness Mobile App Gurgaon Sujeet Kumar, Bhupender Singh, Yashish Dhaiya Seed Funding 200,000
42 17/03/2017 FarMart Technology Farming rental equipment provider Gurgaon Indian Angel Network Seed Funding N/A
43 21/03/2017 Flipkart eCommerce ECommerce Marketplace Bangalore Microsoft, eBay, Tencent Holdings Private Equity 1,400,000,000
44 21/03/2017 Airpay Technology Online payment Gateway Mumbai Kalaari Capital, Rakesh and Rajesh Jhunjhunwala Private Equity 3,670,000
45 21/03/2017 MyGlamm Consumer Internet On-Demand Beauty Services Mumbai L’Occitane Private Equity 5,300,000
46 22/03/2017 The Mons Co. eCommerce Pregnancy & Baby Care etailer New Delhi Shripad Nadkarni, Nandu Nandkishore Seed Funding N/A
47 22/03/2017 Haqdarshak Consumer Internet Tech-Enabled Social Enterprise Bangalore Ravi Saxena, Sandeep Raju, Seed Funding 191,000
48 23/03/2017 Ixigo Consumer Internet Online Travel Search Engine Gurgaon Sequoia Capital, Kinzon Capital Private Equity 15,000,000
49 23/03/2017 Markets and Markets Technology Marketing Research Company Pune FTV Capital, Zodius Capital Private Equity 56,000,000
50 24/03/2017 Bizom Technology supply chain automation platform Bangalore Ojas Ventures Seed Funding 382,000
51 24/03/2017 BabyonBoard Consumer Internet Parenting Mobile App Bangalore Mahavir Sharma, Vishal Jain, Rohit Sethi, Gaurav Luniya Seed Funding N/A
52 24/03/2017 Delhivery Technology Tech enabled Fulfilment & Logistics Solutions New Delhi Carlyle Group, Tiger Global Private Equity 100,000,000
53 27/03/2017 Sport Flashes Consumer Internet Sports Based Online Media portal New Delhi Vikas Bajaj, Amit Kharbanda, Seed Funding N/A
54 28/03/2017 Fynd ECommerce Online fashion marketplace Mumbai Venture Catalysts Private Equity 500,000
55 28/03/2017 Wigzo Technology Enterprise Automation suite New Delhi 3one4 capital Private Equity N/A
56 28/03/2017 DoneThing Consumer Internet On-demand Personal Assistant service Gurgaon Brand Capital Private Equity 300,000
57 29/03/2017 Zapyle ECommerce Luxury Fashion Marketplace Bangalore Undisclosed Investors Seed Funding N/A
58 29/03/2017 Ithaka Consumer Internet Vacation Trip Planning platform Mumbai Ankit Gupta, Puneet Motihar Seed Funding 325,000
59 29/03/2017 perpule eCommerce Self-Checkout ECommerce App Bangalore KStart Capital Seed Funding 650,000
60 29/03/2017 Byju’s Consumer Internet Online Education Platform Bangalore Verlinvest Private Equity N/A
61 29/03/2017 Licious ECommerce Online Meat Ordering platform Bangalore Mayfield India, 3one4 Capital, Sistema Asia Fund, Neoplux Technology Fund Private Equity 10,000,000
62 29/03/2017 Medinfi Consumer Internet Doctor & Hospital search Platform Bangalore Vinod Martin, Hemant Kaul, Prof. Ram Kumar Kakani & Others Seed Funding 50,000
63 30/03/2017 Indus OS Technology Mobile OS creator Mumbai JSW Ventures, VenturEast Private Equity N/A
64 30/03/2017 Emflux Motors Technology Electric Motorcycle manufacturer Bangalore Meher Roy, Nikhil Arora, Meet Kanodia, Krit Sankalp, Nitish Singh, Risabh Gupta Seed Funding N/A
65 30/03/2017 Klinic App Consumer Internet Pathology & Diagnostic Tests Portal Gurgaon Om Chaudhry Seed Funding N/A
66 31/03/2017 Jhakaas Consumer Internet Offline Business Aggregator App Mumbai Malini Patel, Stelcore Management Services, Anjani Prasad Seed Funding 155,000
67 31/03/2017 Oriano Solar Technology Turnkey Solar Solutions Mumbai Samridhi Fund Private Equity 3,000,000
68 31/03/2017 BigBasket ECommerce Online Grocer Bangalore Trifecta Capital Private Equity 7,000,000
69 31/03/2017 Rooter Consumer Internet Sports engagement platform New Delhi Intex Technologies Private Equity N/A
70 31/03/2017 FalconBrick Technology Real-Estate Workflow mobile app Bangalore Satveer Thakral, LetsVenture, Mumbai Angels Seed Funding N/A
71 31/03/2017 Icertis Technology ERP solutions provider Pune B Capital Group, Ignition Partners, Greycroft,,  Eight Roads Ventures Private Equity 25,000,000
72 31/03/2017
73 31/03/2017

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