Truecaller's Digital Assistant Will Now Clone Your Voice Using AI

Radhika Kajarekar

Radhika Kajarekar

May 28, 2024

A new function that lets the digital assistant talk in the owner’s voice has been unveiled by Truecaller.

Truecaller's Digital Assistant Will Now Clone Your Voice Using AI

This new feature has been powered by Microsoft’s Azure AI Speech technology.

Read on to find out all the details about this new feature by Truecaller!

Truecaller Adds New AI-Based Feature: Personal Voice

The Truecaller Assistant may hear a digital recording of the user’s voice thanks to the Personal Voice function.

By using this option, callers are guaranteed to hear the owner’s voice rather than that of a generic digital assistant. Microsoft and Personal Voice are working together to create the technology.

The Personal Voice feature of the Truecaller Assistant is exclusive to premium subscribers.

As per Agnes Lindberg, Truecaller spokesperson, “Personal Voice lets you create a digital version of your own voice to use with the Truecaller Assistant. This means when someone calls you, they’ll hear your voice instead of a regular digital assistant. This is possible through a partnership with Microsoft to utilize the new Personal Voice technology from Microsoft Azure AI Speech.”

How To Add Personal Voice To Truecaller Assistant?

Step 1: Go to Settings in Truecaller. Step 2: Next, select “Personal Voice” under Assistant settings. Step 3: Voice samples will be requested. The user will be prompted with multiple phrases to recite aloud in order to record their voice in a variety of tones. This guarantees that when taking phone calls, Truecaller Assistant will sound exactly like the owner.

To achieve precise voice replication, distinct tones are captured in the recorded samples. Truecaller Assistant converses with the caller when their call is rejected or goes unanswered. After inquiring about the call’s purpose, the assistant texts the exchange.

The owner can examine the text by viewing it on the phone’s screen. This gives the owner of the phone the option of accepting or rejecting the call.

Truecaller premium with Assistant is available in India for Rs 149 per month or Rs 1,499 annually. The monthly cost of a family plan for up to four people is Rs 299, and the annual cost is Rs 2,999.

A similar feature is available in Apple iPhones too. For people suffering from conditions like ALS, Apple provides a comparable tool called Personal Voice. 

Additionally, Alexa on Echo smart speakers will soon have a voice-imitating feature available from Amazon.

Radhika Kajarekar
Radhika Kajarekar
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