[Exclusive Interview] This Tech-Enabled Fitness Platform Wants To Make 50 Million People Fit

Mohul Ghosh

Mohul Ghosh

Jan 03, 2023

Recently we interacted with Jyoti Dabas, Co-Founder, Fittr, which has declared itself as world’s largest fitness and nutrition community. Using the power of community and tech, they aim to make 50 million people fit.

Jyoti Dabas, Co-Founder, Fittr
Jyoti Dabas, Co-Founder, Fittr

Here are the interview highlights:

Q1- Give us a brief about FITTR? How is the company transforming the fitness industry?

FITTR is the ultimate amalgamation of fitness and technology. It aims to bring bespoke fitness solutions to make you fit and healthy. Thanks to the ground-breaking technology, FITTR serves as the personal trainer and nutritionist expert for fitness enthusiasts. Its user-centric approach ensures that users can meet their fitness goals in the most efficient and effective manner possible. 

One of the best parts about FITTR is its easy accessibility. Its app has a “Fremium” version, which ensures that money doesn’t block anyone’s journey toward a healthier future. Another is its principle of Quantified Nutrition, which considers food as the key to opening doors to lifelong fitness and sound health. That means the highly experienced fitness coaches and FITTR ambassadors ensure that the users can follow a healthy lifestyle. In the end, FITTR aims to make its users healthier and bring extensive changes to the fitness landscape of India. 

Q2-  What are your future plans for the next 5 years?

We have achieved a lot in a short period of time, and we have no immediate plans to quit. We have recently received funding from like-minded investors that has accelerated our growth. Apart from fitness coaching and nutritional plans, Team FITTR is paving its way towards starting the third segment that caters to the emotional and mental well-being of the users. Mental health issues need to be addressed at all costs, and we are dedicated to this cause with all our truest endeavors. We also aim at humongous expansion across global locations such as the Middle East, Canada, US and UK. 

We are striving hard to establish FITTR as a one-stop solution kind of virtual fitness platform. This top-of-the-line fitness app will cater to every single need of the users. We are building FITTR as a unified services provider that includes nutritional plans, fitness, and mental and emotional wellness coaching. 

Gradually, our family is growing, and we are in no mood to stop until we reach 1000+. This comes with the responsibility of creating a culturally diversified workforce. At FITTR, we work hard daily to build a team of like-minded people who share the same mission and vision as the organization. In the next decade, FITTR wishes to become a family of 50 million members. Our idea is to create as many as 100,000 fruitful career opportunities in the fitness industry. If we look at the short-term perspective, FITTR will welcome at least 1000 fitness and nutrition coaches within a span of 12 to 18 months.

Q3- How are wearable technologies transforming the fitness industry?

Wearable technologies have been tip-toeing their way into the Indian fitness landscape. But post-pandemic, products like smart watches, smart helmets etc., have accelerated their pace. These fitness products have become a household name, especially among the young crowd. As per the industry reports, we can expect the Indian fitness wearable sector to grow up to $80.43 billion by 2025.

Basically, these gadgets offer customized data of the users regarding the heart rate, steps taken, pulse rate and much more. They offer a sense of personalized fitness assistance through AI. That’s why more and more users are investing in these state-of-the-art wearables to maintain a healthy and fit way of life with style. 

Q4- What are the different AI-based features Fittr is using to make people’s life easier?

FITTR is a safe, community-driven, and judgment-free online platform that assists users in achieving their fitness objectives, such as weight gain, loss, or general fitness maintenance. With the assistance of dedicated coaches and a fantastic community to encourage you on your journey, getting healthy is simple on the platform. 

The app leverages AI to develop user-friendly tools that trace a person’s whole fitness journey. It provides a comprehensive set of user-friendly tools, including a body fat calculator, a free diet tool, a macro calculator, a free training tool, and many others. Its recent addition, the FITTR Live feature, enables FITTR coaches to conduct live workout sessions for its customers. In the end, FITTR only aims to revolutionise the fitness sector by making technological investments and developing a strong online fitness platform. 

Q5- What are your views on virtual fitness services that are expected to stay in the game in the long run?

There is no doubt that virtual fitness is a new booming trend in the fitness industry. People may now access professionals from all over the world thanks to the digitalization of fitness training. According to Market Research’s virtual fitness market prediction report, the lucrative market is expected to develop significantly between 2020 and 2026 at a healthy 30.01% CAGR. 

Having observed the penetration of AI in the fitness industry, the next big thing is probably going to be an AI-based fitness trainer. Human personal trainers can offer thorough training plans, programs, and coaching, but AI can also be used to create individualized fitness plans based on a person’s goals, eating habits, degree of fitness, and other things. All such changes in online or virtual workouts will certainly bring the next fitness revolution around the globe. 

Q6- Give us a brief about how this trend will see Indians take their fitness journeys to the next level?

It is no secret that technological advancements have changed numerous industries, and the fitness industry in India is no different. To stop the spread of the virus in India, gym owners were compelled to close their facilities. So to reach out to their current consumers and a new class of customers, modern fitness centers moved their operations online.

The future of virtual fitness coaching in India holds the potential to maximize Indians’ fitness journeys by increasing the accessibility, personalization, and efficacy of holistic health and wellness services. Gym operators will progressively experiment with alternative business models to meet fitness aficionados’ varying interests and needs as virtual fitness training becomes more and more popular in India. Hence, the finest of the physical and digital worlds will be combined to provide new-age people with a seamless and effective exercise journey. 

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