[Exclusive Interview] This Startup Is Disrupting Ecommerce Industry With Shop-Now Content™ Strategies

Mohul Ghosh

Mohul Ghosh

Jul 17, 2023

Recently, we interacted with Mr. Kumar Udaar from ODN (Open Doors Now), a market leader in Shop-Now Content™ strategies, enabling brands and e-commerce platforms to sell successfully online.

[Exclusive Interview] This Startup Is Disrupting Ecommerce Industry With "Shop Now" Content Strategies

Here are the interview highlights:

What does ODN mean and why is the name?

ODN, or Open Doors Now, is all about giving brands and marketplaces a chance to shine. Our mission is to make sure users can easily find great content. We do this by opening doors for businesses, connecting them with top-notch practices and content from around the world. With our name, Open Doors Now, we want to show that we’re dedicated to creating opportunities and providing outstanding content for all brands and marketplaces.

What is Shop-Now ContentTM? Why is it important to anyone?

Shop-Now ContentTM refers to the content we create that is specifically tailored for consumers to make a purchase easily. It means that everything we produce, such as photoshoots and product listings, is carefully crafted to encourage more sales. We put a lot of effort into researching and analyzing before creating any piece of content, whether it’s a small item or a large one. 

The aim is to make everything consumer-ready, so they can simply click and start shopping. That’s why we call it ” Shop-Now ContentTM ” because it’s about delivering content that’s ready for consumers to engage with and make purchases without any complications. It’s important to everyone because it enhances the shopping experience, streamlines the process, and ultimately drives more sales for businesses.

What is e-commerce content? How is it different from digital creatives or other forms of digital content?

E-commerce content is all about driving conversions, which means getting customers to make a purchase. It differs from marketing content in a few key ways. While marketing content focuses on building a brand and creating awareness, e-commerce content zooms in on the product itself. In today’s digital landscape, there’s a growing understanding that simply promoting a brand is not enough, especially for the new age of e-commerce brands. E-commerce content is dedicated to showcasing the product’s features and explaining why customers should choose it.

This is where our expertise comes in—we specialize in delving deep into the product details and identifying the touchpoints that help customers make quick purchase decisions. On the other hand, digital creatives, while they can provide some information about the brand and product, may not address all the specific needs and questions customers have before making a purchase. E-commerce content, however, is laser-focused on the product and meeting customers’ needs. It aims to provide the necessary information and convince customers to take action. So, while digital content may give you a general idea about the product or the brand’s concept, e-commerce content is solely focused on the product and its compelling attributes.

Does ODN use tech in what it does? If yes, what tech and how?

Yes, absolutely! In today’s world, technology is crucial, and ODN recognizes that. We heavily rely on various technologies to enhance our operations. We have a dedicated team that constantly researches and explores new ways to improve efficiencies and deliver better outcomes for the brands we work with.

One significant technology we have developed in-house is our advanced workflow management tool. This tool helps us streamline and track multiple projects simultaneously. It enables us to manage timelines, monitor deliverables, and keep tabs on commitments and progress from the initial client brief to final delivery and invoicing. This ensures that we can provide precise updates to our clients and maintain transparency throughout the journey.

Additionally, we have been extensively working on leveraging AI-based tools. Although some of these tools are yet to be launched, we have already developed internal tools that automate post-production processes such as video editing and still image editing. We also employ tools to assist us in generating high-quality content. These technologies allow us to enhance productivity and maintain the speed and scale required for e-commerce content creation.

Briefly share the work you did for a client and the impact it had on the client.

We had the opportunity to work with Flipkart on their Big Billion Days Sale, creating over 20,000 product catalogs in just one month. This helped them showcase their wide range of products effectively during their flagship sale. We have also collaborated with CRED during the IPL season, delivering more than 3,000 product images daily for their special campaign. It was an exciting project that lasted for over a month and provided a great experience for CRED customers.

In online fashion retail, we achieved remarkable results with Myntra. We led the team that introduced the proposition of delivering everything in just 4 days. This significantly reduced the turnaround time and benefited numerous brands, ensuring their products reached the market much faster. We worked closely with each brand, understanding their unique qualities, and crafted tailored photoshoots, A+ content, and infographics that truly captured their essence. By pushing boundaries and taking a fresh approach to poses, content, and overall creativity, we successfully resonated with audiences and strengthened brand recognition.

Anything else you want to add?

We’re thrilled to be part of the global e-commerce revolution, expanding our services beyond fashion, lifestyle, and beauty. Our focus is on accelerating revenue growth in international markets, particularly in MEA and the US. We’re excited to broaden our solutions in sectors like Travel, FMCG, Home & Kitchen, and specialized marketplaces. With new leadership and advanced technology, we remain committed to driving innovation and delivering exceptional value to our clients worldwide. The e-commerce landscape is ever-evolving, and we’re dedicated to staying at the forefront of this exciting industry.

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