[Exclusive Interview] This Motovlogger Will Cover 19,000 Kms Across India On A Bike; Plans To Raise Money For World's Tallest Temple

Mohul Ghosh

Mohul Ghosh

Dec 10, 2023

Recently, we interacted with Roving Lama, Animeta creator.

Here are the interview highlights:

[Exclusive Interview] This Motovlogger Will Cover 19,000 Kms Across India On A Bike; Plans To Raise Money For World's Tallest Temple

1. What inspired you to become a motovlogger and document your travel


My journey into motovlogging and documenting travel experiences began with a profound connection to motorcycle riding. During my years at engineering college (2012-2016), I managed to save up and purchase a second-hand Pulsar 180. In 2013, I embarked on a spontaneous trip from Dehradun to Rajasthan on my Pulsar 180, an experience that revealed how much joy and fulfilment I found on the open road. The thrill of riding, exploring new places, meeting people, and immersing myself in diverse cultures became a soul-nourishing passion. While browsing YouTube one day, a video by a motovlogger named Counting Miles caught my attention. He had undertaken a solo ride from Kolkata to Ladakh, and as I delved into his travel vlogs, a newfound inspiration and purpose emerged. It became clear to me that exploring India on a motorcycle and sharing those experiences through vlogging was not just a hobby but something that brought genuine happiness, especially during challenging times. Driven by this realization, I took action immediately. I ordered a GoPro and all the necessary accessories. Equipped with my Royal Enfield Bullet 350, I embarked on my first motovlogging adventure from Pune to Korigad Fort. Upon my return, I launched a YouTube channel, sharing the documented journey that marked the beginning of my motovlogging endeavors.

2. Could you share a standout moment from your journey that significantly impacted you as a content creator?

During my 2022 Kedarnath to Ladakh ride, a standout moment occurred when two friends joined me for a leg of the trip. On our way to Hanle, a remote village near the India-China border, we lost contact around 100 km before reaching our destination. With no mobile network and darkness surrounding us, finding a place to stay became a challenge. Desperate, I knocked on a random door in a village and met a 70-year-old uncle. Despite the initial eerie atmosphere in their traditional Buddhist home, I decided to document my fear. Realizing the importance of showcasing the raw and unfiltered aspects of my journey, I engaged with the uncle and his wife, breaking the ice by playing harmonica and encouraging them to share local stories. This experience marked a turning point, prompting me to commit to keeping my content authentic and unfiltered as I share the lesser-explored facets of my travels on Roving Lama.

3. How do you approach creating content with limited resources while on your solo adventures?

When embarking on a solo journey, I pack efficiently by dedicating one saddlebag for clothes and the other for my camera gear. Currently, during my “Ride for Krishna,” where I create daily content, my day typically starts at 8 to 9:00 a.m., and I ride until just before sunset. I don’t pre-book accommodations but ensure they have reliable internet. Every evening, I transfer data from my drone, Insta 360, and two GoPros to my laptop for editing. The main challenge arises in areas with no or limited network. In such cases, the next day, I halt at a dhaba or restaurant, unpack my gadgets, and upload the video before my scheduled time. To counter unforeseen circumstances, I prepare 2-3 videos in advance to ensure a consistent flow of daily vlogs. This approach helps me navigate challenges and maintain regular uploads even in remote locations.

4. What challenges do you anticipate encountering during your upcoming 19,000 km journey across India, and how do you plan to overcome them?

I anticipate two major challenges for my upcoming 19,000 km journey. Firstly, the language barrier, especially in South India where my exploration style involves delving into the remotest villages to learn about local cultures and traditions. Already experiencing communication difficulties in Gujarat, where Hindi isn’t universally understood, I rely on sign language and smiles. I’ve also used social media to seek help from followers who understand the local language, a strategy I plan to employ in South India as well.

Secondly, the potential challenge of encountering individuals with an extremist mindset during my “Ride for Krishna.” With my bike adorned with temple banners and stickers, I fear potential backlash in areas less receptive to the temple campaign. To tackle this, I’ll leverage my social media community for assistance, though the specific plan is yet to be finalized. While I haven’t faced such situations yet, I’m preparing for any unwelcome encounters by relying on the support of my online followers.

5. Can you elaborate on your collaboration with Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir and your goal to support the temple's construction through your journey?

The primary purpose of my current journey is to leverage my content to garner contributions and donations for the construction of the Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir, the world’s tallest temple in progress.

  1. On-the-Go Approach:

I’ve incorporated QR code stickers on both the front and back of my motorcycle.

The backside banner’s QR code facilitates Square Feet donations, directing people to the VCM × Roving Lama campaign page, enabling them to contribute towards one or more square feet of the temple at Rs. 2100 per square foot.

The front side (Mudguard) sticker provides campaign details along with a QR code for UPI payments, allowing individuals to make smaller donations through UPI.

At tourist sites or temples, I engage with people, explaining my ride’s purpose, the significance of Vrindavana Chandrodaya Mandir, and how they can contribute. Many choose to make immediate donations through the QR codes.

  1. Online Content:

Through daily vlogs on Instagram and YouTube, I document my journey, showcasing challenges faced, overcoming them, and exploring various places.

I appeal to viewers to contribute to the “Ride for Krishna” mission, featuring the contributions made by those I meet during the journey.

I pin comments with campaign details, guiding viewers on how to contribute through UPI or by visiting the temple website.

This dual approach, both on the ground and through online content, effectively promotes the temple among the masses and encourages contributions to support its construction.

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