[Exclusive Interview] This Food Startup Is Focussed On Disrupting Rs 8000 Crore Worth Street Food Industry In India

Mohul Ghosh

Mohul Ghosh

Nov 21, 2023

Recently, we interacted with Vrinda Arora Co-Founder of fOOdity – a platform dedicated to supporting street vendors by offering them robust advertising options and utilizing advanced technology to optimize their operations.

[Exclusive Interview] This Food Startup Is Focussed On Disrupting Rs 8000 Crore Worth Street Food Industry In India

Here are the interview highlights:

1)What inspired the founding of fOOdity, and how do you differentiate yourselves in the Indian street food industry?

fOOdity was founded with a passionate drive to bring the rich tapestry of Indian street food to a broader audience. What sets us apart in the Indian street food industry is our unwavering commitment to authenticity. We meticulously curate our offerings, drawing inspiration from the bustling streets of India, ensuring that every dish captures the vibrant flavors and enticing aromas that make street food a culinary treasure. Our differentiation lies in preserving the traditional essence of these dishes while elevating them to meet modern hygiene and quality standards. At fOOdity, we are dedicated to presenting a genuine and immersive street food experience.

2)Can you elaborate on your team’s culinary philosophy and how it influences the customer experience at fOOdity?

Our culinary philosophy at fOOdity centers on delivering exceptional customer service. It is a philosophy that infuses every aspect of our business, ensuring that every visit to fOOdity is a memorable gastronomic journey. We believe that the experience of savoring food is a true blessing to be cherished. Our culinary philosophy influences the customer experience by setting high standards for the quality and authenticity of our offerings. We aim to captivate and excite the taste buds of our patrons, whether they seek a quick and satisfying snack or a hearty and fulfilling meal. At fOOdity, we strive to create a unique and delightful dining experience that leaves a lasting impression.

3)With India’s street food market being largely unorganized, how does fOOdity plan to tap into this potential for growth and development?

India’s street food market is a vast, largely unorganized sector with tremendous growth potential. fOOdity’s strategy to tap into this potential revolves around bringing organization and reliability to the forefront of the street food experience. We aim to set high standards for hygiene, quality, and authenticity, which are often lacking in the unorganized sector. By doing so, we provide customers with a safe and enjoyable way to relish their favorite street food. This approach allows us to offer a consistent and trustworthy street food experience that maintains the traditional flavors and techniques while adhering to modern food safety and quality standards. By bringing organization to this market, we aim to make the delights of Indian street food more accessible to a wider audience.

4)Could you tell us more about the diverse background of your fOOdity team and how their expertise contributes to your success in the street food business?

The fOOdity team is a diverse blend of professionals, each bringing a unique set of skills and experiences to the table. Our team includes engineers, lawyers, content creators, and, of course, culinary experts. This diverse background enriches our approach to the street food business. Engineers bring precision to our operations, ensuring efficiency in our processes. Legal expertise helps us navigate regulations and compliance. Content creators aid in building our brand and connecting with customers. When it comes to culinary innovation, our experts collaborate to enhance traditional recipes and presentation. This fusion of expertise allows us to meticulously analyze food and contribute to the expansion of a robust food ecosystem, with an unwavering focus on the world of street food. Each team member’s unique skills are integral to our success in delivering a top-tier street food experience.

5)What are some of the challenges you’ve faced in curating immersive and authentic food destinations, and how have you overcome them?

Curating immersive and authentic food destinations comes with its share of challenges, primarily the need to maintain consistency. Street food is known for its unique flavors, and ensuring that each dish is consistent across different locations is a formidable task. To overcome this challenge, we’ve implemented rigorous quality control measures. Our recipes and preparation methods are meticulously documented and shared across all our outlets. We maintain a close partnership with local vendors, and our quality control team conducts regular checks. Additionally, we actively seek feedback from our patrons to fine-tune our offerings. This approach has allowed us to consistently deliver an authentic and immersive street food experience that lives up to our customers’ expectations.

6)In the vibrant world of Indian street food, how do you ensure that your offerings remain true to the essence of this culinary tradition?

In the vibrant world of Indian street food, maintaining authenticity is at the core of our mission at fOOdity. We ensure that our offerings remain true to the essence of this culinary tradition through several key practices. We work closely with local chefs and street food vendors, many of whom have inherited traditional recipes and techniques. We use locally sourced ingredients and adhere to time-honored cooking methods. This dedication to preserving the cultural and culinary heritage of Indian street food ensures that our offerings are genuine and that the flavors are an authentic representation of the dishes as they are enjoyed on the streets of India. Our commitment to maintaining authenticity is what sets fOOdity apart in the world of street food.

7)Could you share some insights into your expansion plans and how you intend to reach a wider audience with your street food offerings?

Our expansion plans at fOOdity are driven by a commitment to reach a wider audience and make the delectable taste of Indian street food accessible to a broader customer base. To achieve this, we are focused on opening more outlets in strategic locations that are easily accessible to our customers. These locations are carefully selected to ensure high visibility and foot traffic. Additionally, we are exploring the option of delivery services to bring the flavors of fOOdity to the doorstep of those who cannot visit our outlets in person. Catering services are also on our radar to cater to events and gatherings, spreading the joy of street food to a variety of occasions. Our expansion plans are designed to cater to the diverse preferences of our customers and make fOOdity’s offerings available to a wider and more diverse audience.

8)How do you envision fOOdity contributing to the broader food ecosystem in India, and what impact do you aim to achieve within the street food industry?

We envision fOOdity as a significant contributor to the broader food ecosystem in India. Our impact within the street food industry is aimed at elevating its reputation and setting high standards for hygiene and authenticity. By promoting Indian street food and its rich culinary heritage, we aim to be a catalyst for creating a more organized and quality-focused street food sector in India. Our goal is to establish a benchmark for the industry, ensuring that customers can enjoy their favorite street food in a safe and quality-assured environment. We believe that by doing so, we can provide an exceptional street food experience to our customers while preserving the essence of this cherished culinary tradition and contributing positively to the larger food ecosystem in India.

9) Could you share the financial progress of your startup since its inception, and what are your growth expectations for the upcoming year?

There is no financial progress, we have been burning bootstrapped cash for good, which helped us understand the market so well before we raised from the investors at a bonafide valuation to make an entry in the market, to scale better and big now. We are expecting ourselves to be atleast touching breakeven from the upcoming year, which turns out to be better progress than other players in the food domain or even the advertisement space. 

10) Is there any plan to expand your business beyond Chennai?

We are already looking beyond Chennai, Chennai was just a validation space for us, as portfolio companies and team rooted from there. We are on ground to base our first physical owned location from the National Capital Delhi, and then spread the same as a network of top-1% premium locations. 

11) Let us know about your future plans related to product development and R&D?

We would love to keep our R&D plans insider, until something is cooked well to speak out. 

12) Tell us about your five years plans?

I think, it will be difficult to talk about 5 years. Talking about next 5-12 months, we aim to scale our network to one location for a network of atleast fifty locations across India, with a market reach of avg a lakh transactions a month.

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