[Exclusive Interview] This Agri-Tech Startup Is Doubling Farmers' Income By Leveraging Technology & Data Science

Mohul Ghosh

Mohul Ghosh

Mar 09, 2023

Recently, we interacted with Mr. Raj Yadav, CEO and Founder, Gramik– India’s first peer agri-commerce platform that offers a wide range of high-quality inputs, complete crop guidance, personalised advice, and market connections to farmers throughout India.

Here are the interview highlights:

[Exclusive Interview] This Agri-Tech Startup Is Doubling Farmers' Income By Leveraging Technology & Data Science
  1. Journey Of Founders and Gramik

Raj Yadav (CEO & Founder) belonged to modest origins and the insights he garnered from his struggles have moulded him into an inspirational figure for countless individuals with similar upbringings and predicaments.

Despite growing up in impoverished conditions in a remote village in Uttar Pradesh, India, Raj pursued his passion for education and technology.

While his peers relished in the pleasures of childhood, Raj persevered in providing for his family and funding his education by running a paan (betel lead wrapped around tobacco) and chai (tea) shop.  

He possessed an unyielding determination to excel academically and succeed in life. Raj’s diligent efforts bore fruit when he became his region’s first computer science graduate and accumulated valuable experience working for esteemed IT service firms. His experience in his ventures inspired him to establish Gramik, India’s largest agro-based digital marketplace.

Gaurav Kumar, (Co-Founder & COO of Gramik) also comes from a very humble background from Malihabad, Lucknow, UP. He completed his B.Tech from IIT Roorkee and MBA from IIM Bangalore. Gaurav has worked with many prestigious organizations such as NTPC, Adani, and Renew Power.

Through Gramik, both CXOs endeavor to enhance the lives of Indian farmers by employing technology to augment their income.

Raj’s narrative is a testament to the fact that anyone can surmount their circumstances and fulfil their aspirations with persistence, hard work, dedication, and a desire to make a difference.

  1. How does Gramik empower and transform the rural farming community?

Gramik is revolutionising the rural farming community to increase productivity, efficiency, and profitability, and improve the livelihoods of farmers, described as follows:

Access to Information and Quality Input: Gramik provides farmers with crucial information for optimal crop production, including weather patterns, soil health, crop diseases, and the most suitable agricultural practices. This information helps farmers make informed decisions and enhance their yields. Gramik provides doorstep delivery of quality inputs like seeds, pesticides, bio fertiliser, cattle feed etc., to farmers.

Access to Markets: Gramik connects farmers directly to buyers through digital platforms, allowing them to bypass intermediaries and get better prices for their produce.

Improved Productivity: Gramik provides farmers with access to innovative technologies such as precision farming, automated irrigation, and crop monitoring tools to aid them in increasing their productivity and efficiency.

Financial Support: Gramik is also helping farmers gain access to digital finance platforms, enabling them to purchase inputs, invest in new technologies, and expand their farms.

Training and Capacity Building: Gramik provides training and capacity-building programs to farmers, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to optimise their farming practices.

  1. What makes Gramik different from its competitors?

Gramik has set itself as an ideal example as opposed to its competitor through a plethora of solutions and its unique models, designed to keep rural farmers as the prime recipients of our efforts. 

Peer Model: The corporation, working towards connecting farmers directly to the ‘last mile’ partner, is called ‘Ajivika Sakhi’ or ‘Peer Partner’.

Customer-centric Approach: Gramik prioritises the needs of farmers as the centre of operations. It works directly with the farmers to understand their needs and provide custom technology and services to meet specific needs.

Strong Partnerships: Gramik has built strong partnerships with key stakeholders in the agriculture value chain, including input providers, distributors, buyers, and financial institutions. These partnerships help to create a more efficient and integrated agricultural ecosystem.

Impact-driven: Gramik strongly focuses on creating a positive change in the agriculture sector. It is committed to improving farmers’ livelihoods and contributing to food security and sustainable agriculture.

Data-driven: Gramik predominantly has a data-driven approach that uses data analytics and artificial intelligence to provide insights, which helps to optimise farming practices and improve yields.

  1. Future roadmap and announcement?

There is a growing focus on sustainable agriculture, which involves reducing the environmental impact of farming practices and ensuring long-term food security. Gramik is likely to play a vital role in promoting sustainable agriculture through the development of

innovative technologies such as precision farming, regenerative agriculture, and vertical farming.

Digital transformation is set to revolutionise the agricultural industry. With Gramik driving the adoption of digital technologies such as IoT, artificial intelligence, block-chain, and big data analytics, the corporation will enable farmers to make more informed decisions and optimise their operations, resulting in increased productivity and profitability.

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