[Exclusive Interview] This 20-Year Old Premier Jewellery Brand From India Has 100,000+ Customers Across 15 Countries

Mohul Ghosh

Mohul Ghosh

Jul 19, 2023

Recently, we interacted with Ms. Cherry Sahni, Co-Founder & Creative Head of Diamondtree – a 2-decade old premier jewellery brand. With state of the art manufacturing facilities and a world class design team.

[Exclusive Interview] This 20-Year Old Premier Jewellery Brand From India Has 100,000+ Customers Across 15 Countries

Here are the interview highlights:

  1. How did you come up with the idea to launch your own jewelry brand? 

I was always inclined towards Diamonds and Jewelry. Raghav Sahni (my husband) and I first stepped into the world of Diamonds in the summer of 1994, when we joined a Diamond grading course during our college summer break owing to our interest in the field and to get bonus time together. We knew that it was start of something big. 

The experience of the summer course, learning more about Diamonds and other Natural Gemstones inspired both of us so much that after completing our graduation from Delhi University, I switched my field of study to explore the world of Diamonds & Jewelry, and Raghav continued learning more about Diamonds and Gemstones as an enthusiast. After graduation, I pursued a course as a Jewelry Designer and Manufacturer from the Indian Institute of Gem & Jewelry sponsored by the Gems & Jewelry export promotion council (GJEPC) in collaboration with Germany – the only institute offering this course back then. While Raghav joined his family business for a while later he also pursued Applied Jewelry Professional Program from GIA and also completed Diamond Grading and Pearl Grading courses.

Coming back to the question of how Diamondtree really started? Well! We had always thought of us as a couple leading a Diamond jewelry brand owing to our interest in the luxurious world of Diamonds. We would often plan the launch of our brand, the product range, clientele and so much more. So somewhere we already knew what we wanted to do – the only question was when? After completing my education in this field, to gain more exposure, I joined a relative’s jewelry manufacturing unit in Karol Bagh – a jewelry hub in Delhi, and Raghav joined his family business. After getting married in 1998, I continued to freelance for family & friends. Our calling to launch Diamondtree was in the year 2006, after birth of our daughter Elika, when one day we were out shopping for her and we saw an outlet available for lease. The store was exactly like we had always imagined – as though picked right out from our manifestation. That’s when Raghav and I knew that it was time to move from freelancing to being a full-time jewelry retailer. We often refer to Diamondtree as our second child. 

2. Can you tell about the range of products you are currently offering and how many different varieties of products you have till now?

We at Diamondtree specialize in Natural Diamond and Polki Diamond jewelry, and are an authorized retail partner with De Beers Forevermark. We offer all products under the umbrella of Diamond & Polki Jewelry across categories viz Bridal Jewelry, Wedding Jewelry, Occasional Jewelry, Minimalist Jewelry, Workwear Jewelry, and Kids Jewelry to suit the requirements of all. 

Creativity is the driving force for all the pursuits of our design team enabling us to create an eclectic range of exquisite jewelry. Some of our different collections are:

His & Her – An exquisite collection of Diamond Rings 

Ditching traditional norms, we believe that couples should have the freedom to express their individual styles and that’s why we offer a mix-and-match approach, providing a wide variety of designs for couples to explore and choose from based on their unique preferences. At Diamondtree, we have meticulously crafted Couple Rings with 14kt & 18kt Rose/White/Yellow Gold or Platinum to seal their eternal promise. 

D-E-F Collection – Impeccably crafted with authentic De Beers Forevermark Diamonds

Exclusively adorned with rare De Beers Forevermark Diamonds, exquisite pieces from this collection are truly exceptional. The collection comprises of Diamond Pendants, Earrings, Rings, Pendant Sets and Bracelets. The Forevermark inscription, carried by each diamond in this collection, represents its beauty, rarity, and responsible sourcing. Remarkably, less than 1% of the world’s diamonds meet the standards to receive this prestigious inscription. Featuring only D-E-F color diamonds, the most sought-after variety in genuine Forevermark pieces, these treasures hold immense value.

Polki Collection

Our designer Polki Jewelry comprising Necklace Sets, Bangles, and Bracelets is curated to mark special occasions for our customers. We use Syndicate Polki in our jewelry which is the best type of Polki. Another distinction is using Open Polki which is not filled with wax or lac, making it lightweight and also enabling our customers to understand product composition.

3. Do you have any plans to introduce new products in the near future? Can you share any details or hints about the upcoming launches?

Black Diamonds with their mysterious beauty have created a buzz in the jewelry trends in 2023. It’s the nucleus of our latest collection ‘Midnight Star’. Inspired by unique and unconventional black Diamonds our collection comprises of class apart Diamond Rings, Earrings, and Pendants specially manufactured in Hong Kong with exceptional craftsmanship. We are also working on new collections for the working women. Stay Tuned!

4. What are your plans for expanding your retail business in the future? Are there any specific markets or locations you are targeting?

Our vision is to be a renowned luxury jewelry brand across the globe, with our vogue jewelry that promises to be the customer’s prized possession. To set up stores across premium locations; leverage our knowledge of the latest international jewelry trend and knack for merging design and technology to create captivating jewelry for diverse customers. Our objective is to provide our customers with nothing but the best and for that, we don’t leave any stone unturned. There is a lot in the pipeline when it comes to upcoming projects and collections. We are in the process of launching an e-commerce website. We are aggressively working towards increasing our digital footprint. After all we are in the e-commerce era! 

5. What sets your brand apart from competitors in the retail industry? What is the USP that makes your brand stand out?

Jewelry is a unique form of self-expression; one can represent their identity & individuality by the jewelry they wear. Our expertise is creating a diverse range of unique designs that resonates well with customers’ personality by customizing jewelry as per their desire. In India, customers rarely exchange their jewelry, they like to often repurpose their jewelry and that’s when we come into the picture with the help of our creative and proficient design team. We are experts in re-conceptualizing Diamond and Polki jewelry which is concurrent with the ongoing trend. 

Here is what makes us unique and builds our connect with the customers:

  1. Customers love to see new jewelry every time they visit the store and to cater to this need we maintain a quick turnaround time for our inventory.
  2. We believe in educating customers about their purchase, while gold may be easy to comprehend, diamond is not and that’s why we emphasize on it so that customers make an informed purchase.
  3. We are frontrunners when it comes to staying in sync with international jewelry trends. We know how to amalgamate international trends with the taste of Indian customers and offer them the best package. 
  4. Women often look at jewelry as an important accessory not just complements but enhances their outfits. It boosts their confidence and makes them feel unique. At Diamondtree, we have a wide array of designs catering to the needs of this segment.

6. In which countries do you currently have a customer base? Can you elaborate on the international presence of your retail business?

We have successfully served over 100,000 customers across more than 15 countries. Our commitment to providing quality products and exceptional service has allowed us to expand our reach beyond local borders and connect with customers around the world. Although we currently do not have physical retail outlets outside of Delhi-NCR, we have established strong online channels and efficient shipping networks to ensure a seamless shopping experience for our international customers. This enables us to deliver our products to various corners of the globe.

Focusing on some of our achievements, Diamond Jewelry designed and created by Diamondtree has graced the Red-Carpet Oscar Academy Awards from 2016 through to 2020, in partnership with De Beers Forevermark. In the year 2016, a pair of diamond chandelier earrings designed by us for Oscars were also featured in E-News. In addition to this, Diamondtree’s jewelry was also worn at New York Fashion Week for Bibhu Mohapatra 2016 Fall Collection. 

7. How many retail outlets do you currently operate? Are you planning to open new outlets?

We currently have 3 retail outlets across Delhi-NCR. These outlets have been strategically established to cater to the needs of our valued customers and provide them with convenient access to our products and services. 

  1. Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi
  2. DLF Mall of India, Noida
  3. Gold Souk Mall, Gurugram

Regarding our future expansion plan, we are constantly evaluating opportunities for expansion and growth. While I cannot assure any specific numbers at this time but we are committed to expanding our presence online and offline, domestic and international. Our goal is to extend our reach and ensure that more customers can know about our products and benefit from our offerings. We believe in delivering exceptional experiences to our customers, and part of achieving this involves expanding our footprint strategically.

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