[Exclusive Interview] This Made In India EV Company Creates World's 1st Luxury Electric Motorbike

Mohul Ghosh

Mohul Ghosh

Jun 03, 2023

Recently, we interacted with Sravan Appana, CEO of iGowise Mobility – a Sustainable Mobility Company.

[Exclusive Interview] This Made In India EV Company Creates World's 1st Luxury Electric Motorbike

Here are the interview highlights:

With the growing demand for electric vehicles, how does your iGowise Mobility contribute to the advancement of EV technology and the transition to sustainable transportation?

As India grows more prosperous by the day, the need to upgrade from a scooter to a car is rapidly growing. But our urban infrastructure will never be enough for so many cars. And our public transportation is still not catching up fast enough. If we are to avoid a permanent gridlock of urban congestion, we have to fundamentally rethink the way we approach sustainable mobility. Average speed of the traffic in an urban metropolitan during peak hours is less than 12 kmph. When we use a 2000 KG car for office commute, not only we release 120 g of CO2, but also waste so much energy while contributing to traffic congestion that in turn causes so much more damage. Traffic congestion costs Indian cities $22 billion USD annually.

iGo is committed to reduce our dependence & addiction to bulky, traffic causing cars by making micro-mobility safer, more comfortable & accessible for everyone.

2.      Can you highlight some of the key features and innovations that set iGowise Mobility apart from competitors in the market?

Always-feet-onboard – on-demand self-balancing freedom from balancing worries accessible to every member of the family irrespective of age & gender; 100% road-grip for unparalleled skid-resistance, innovative form factor for 3X, utility & comfort, ultra-rugged metal body for durability & easy maintenance, triple-disc . Our future variant is a Luxury cruiser with sun, rain, & dust protection & pollution-resistance in two-wheeler footprint. A true car alternative for urban decongestion & rural affordability.

3.      What steps is your brand taking to address common concerns about EVs, such as charging infrastructure, range anxiety, and battery life?

Range anxiety is already a thing of the past especially in the urban scooter segment. 99% of urban users travel less than 80 KM per day. 80% travel less than 30 KM a day.

Most premium scooters today offer more than 100 KM of range. iGo offers a practical road-range of 120 KM in our premium variant. Our unique 72V architecture completely eliminates the need for dedicated charging infrastructure while preserving the long-life of the battery. One can just plug in any household 15Amps socket to get charged in just under 3 hours just like our smartphones.

Our bike & cruiser models will come with much longer range. Add-on supplementary battery will also be available for riders who go the extra-mile and not willing to compromise.

4.      How does iGowise Mobility ensure the safety and reliability of its EV technology, both in terms of vehicle performance and cybersecurity?

Safety, reliability & durability are the cornerstones of iGo ethos. Each of our prototypes have gone through rigorous on-road testing for 1000s of KMs in diverse weather conditions and terrains.

Beyond battery component quality & manufacturing process, it is also important to keep monitoring batteries throughout the use over the lifetime. And inculcate safe riding & charging practices with proper incentives for users.

Data from a high-tech vehicle brings in lot of insights and improves overall road-safety. But it also poses a grave threat with respect to cyber-security. Luckily, we can borrow many of the existing cyber-security policies and frameworks already established in the mobile space to the smart-vehicle space to reduce the issues.

5.      As the EV industry evolves rapidly, what future developments or breakthroughs can we expect from iGowise Mobility in terms of battery technology, vehicle design, or overall driving experience?

EV technology is a tremendous opportunity. It not only can reduce urban pollution & fuel-bill. But if used effectively, it can do so much more. 2Ws on which 80% of Indian households rely are the most ignored when it comes to road-safety, 30 times more fatal than any other vehicle on the road. While helmets can prevent injury during a fall, it cannot prevent a fall. We need to build the vaccines for the epidemic of road-accidents.

iGo is committed to bringing the stability, comfort & spaciousness in two-wheelers with our SUV of scooters. Our patented twin-wheel technology can fundamentally redefine urban mobility and make cars obsolete in urban segment.
By embracing iGo’s innovative technologies, riders no longer need to compromise between Sustainability & Luxury, Stability & Agility, Easy of handling & Performance, Personal use & Multi-utility, Intra-city and Inter-city, Security and Freedom.

We’re persistently exploring safer, more environmentally conscious battery chemistries that are most suited for our extreme weather conditions. And with more efficient & reliable power-trains for better performance. Our teams’ 6+ years of R&D efforts in connected vehicle & auto-summoning technologies will enhance safety with collision prevention, advanced drive assistance paving the way forward for a true shared smart micro-mobility.

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