[Exclusive Interview] This 23-Yr Old Cloud Company Had Launched India's 1st Navigation Product In 2006 | Here's Their Current Story

Mohul Ghosh

Mohul Ghosh

Oct 16, 2023

Recently, we interacted with Mr. Amit Prasad, Founder and CEO, Satnav Group – a global leader in proprietary cloud-based IT and custom mapping solutions to help organizations increase their efficiency and productivity.

[Exclusive Interview] This 23-Yr Old Cloud Company Had Launched India's 1st Navigation Product In 2006 | Here's Their Current Story

Here are the interview highlights:

Can you brief us about Satnav and its services?

SatNav Technologies is a pioneer in the IT Products domain since the last couple of decades, now focused on promoting QuickFMS, their proprietary facilities management software that is totally aligned with the robust Microsoft Azure cloud platform. QuickFMS stands as a testament to SatNav’s innovation and dedication to providing state-of-the-art solutions in the CAFM (Computer-Aided Facilities Management) & Integrated Workplace Management realm. Recognized as leaders in the facilities management software industry, the reach of QuickFMS is truly global. With a user base exceeding 2 million across more than 10 countries, SatNav Technologies has firmly established its reputation on the international stage, showcasing its commitment to excellence, adaptability, and customer-centric solutions that help organisations save money with better infrastructure utilisation and enhance efficiency of their employees. A wide range of recognition, awards and collaborations bear testimony to the huge potential they have for this product.

What are the key areas you work around?

QuickFMS is a leading Cloud and SaaS-based Facilities, Admin, and Operations Management software. Mobile-enabled, it aids both large and small organizations in simplifying their facility management. By addressing complex challenges, QuickFMS boosts employee efficiency and fosters an improved workplace experience. Modules include Property, Lease & Tenant Management, Space Management & Hot Desking, Asset Management, Maintenance Management, Helpdesk internal ticketing system, Contract Management, Remote Branch Monitoring, Shared Services and Energy Management. QuickFMS, in collaboration with Microsoft Azure and its hosting partner G7CR, is gearing up to further extend its presence in the Middle East, Africa, and South East Asia. After releasing the SaaS product just before pandemic and then maintaining a steady customer base during the lockdown period, the company aims to grow exponentially in the coming years. QuickFMS has enrolled in the Microsoft STAB (Startups and Technology Acceleration Benefits) program for Independent Software Vendors (ISV). This strategic move aligns QuickFMS with Microsoft’s resources and support, positioning it for accelerated growth and innovation.

What unique features or strategies do you believe contributed to QuickFMS’ popularity and market dominance?

QuickFMS’s rise to popularity and market dominance can be attributed to several pivotal features and strategies. Central to its success is its innovative foundation, which was among the first to holistically address facility and workplace management, backed by an Easy to use GUI and customizable modules catering to diverse operational needs. This adaptability is further enhanced by its strategic collaborations with tech leaders like Microsoft, ensuring it remains at the forefront of technological advancements.

Who are your key clients and how are they using the services (please share 1-2 eg)

QuickFMS caters to a broad spectrum of clients across diverse sectors, including Fortune 500 companies both in India and globally. Their user base encompasses leading IT firms, BPOs, BFSI entities, retailers, manufacturers, and sizable conglomerates. One of the Big 4 accounting firms employs QuickFMS to enhance office space efficiency throughout their offices in India. Additionally, a premier e-commerce platform in India utilizes QuickFMS for streamlined facility and operations management across their warehouses.

SatNav offers QuickFMS in different deployment models. Can you explain the advantages and considerations behind each model, and how clients can choose the best fit for their requirements?

Cloud-Based Deployment (SaaS), favoured by QuickFMS, represents modern workplace management. With its easy accessibility and cost-effective subscription models, it’s ideal for agile businesses. It also ensures timely software updates.

Though data is hosted off-site, its flexibility stands out. Clients can choose from a single module to the entire QuickFMS suite, aligning with their evolving needs.
In contrast, On-Premises Deployment offers businesses control over their infrastructure and data. This model excels in customization but comes with higher initial costs and the responsibility of maintenance. Like the cloud model, it provides module selection flexibility, allowing tailored solutions.

When choosing between these, businesses should consider their budget, data preferences, and customization needs. QuickFMS’s versatility ensures a fit for varied operational requirements.

Future and expansion plans?

QuickFMS is experiencing considerable growth, especially with its strategic alliances. Partnerships with tech giants like Microsoft and cloud solution experts G7CR amplify its technological and market reach. Further, regional collaborations in the Middle East, South East Asia, and Africa emphasize its expansion and adaptability to diverse markets. These associations have undoubtedly catalyzed its position as a dominant player in facilities management, both in India and globally.

In your view, what are the key trends or technologies that are shaping the future of cloud-based IT and mapping solutions, and how is SatNav positioning itself to stay at the forefront of these developments?

Emerging trends in cloud-based IT are reshaping the digital landscape. Among the most influential are serverless computing, which optimizes resources and costs by allowing direct application runs in the cloud without managing an underlying infrastructure. The integration of AI and Machine Learning is automating tasks and providing actionable insights from vast datasets. Additionally, multi-cloud strategies are being adopted to enhance flexibility and reduce dependence on a single provider.

Another significant shift is towards enhanced security protocols, given the increasing cyber threats, emphasizing advanced encryption, real-time threat detection, and multi-factor authentication.

SatNav, cognizant of these advancements, is actively positioning itself to stay ahead. We are harnessing the power of serverless architectures for scalability and cost-effectiveness. By embedding AI capabilities, we are enhancing the efficacy and predictive power of our solutions. Moreover, a staunch commitment to security ensures we are always updated with the latest protective measures. By strategically aligning with these trends, SatNav aims to maintain its leadership in the cloud-based IT domain specially in CAFM & Workplace management software.

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