[Exclusive Interview] Find Out How India's Biggest School-Focussed Distribution Platform Reached 20,000+ Schools In 5 Years

Mohul Ghosh

Mohul Ghosh

Mar 02, 2023

Recently, we interacted with Mr. Amit Kapoor, Co-Founder, Eupheus Learning – one of India’s leading school-focused distribution platforms with a reach of over 20,000 schools in the K 12 space.

[Exclusive Interview] Find Out How India's Biggest School-Focussed Distribution Platform Reached 20,000+ Schools In 5 Years

Here are the interview highlights:

  1. Introduction of Eupheus Learning

Eupheus Learning is positioned as the ‘largest, school-focused distribution platform in India’ & is already present in “1 out of 4 Premium Private Schools of India” in 5+ years of starting its operations. We are bridging the gap between in-class & at-home learning by offering pedagogically differentiated, personalized and technology-led solutions for K-12 segment. With its Classroom-first & Curriculum-focused approach, it aims to reach 10 million kids in India through its 21st Century School OS (unified platform integrating content management, learning management and ERP on a single sign-on), curriculum (textbooks) & specially curated educational offerings in Kinesthetic Learning, Reading Enhancement, STEM/STEAM, & English language learning via exclusive tie-ups with 13 global best edtech companies.

3 co-founders bootstrapped in June 2017 at New Delhi with 43 team members to create a new category in the Indian education market. Solution providers are either focused on providing in-school curricular requirements or meeting at-home learning needs. This polarised approach fuels the disparity in the methodology and deepens the gap between what is being taught in school and what is being learnt at home. Eupheus Learning provides seamless end-to-end education solutions for in-class and at-home learning needs through Eupheus Learning’s operating system (OS) with a single sign-on and a catalogue of in-class curriculum solutions (textbooks and digital aids), reference books, and at-home learning products.

With a $1 million bootstrapped in June 2017, today, we have 4 institutional investors further endorsing our business model and scalability. Up till now, we have raised about USD 19 million as funding (including USD 14 million during the pandemic period) and have acquired 2 companies to expand into different market segments and enhance catalogue of offerings. We closed the FY ‘22 with INR 144 crores of topline which was EBITDA positive. Our target is to double this topline with net positive in FY ’23.

  1. What is the vision of Eupheus and what is the growth of the company?

Our vision is to be the lighthouse of transformation in schools. We will be the beacon of change inside schools by transforming them into 21st-century schools and democratising access to quality education for students. We aim to empower schools with learning solutions and technology through content and operating systems. We firmly believe that an empowered school is an excellent breeding ground for happier students.

  1. Describe your Product and offerings

Eupheus Learning operates with a B2B model, and our customers are Schools in the premium and affordable private schools aligned with the CBSE and ICSE boards. Hence, our integrated 21st century learning solutions for the schools are the major driver. The 21st Century School OS is the unifier for all stakeholders to benefit alike – Principals, Teachers, Students and Parents.

  • Curriculum and supplemental content (Textbooks and digital aids) which are pedagogically differentiated solutions in Kinesthetic Learning, Reading Enhancement, STEM/STEAM and English language learning for core subjects across pre-primary to grade, 12 mapped to CBSE and ICSE boards.
    • Fully aligned with the key mandates of NEP 2020, thereby offering
    • Holistic learning through experiential and play-based pedagogy
    • Assessment assistance to check absorption of concepts and promotes HOTS (higher order thinking skills)
    • Access to competition to promote development of student
    • Personalised learning modules with remedial solutions
    • Digital library
    • Continuous learning for educators
  • 21st Century School OS (operating system) is a proprietary platform offering a single sign-on for the following:
    • Digital content
    • Learning management system
    • ERP
  • Bouquet of offerings promoting 21st Century Skills (building creativity, communication, critical thinking and collaboration) through our tie-ups with 13 best global edtech companies:
    • Pickatale, a collection of interactive, digital books you can read and explore.
    • Fiction Express, Europe’s leading and innovative book platform, established to change children’s poor reading habits by engaging them and inspiring them to become keen readers.
    • Karaditales, a collection of physical and digital library for schools promoting diverse reading catalogue which is central to Indian ethos and culture.
    • Enounce Pronunciation Tool, an online solution for pronunciation practice.
    • World Book eBook, an elite library of comprehensive subject coverage, interactive elements like games, films, and audio clips, and extensive subject coverage.
    • BBC Muzzy, world’s #1 multimedia, multilingual, multi-platform and multi-awarded language learning course for young children.
    • Step ‘n’ Learn, an interactive floor that promotes learning through play and physical activity (kinaesthetic technique).
    • PRIMO introducing Cubetto, a friendly wooden robot that is Montessori-aligned, which allows schools to expose young students to coding at the pre-primary level.
    • RoboGarden, an educational platform created using a gaming environment that introduces the concept of computer programming and coding to kids.
    • Sanako, a language lab which helps children develop clear diction and pronunciation, as well as grammar and vocabulary.
    • Math Buddy, an online math application designed to assist kids in learning and practising math.
    • Olympiad through ISFO a competition for students of all age group in core subjects of Science, Math, English and GK.
    • Code2Win through RoboGarden, a national coding competition for students of all age group, where they engage through a game-based skill orientation on critical thinking.
  1. What should Indian EdTech companies focus on to run a sustainable and profitable business?
  • Efficient catalogue of offerings to ensure convenience for customers
  • Low customer acquisition cost
  • Effective sales and supply chain to ensure sustainable customer retention ratio
  • Laser sharp focus on profitability
  • Build a strong and passionate team
  1. What are the recent acquisitions done by Eupheus? How is it benefiting the company?

The design of our company is with the view to become the ‘largest, school focused distribution platform of India’. Hence, even though we started our operations with curricular and supplemental content solutions focused on premium private schools, soon we expanded in other categories. For e.g. with our acquisition of ClassKlap, we entered into the affordable private schools space and through SchoolMitra, we acquired technology with which, today we have the ability to become the preferred partner for schools for their school management needs as well.

In 2021, we acquired ClassKlap, a Bangalore based edtech company specialising in the personalised remedial services and a curriculum pack for Pre-K to grade 5 in the affordable private school space. The personalised remedial service further builds the competitive advantage of Eupheus Learning by enabling higher learning outcomes for learners.

In 2022, we acquired SchoolMitra, a home-grown SaaS based company in school management segment offering digitisation ability to schools. They have a reach into 500+ schools in North India. We are now enabling 9,000+ schools with a 21st Century School OS, a platform which unifies Content, LMS and ERP on a single sign-on. A dire need of every school, since, today a school deals with independent and disconnected softwares for ERP, LMS and CMS.

  1. What is the roadmap for FY 23-24 and what upcoming announcements are in the pipeline?
  • Organic growth to include:
    • Grow the client base from 7,500+ schools to about 11,000 schools
    • Increase the average revenue per school
    • Double the topline and start generating net profits
    • The above will require no capital infusion
  • Acquisition to enhance our bouquet of offerings (through fund raise process)

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