[Exclusive Interview] Find Out How This Startup Is Unleashing A Tech-Fuelled Healthcare Revolution

Recently, we interacted with Mooshir Vahanvati, CEO – of Rayden Interactive to know more about the brand, and discussed about healthcare disruption, and how they are infusing tech-enabled innovation.

Rayden Interactive is the brainchild of a born entrepreneurial duo Mooshir Vahanvati, who thrives on tackling challenges with courage and creativity and Parul Vahanvati, who believes in an immersive culture that promotes transparency and free-flowing mentorship. They have partnered with U.S. – based Phreesia, a healthcare SaaS Company focused on patient intake.

Here are the interview highlights:

[Exclusive Interview] Find Out How This Startup Is Unleashing A Tech-Fuelled Healthcare Revolution
Mooshir Vahanvati, CEO – of Rayden Interactive

1. The growth of the company and the journey so far! 

Rayden Interactive began its journey in 2019 as we took the first steps towards creating a solid partnership as Phreesia’s preferred offshore services partner. Our endeavour to be at the leading edge of patient experience has snowballed from 8 to 800 members in just three years! 

We have also added many business revenue channels by significantly expanding our service offerings portfolio over the past 12 months. We have recently embarked on the product development journey in addition to our robust service offerings.

2. What challenges did the brand face during the initial years, and how did it overcome the problems? 

To understand our challenges, we must first understand our approach and strengths. The strength of Rayden Interactive lies in its culture. The building pillars are ambition, agility, and growth. With our clan of domain specialists, skilled engineers, and passionate designers, we work seamlessly to enhance millions of patient experiences daily! We believe that happy minds create magic. We believe that a tremendous work-life championship is a key to fuelling a career ascent at the workplace. 

Rayden Interactive has had a phenomenal growth path since 2019 and has recently crossed the 800-employee mark. Our principal challenge in these initial years has been to scale the culture of excellence, respect and transparency while maintaining the growth momentum.

Overcoming the challenge of culture scale requires discipline, clarity of thought and purpose and autonomy of decision making at each level.

3. The importance of technology in the healthcare industry. How has it become important and become popular? 

The pandemic played a significant role in the healthcare industry’s evolution in the past two years. The healthcare industry has had to digitally transform critical aspects of workflows to offer patients a seamless experience in today’s hyper-digital age. Our world is full of digital natives today. We are used to a superior brand experience through our smart phones, and the healthcare industry has had little choice but to adapt to rapid digitization.

4. The role of technology and its impact on the overall growth of the health-tech industry 

The role cannot be understated. Technology is at the heart of everything new in healthcare, from hi-tech advancements in chronic and critical care methodologies to the use of digital interfaces for convenience, customization and security. The rapid adoption of devices, IoT, remote patient monitoring, wearable’s, and tremendous leaps in immunization and diagnostics ecosystems, are evident for all to see.

5. What is your business model? 

Since 2019, Rayden has helped Phreesia drive better health outcomes for patients across America. Phreesia’s innovative SaaS platform and suite of robust tools help healthcare organizations automate intake and activate patients in their care – all while providing a modern, convenient experience. Rayden Interactive helps Phreesia achieve its mission as a fully integrated offshore services partner.

6. What is Rayden’s strategy to transform patient experience?

Rayden’s mission strategy is simple and straightforward – help Phreesia achieve scale and accuracy in their product adoption journey by millions of patients and healthcare providers in the US market.

7. Tell us more about your services and the expected growth of the market 

Our services portfolio can be broadly categorized into four major buckets based on functions, skillsets and areas of business impact for Phreesia.

  1. Demand Generation and Sales: directly linked to the top-line growth of our partner 
  2. Advanced Customer Experience: directly related to customer happiness and longevity of contracts 
  3. Business Operations: directly linked to a seamless customer experience, efficiency of processes and QC 
  4. Product Engineering: innovation and product development teams focused on improving the partner product offering. 

10. Future Plans! 

We are very optimistic about the prospects of the healthcare market in North America in the coming months and confident in Phreesia’s platform offering to meet that growing demand. 

11. Anything else to add 

Rayden Interactive is very proud of the culture of respect, fairness and transparency that runs through the core of what we do. We have built an organization where culture indeed supersedes everything else. It has reflected in our journey through the pandemic, the people-oriented decision-making, our cultural assimilation with our North American client teams and the collaboration amongst the people at Rayden. Culture is not mere lip service at Rayden. 

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