Amazon India Shuts Down Its 3rd Business Vertical In Last 7 Days: Wholesale Business Ends In India

Amazon India is going through a bad phase, with no visible signs of slowing. After its education and food delivery platforms, Amazon India will be drawing the curtains on its wholesale distribution business in India.

The shutdown will be done in a phased manner, as confirmed by a spokesperson from Amazon.

Amazon To Shut Down Wholesale Distribution Business, Amazon Distribution

Amazon is closing its wholesale distribution operation in India, the latest in a string of withdrawals in the crucial international market where it has invested over $7 billion over the past ten years.

The American e-commerce behemoth said on Monday that it is ending Amazon Distribution, a wholesale website that served local small businesses in Bengaluru, Mysore, and Hubli.

A spokesperson made a statement confirming the shutdown, saying, “We don’t take these decisions lightly. We are discontinuing this programme in a phased manner to take care of current customers and partners.”

Amazon did not provide a reason for terminating its wholesale distribution service, but this action comes after the corporation closed its food delivery and Academy online education platforms in the nation as part of a worldwide corporate reorganization. 

According to media estimates, Amazon plans to eliminate 10,000 positions. Roles in several areas, such as devices and services, have already been eliminated this month. Some positions will also be eliminated as a result of the closure of the aforementioned Indian companies.

Amazon Shuts Down Amazon Academy and Amazon Food

According to a statement released by Amazon on November 24, the current class of Amazon Academy will finish its exam preparation module by August 2023, at which point the organization will cease operations.

The business said that the choice will not affect its current clients or services in any way. Amazon closed its online learning platform for an undisclosed reason, although a source said that the decision was made as part of the company’s continuous cost-cutting efforts.

We also reported that, in accordance with a letter sent to its restaurant partners, Amazon India will discontinue its food delivery service by the end of the year. The business reaffirmed its commitment to fulfilling all of its financial and other contractual responsibilities and to assisting its restaurant partners during this transition.

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