Smoke Had Filled SpiceJet Flight B/W Goa & Hydrabad: Crew Asked Passengers To ‘Pray’

In an unfortunate incident on October 12, the airplane crew on board a SpiceJet flight scheduled from Goa to Hyderabad reportedly asked passengers to start praying as smoke filled the cabin mid-journey. 

Smoke Had Filled SpiceJet Flight B/W Goa & Hydrabad: Crew Asked Passengers To 'Pray'

SpiceJet Flight Emergency Landing 

Following that the SpiceJet flight was forced to make a “full emergency” landing at Hyderabad airport on Wednesday night.

The good part is that all the passengers were safely disembarked through the emergency exits.

Only one passenger sustained minor scratches on the feet while disembarking, according to the DGCA official.

In the meantime, one of the passengers has opened up to the media informing how the SpiceJet crew on the flight asked people to “jump and run” as soon as the emergency exit doors opened upon landing.

Detailing the incident, another passenger described how the cabin crew asked passengers to pray to God as smoke filled the plane, sparking panic in the travelers.

“They (the crew members) told us to pray to God… pray for our families… It was mortifying. Many of my co-passengers panicked and started shrieking,” said Srikanth M, an IT professional from Hyderabad, according to the Times of India report.

He has shared visuals of the smoke-filled cabin on Twitter.

 SpiceJet Crew Harshly Handling The Situation

Further, Srikanth informed that the SpiceJet crew asked passengers to delete photos and videos of the incident.

Not only that, they even snatched his phone when he refused to follow through.

In his words, “The airline staff forced us to delete videos and photos of the incident… they snatched my phone when I refused,”.

While talking about the same incident, another passenger, Anil P recounted how crew members asked flyers to remain in their seats. 

Anil said, “Something happened in the washroom. We heard the crew talk in hushed tones. In another 20 minutes, there was smoke all around us,”.

 Further adding, “Soon, the lights came on and the crew asked us to stop talking, not to leave our seats.”

There were 86 passengers onboard the Q400 aircraft VT-SQB, confirmed by a Hyderabad airport official.

 The emergency landing caused flight diversion for as many as nine flights on Wednesday night after the incident at around 11 pm.

In recent times, SpiceJet has been facing operational and financial headwinds.

As we already know that it is already under enhanced surveillance of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).

Now, the DGCA has ordered for a thorough investigation into the incident.


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