Alien Life Can Be Discovered In Next 25 Years: These Advanced Technologies Can Find Out About Alien Life

Scientists of this planet have been looking for life on other planets for a very long time now. And there is one scientist who confirms that proof of alien life will be here sooner or later. 

Alien Life Can Be Discovered In Next 25 Years: These Advanced Technologies Can Find Out About Alien Life

Read on to find out the claims of the scientist!

Alien Life Exists? Astrophysicist Confirms Proof On Its Way

Sascha Quanz, a Swiss astrophysicist, believes that humans may discover evidence of life beyond our Solar System within the next 25 years.

The astrophysicist detailed the technology projects that are now in the works at the recent opening of ETH Zurich’s new Center for the Origin and Prevalence of Life, which may allow researchers to finally answer the question of whether there is life outside of Earth.

As per Quanz, “‘In 1995, my colleague [and Noble Prize laureate] Didier Queloz discovered the first planet outside our solar system. Today, more than 5,000 exoplanets are known and we are discovering them on a daily basis.”

According to, Dr. Quanz also cited the James Webb Space Telescope as a reason for his optimism. He has also stated that there is no guarantee of success, but that the way towards the goal will be full of learning.

Exoplanets Orbiting Stars Similar To Earth

A new study published in May discovered that exoplanets orbiting stars the size of our sun are prime targets for astronomers looking for extraterrestrial life.

As per reports, Quanz believes that many of these exoplanets are similar to Earth and are at the proper distance from their host stars to support life, such as the presence of liquid water. He has stated that it is unclear if these terrestrial planets have atmospheres, and if they do, what they are made up of. 

With large telescopes like NASA’s James Webb, detailed studies of the atmospheres of these exoplanets for possible traces of life are now possible.

While the James Webb telescope was designed to search for the universe’s oldest stars, it has already made a number of breakthroughs in exoplanet research, including the detection of water in the atmospheres of several of them.

More than 5,000 exoplanets, or planets outside our solar system, have now been confirmed by astronomers. That’s only a fraction of the hundreds of billions of stars in our galaxy. Exoplanet discovery cones radiate out from Earth-like spokes on a wheel.

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